Wisconsin International University College Courses and Fees

Wisconsin International University College was established in 1998 but received full accreditation in 2000. Since its inception, the school has been offering a plethora of courses under different programs. Among other things, WIUC made the records in Ghana as the first private university to offer a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. The university has since then continued to make giant strides in positioning itself as an academic institution of excellence and class.

Programs Offered by Wisconsin International University Ghana

Ghanaian and international students who opt to study at Wisconsin International University Ghana have a variety of courses under several programs such as;

  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • Certificate (Short Courses)

1. Undergraduate Programme

Under the Wisconsin International University College Undergraduate program, we have the Wisconsin Business School, School of Computing Technology, and School of Nursing. These different schools offer courses to undergraduates in various departments for the award of various degrees.

1.1. Wisconsin Business School

Wisconsin Business school boast of three departments, they include;

1.1.1. Department of General Business Studies

Students who enroll and pass all their exams are awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree for the respective course they studied.

  • Business Studies
  • General Business

1.1.2. Department of Management Studies

In WIUC department of management studies, graduates

• BA Business Studies, Human Resource Management
• BA Business Studies, Marketing

1.1.3. Department of Accounting, Finance, and Banking

• BA Business Studies, Banking, and Finance
• BA Business Studies, Accounting
• BSc. Accounting

1.2. School of Computing Technology

For the School of Computing Technology in WIUC you can find BSc, BA, and Diploma students in two departments namely;

1.2.1. Department of Business Computing

• BA Computer Science and Management
• BSc. Management and Computer Studies

1.2.2. Department of Information Technology

• BSc. Information Technology
• Diploma – Information Technology

1.3. School of Nursing

The school of Nursing in the university houses just one department which offers three programs;

1.3.1. Department of Nursing

• BSc Nursing
• BSc Midwifery
• BSc Community Health Nursing

1.4.1. School of Communication

In the institution’s school of communications, students study for their BA Communication Studies but at the end of their stay, they will emerge as specialists in diverse fields under communication.

  • BA Communication Studies – leading to specialization in Journalism which encompasses Print, Broadcast, as well as Online

1.5. Faculty of Law

The Law faculty in the university prepares students for the award of LL.B

• Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)

1.6. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

In this faculty, we have two main departments;

1.6.1. Department of Language, Arts and Communication Studies

1.6.2. Department of Social Sciences

This department awards students with degrees such as

• BA Development and Environmental Studies
• BSc. Economics

Wisconsin International University College

2. Postgraduate Program For School of Research and Graduate Studies

Upon the completion of undergraduate studies, the Wisconsin International University College offers prospective graduates admission into several postgraduate programs in various courses such as;

2.1. MA Adult Education

This comes with options in areas such as Human Resource Development/Rural and Community Development

2.2. MBA

This exposes postgraduate students to a plethora of options in fields like Finance/ Project Management/Marketing/Accounting/Human Resource Management/Management Information Systems

2.3. MSc

Environmental Sustainability and Management

3. Certificate/Short Courses

There are quite a number of short courses that are obtainable at Wisconsin International University;

  • Functional and Advanced Investigations (Professional Diploma)
  • Information Technology (Diploma)
  • Paralegal Studies (Certificate)
  • Security Management, Forensics and Investigative Management (Executive Certificate)
  • Security Management, Forensics and Investigative Management (Advanced Executive Certificate
  • Certificate in Music
  • Sign Language (Certificate)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management (Certificate)
  • Christian Formation Leadership (Certificate)

Fees Structure at Wisconsin International University  College Ghana

The amount paid as fees by students of the Wisconsin International University College Ghana varies depending on several factors. For instance, what a Ghanaian national pay is quite different from what an international student in the institution pays. Apart from this, the fees payable by freshers might show some slight variations from that of continuing students. below is a breakdown of the fees paid by students of the institution.

