10 Best African Movies of All Times (Classic)


Africa has a very rich culture and has tried to portray this in most African songs and movies that has been acted. But when the story is not about the culture, there are many other things to be presented through the media. Africa is a continent that has come through a long way; having been largely shaped and influenced by wars, strife, famine, health challenges  and political instability, Africa has a lot to present in the media through African Movies. Being home to Nollywood which is the third largest movie industry in the world, the Ghollywood (Ghana Movie Industry), the South African and Kenyan cinemas, it cannot help but produce some interesting and classic movies that keep reverberating through the ages. Answers Africa brings you the top 10 classic African movies.

Top 10 Evergreen African Movies

10. Guelwaar

Guelwaar - best African movies

Written and directed by Ousmane Sembene one of Africa’s best film makers, Guelwaar could not but become one of Africa’s best film. Setting of the movie was in Senegal and the story was that a murder mystery began to unfold around the death of a district leader whose family had gatherd at the funeral.

  • Mziwamadoda JACOb Sondwane

    Hi i would like to have earlier AFRICAN films (1940-1960)s.Films that starred by peoples like KEN GAMPU(DINGAKA).KING KINGs & MAGIC gardens,to mensions but FEW…!