Who Is Teddy from Gomora and How Old Is He In Real Life?

Teddy from Gomora whose real name is Sicelo Buthelezi is a 38 year-old South African actor and Musician popularly known on the Mzansi Magic TV show as Teddy, the son of an alcoholic mother Zodwa (Sana Mchunu)

The TV star belongs to the young, talented, new generation South African actors who are hungry for success and plays the role of Teddy on the television show that has been airing since March of 2020. He has received lots of positive comments and reviews concerning his performance on the show and has been a fan favorite from the start. With his interesting dance videos on Tiktok, it is obvious that the talented actor is really cut out for a place in the entertainment industry. He is versatile and an all-around bundle of talent.

Sicelo Buthelezi’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Sicelo Buthelezi
  • Nickname: Seekay
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 20th March 1985
  • Place of birth: Tembisa, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Sicelo Buthelezi’s Age: 38 years
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Occupation: Actor, Musician
  • Famous for: Teddy from Gomora
  • Sicelo Buthelezi’s Instagram: @seekay_sa
  • Twitter: @seekay_sa
  • Tik Tok: @seekay711

Sicelo Buthelezi is Currently 38 Years Old

Sicelo Buthelezi was born on 20 March 1985, in Tembisa, Gauteng. The work he does in entertainment is expansive and not just limited to acting. The actor’s real age recently came to light and led to a number of his fans being shocked at his real age. Prior to the reveal of his age, people had figured that Buthelezi was a younger person and this is for a number of reasons.

One, on Gomora, he plays a relatively young man and this makes it harder for fans of the show to believe that he is as old as he really is. It also doesn’t help that the actor looks like a young man in his mid-twenties, better solidifying the myth that he is much younger than he claims.

Sicelo Buthelezi Was Raised By A Single Mother

One thing fans of this actor have come to realize is that he is a very private person so there is not a lot of information available on his family or the kind of life he had growing up. However, it is known that he lost his father at age 7 and was raised by his mother alongside his two siblings.

In terms of his education, he attended Ingqayizivele High School which was where he started to develop an interest in acting. When he was in the 10th grade, he joined a local theatre group and slowly started to hone his skills as an actor.

The Talented Actor Began His Career In The Theatre

After his stint in the local theatre group while in high school. It is not clear what Buthelezi did for a certain segment of his life but in 2018, he went on to join the Market Theatre Laboratory. The Market Laboratory is a training facility where potential actors learn the ropes on how to become professionals. It is an extension of the global Market Laboratory brand and for Buthelezi, deciding to join them was a great move for his career.

The same year he signed up for The Market Laboratory was the same year he landed his first major role. He played a footballer in the 16th episode of the 6th season of SABC1’s anthology docu-drama, Now or Never. The episode was titled The Cleaner and it aired on the 30th of July 2018.

For his next role, Sicelo Buthelezi was cast as Teddy on the successful and widely popular Gomora. In this show, he plays the adopted teenage son of two lead characters, Gladys and Melusi. He has been taken from his mother because of her drinking habits which she engaged in even while pregnant with him. This led to him having foetal alcohol syndrome, affecting his development. Sicelo Buthelezi’s character is also a victim of sexual abuse as he is raped by one of his adopted mother’s friends, Ms. Manzi.

Is Sicelo Buthelezi Still on Gomora?

There is nothing that points to the fact that Sicelo Buthelezi’s life is anything like the life he portrays on Gomora, but as the brilliant actor that he is, he does not need to draw from real-life experiences before he can put on a very moving and realistic performance as he does on the show.

After the first season aired, Sicelo Buthelezi won the coveted Outstanding Newcomer award at the Royalty Soapie Awards in November of 2020. This was not just a confirmation of the outstanding work that he had done on the show but it also established him as a performer to look out for. He won this award at the age of 35.

There has been no news of Buthelezi leaving Gomora and from all indications, he is a valuable member of the cast who would most likely stay on for a long time on the show.

The Gomora Actor Has Been Cast In A Few Other Roles

Sicelo Buthelezi’s age has come as a surprise to everyone who thought that the actor was much younger. However, as someone who is significantly older, there is the expectation that he would have worked on a large number of films, but the reverse is the case. It is not clear what Sicelo Buthelezi was up to after he left high school, what is majorly known about his career in acting dates back to 2018 and in that time, he has only acted in 2 projects, The Cleaner episode of Now or Never and Gomora.

But Buthelezi has also worked in a number of other productions. Here is a list of the other things that he has acted in:

  • Words Fail
  • Hani: The Legacy
  • Babylon: Beyond Borders

The productions listed above are all live performances that Sicelo Buthelezi took up while he was a student at The Market Theatre. His ability to portray ‘Teddy’ so realistically can also be attributed to his ability to act in stage performances which are known for how taxing and demanding they can be.

Another way that Buthelezi gets acknowledgment for the work he does is on social media, with fans of the show constantly adoring him and singing his praise. In a popular incident where Zozibini Tunzi, the South African model who was crowned Miss Universe in 2019, praised his acting on Twitter. She had declared that she had fallen in love with the character, Teddy, all thanks to Sicelo Buthelezi’s acting.

Sicelo Buthelezi’s Love Life Remains A Mystery

Sicelo Buthelezi maintains a very low profile when it comes to his personal life. This is why there are a lot of knowledge gaps when it comes to the people in his life, including his family members. This lack of information on his personal life also spreads to his love life where fans are kept guessing who the special person in his life is and if he actually has a special person.

For someone who spends a lot of time on social media platforms, including the very popular Tiktok, a lot of Sicelo Buthelezi’s personal life remains very personal and private.

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