Who Is Rod Wave’s Girlfriend Kelsey Dee Coleman?

Kelsey Dee Coleman is Rod Wave’s girlfriend and the only woman who has been publicly referred to as such. While nothing much is known about “Dee” (as she is fondly called) because she prefers to keep her life away from the media attention that trails her popular rapper partner Rod Wave, her beauty and poise have brought her lots of media attention.

Unlike Kelsey, Rod Wave thrives on the attention he gets from the media, which has enhanced his career. But like Kelsey, Rod tries to keep his family away from the media and even his pages on social media. Dee and Wave have twin daughters, which their lives revolve around.

What Is Rod Wave’s Girlfriend’s Name?

Rod Wave’s girlfriend is Kelsey Dee Coleman. She is fondly called “Dee” by her close friends and family. Despite being in the limelight due to her relationship with Rod Wave, Dee has managed to keep several aspects of her life away from the media.

Details of her early life, education, and family remain a mystery. What she does for a living currently is also not known. But from the pictures that she shares on her social media pages, she appears to be enjoying the soft life going on vacations, riding in luxurious cars, and the likes.

Moreover, before she got together with Rod Wave, nobody knew about Kelsey, so it is safe to say that her connection to Rod Wave brought her into the limelight, but she has worked hard to continue to maintain her privacy.

Rod Wave And Kelsey Started Dating Around 2019

Rod Wave and Kelsey are really not the type to put their private lives out there, so it is difficult to get concrete details about their relationship timelines and how they met. Nevertheless, it is possible to draw inferences from the little information that they have managed to put on social media.

From all indications, Wave and Kelsey were in a proper relationship for a while before they decided to take things further. Even though Kelsey came into the limelight after Rod Wave announced their pregnancy in May 2020, they must have dated for a while before Kelsey got pregnant with the twins in the latter part of 2019.

Moreover, before sharing the news of her pregnancy, Wave would always refer to his girl in a series of interviews. He even shared once that his family and girl were the main people that helped him survive the Covid-19 lockdown period. He also randomly shares her picture on his Instagram story prophecying his undying love to her and even stating categorically that he was not single.

While Kelsey’s age remains a mystery, Wave was 22 years of age when he became a father, and it remains unclear if the pregnancy was planned or Kelsey just fell pregnant, and they decided to keep it.

It is pertinent to point out that Wave and Kelsey got together when Rod Wave’s career was still budding. Even though Wave began to release singles and mixtapes in 2016, he didn’t rise to fame until 2019 when his single “Heart on Ice” went viral on Tiktok and YouTube. Kelsey has been with Wave before he gained the level of fame, popularity, and success that he enjoys today; this must be one of the reasons why he loves her very much.

They Welcomed Twin Daughters in June 2020

Sometime in May 2020, Rod Wave announced on social media that he was expecting twins with his girlfriend Kelsey Dee Coleman. The twins, whom they named Kash and Mocha Green, were born on the 12th of June 2020.

Even though Rode Wave and Kelsey were not married at any point before and after she birthed the twins, they chose to raise them together and even lived like a family for a while. They are both very protective of their girls and rarely shared pictures of them on social media. While Kelsey prefers to share her own personal pictures on her social media pages, Wave mostly shares about his songs and upcoming events.

On rare occasions when the twins appear alongside their parents in pictures, their backs are either turned or their faces blocked with emojis just to protect them from the media and their father’s increasing fan base.

Kelsey Accused Rod Wave of Choking Her in April 2022

It appears that things have not been rosy in the Wave family in recent times. Kelsey and Wave made the news after she called the cops on him for allegedly choking her in her sleep. From the report of the incident, as given by Rod Wave’s girlfriend, she was sleeping in her house on the 24th of April 2022 when she heard the door open.

Wave walked into her room, where their daughters were with her, and began to choke and strangle her. He accused her of cheating and speaking with other men. Kelsey fought hard to free herself from his hold before calling the police at two different times.

In a display of anger, Wave went ahead to kick the storage shelves by the front door before taking two pictures off the wall and tossing them on the porch by the sidewalk. By the time the police arrived at the scene, Wave had run off, but Kelsey made her statement which led to his arrest a week later, on the 2nd of May 2022.

Rod Wave was arrested on the charge of battery by strangulation. He was later released on bail after posting a $5,000 bond.

It Remains A Mystery If The Couple Are Still Together

From the very beginning of their relationship, Wave and Dee tried their best to put little or nothing about their relationship and family on social media. This makes it difficult to ascertain the current status of their relationship.

Following the altercation that led to Wave’s arrest, it is unclear if they are still together. Moreover, fidelity is a deal breaker for most people, and some would rather quit a relationship than ponder about their partner’s dedication and honesty. Wave became livid when he accused Kelsey of talking to other men, which was why he strangled her.

While his attitude cannot be excused or overlooked, It is possible that it led to the further breakdown of their relationship. It remains unclear if Rod Wave and Kelsey are still together as a couple or just co-parents.

Even though they never made things official by walking down the aisle, Kelsey and Wave were together for more than four years, with two beautiful children among them. Fans of the rapper continue to hope that they are able to work out their differences as they build a solid family for their girls.


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