Fee Payment Information 

Tuition per Semester 1,950.00 1,950.00 1,364.00 1,364.00
Registration 45.00 45.00 25.00 25.00
IT user fees 75.00 75.00 50.00 50.00
SRC dues 35.00 35.00 7.00 7.00
Matriculation 50.00 20.00
Souvenirs 50.00 20.00
Medical Care 75.00 50.00 50.00 35.00
TOTAL 2,280.00 2,155.00 1,536.00 1,481.00
Minimum payment Outstanding balance 75% – 1,710.00 25% – 570.00 50% – 1,077.50 50% – 1,077.50 75% – 1,152.00 25% – 384.00 50% – 740.50 50% -740.50

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Tuition per Semester

GHC 2,900,00 $2.500,00

Bachelor Of Law

Tuition per Semester 4,205.00 4,205.00 3,515.00 3,515.00
Registration 45.00 45.00 25.00 25.00
IT user fees 75.00 75.00 50.00 50.00
SRC dues 35.00 35.00 7.00 7.00
Matriculation 50.00 20.00
Souvenirs 50.00 20.00
Medical Care 75.00 50.00 50.00 35.00
TOTAL 4,535.00 4,410.00 3,687.00 3,632.00
Minimum payment Outstanding balance 75% – 3,401.25 25% – 1,133.75 50% – 2,205.00 50% – 2,205.00 75% – 2,765.25 25% – 921.75 50% – 1,816.00 50% – 1,816.00

Graduate Fees

Degrees MBA MSc MA
Tuition for entire programme $6000 $2000 $2000

Fee Payment options for Local Students

Indigenous students of Wisconsin International University College have a few options for paying their fees. The institution’s approved banks for payment include any branch of CBG Bank, Access Bank, and ADB. They may also explore the option of paying at the bank located on the school campus. To effect payment at teller point, payees are required to provide certain information like;

  • Their full name
  • Student ID
  • Program

Payment Options for International Students

All international students of WIUC are advised to always pay all fees from their individual home countries. At the teller point, they should give their Student ID to the bank staff.

Wisconsin International University College Bank Accounts

Payment Option 1:

Continuing students of the university can make direct payments to any branch of UBA (United Bank of Africa) via “Bankcollect”. While going to the bank for payment, be sure to go with your university-issued identity card containing your vital details; this should be presented at the teller point

Payment Option 2:

WIUC account at Zenith Bank has the following details
Account Name: Wisconsin International University College
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 4050602881

Payment Option 3

The private institution of higher learning also has a collecting account in Access Bank with the following details.

Account Name: Wisconsin International University College
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0241016545701

For the International Students

If you are an international student at Wisconsin International University College, this information is for you. The university usually takes care of the cost of application for the non-citizen identity Card as well as their Immigration permit after he/she has fulfilled 75% (for freshmen) or 50% (for the continuing students) of their total school fees and have done registered for the semester.

The International Relations Office of the school is responsible for processing documents for international students, hence they are advised to submit their complete application forms alongside other relevant docs at the office. There is a standing penalty for late registration, besides, international students need to always be on good standing with the university by settling all outstanding immigration penalties; this needs to be done for them to enjoy these privileges. In case of any concerns or questions, the institution’s International Relations Officer can be contacted at [email protected] for questions or concerns.

Project Fee

Graduating students of the university should note that the approved project fee for local students is 120 ghana cedis and $50 for international students.

Note, students coming from Nigeria can pay the naira equivalent of the prescribed fee into Access or Zenith Bank branches in Nigeria.


II. How can students of WIUC know the cost of the course they wish to study?

Intending students who are interested in enrolling with WIUC can go to their official website @ http://www.wiuc-ghana.edu.gh/to get information on the different courses offered by the institution and their respective fees. This info has also been published by various sites.

II. Can WIUC fees be reviewed?

Yes, the published fees of the university are not static as they can be reviewed by the authorities at any time. However, they have to seek the approval of the governing council

III. Is there any difference in fees for international and indigenous students at WIUC?

Yes, there is a great difference between what is paid by local students and what the international students pay.

IV. Does WIUC offer diploma courses?

Yes, the institution offers a wide array of short courses, diploma inclusive.

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