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Yvonne Ho is the wife of Linus Sebastian, the popular YouTuber behind the famous Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel. Yvonne Ho was born on the 30th of November 1974 and is presently 49 years old. She is a Chinese actress with about 50 TV appearances under her belt.

Ho currently serves as CFO of the Linus Media Group and has contributed to the success her husband enjoys. Aside from Linus Tech Tips, the techy genius also runs several other platforms such as Techquickie, Channel Super Fun, and, of course, TechLinked. He also works as a presenter, producer, and founding member of the Linus Media Group. Let’s get to know about the woman in Linus’ life and the incredible relationship they share.

Yvonne Ho Was Born in Honk Kong in 1974

Yvonne Ho was born—Ho Yee Wan—on November 30, 1974, in Hong Kong. Aside from that, we have too scanty details to make up her full bio. Although details about her childhood, early education, siblings, parents, or what they do for a living are not known at the time of this writing, we’re aware she attended Leung Shek Chee College.

Perhaps, if we had a chance for a sit-down interview with the narrow-eyed beauty, we would be able to flesh out details about her full educational history: what high school she attended, what games she was involved in back in school, her college degree, what she majored and minored in, and of course the earliest steps of her professional career. While the dark spots may be numerous, we know that Yvonne Ho sits over the affairs of the Linus Media Group as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). A role she began playing when she married Linus Sebastian (a.k.a Linus Tech Tips).

She Became Linus Tech Tips Wife in 2011

When they began dating long ago, the two hadn’t the faintest idea they were going to relive the old mantra, “East meets West.” We’re not sure how the Canadian met his Asian beauty; what we know, however, is that the duo sealed their nuptial bond in a private Canadian-style ceremony on May 20, 2011. Nevertheless, their dating history or the events leading to their first meeting isn’t known.

Despite the much-celebrated media success Yvonne Ho and her husband enjoy, the couple has been impressively cryptic about their personal affairs, preferring to let personal matters remain personal. But the couple still manages to give fans and followers a sneak peek into their private coffers once in a while through their social media handles.

Together, they’re a lovely family of five. They share a son and two lovely daughters. As of this writing, the family resides in ‎Surrey, British Columbia‎, Canada. So far, there have not been any smokes about extramarital affairs, divorce, or the numerous dramas that plague most celebrity marriages.

Yvonne Ho is an Actress and Has Appeared in Over 50 Productions 

Beginning in 2002, Ho has appeared in close to fifty films and TV series, notable amongst which are Golden Faith, Blade Heart, Wong Fei Hung-Master of Kung Fu, Healing Hands III, Bar Bender, Placebo Cure, Forensic Heroes, Tin Mok Ha Dik Luen Yan, See Lai Bing Tuen, A Change of Destiny, The Seventh Day, The Winter Melon, Man in Charge, and her last appearance in 2010, Only You.

Although no known sources bear records of her current net worth, Yvonne Ho has done quite well for herself. She earns a handsome salary as an actress. She also earns a reasonable sum as the Chief Financial Officer of the Linus Media Group. She also contributes creatively to her husband’s work and will be compensated for this as well.

Yvonne Ho.
Yvonne Ho and her husband, Linus Sebastian

Quick Facts About Yvonne Ho

1. Hobbies and Languages Spoken

Spending the greater part of her childhood in Asia means Yvonne Ho has mastered not only Mandarin, her first language, but also Cantonese and English. When she’s not working, Ho spends her time either singing, playing the piano, reading, or swimming.

2. Height and Body Measurement

For a forty-something-year-old, Yvonne Ho has maintained a graceful, slim build over the years. She stands 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) tall and weighs 54 kg. She has shiny black hair and dark brown eyes. As of this writing, her bra, shoe, and dress sizes, as well as her body measurements, are not known.

3. Social Media Following

Yvonne Ho is quite active on social media. Especially on Twitter, where she’s garnered over 32k followers.

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