10 Richest Banks in Africa

The Richest Banks in Africa are major financiers of government projects. At the international community, African Banks are beginning to compete better in terms of capitalization. In as much as most of them would not be compared with some of the well-financed banks in America and the United Kingdom, they can favourably stand at par with a lot of others. Answers Africa profiles 10 of the richest banks in Africa.

10. Credit Populaire du Maroc (Groupe Banque Centrale Populaire)

Banque-Populaire Morocco - richest banks in Africa

At number 10 of the richest banks in Africa is this major Moroccan bank and has assets worth over $27.662 bn and maintains offices in the following countries: Germany, England, Canada, Spain, France, Gibraltar, Netherlands and Belgium and more than 10,000 people employees. The bank group has about 11 financial institutions under it, 3.2 million customers and more than 1000 branches nationwide.

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9. Banque Misr

Banque Misr

Founded in 1920, Banque Misr is an Egyptian bank that is worth about $29.436 billion in total assets. With such degree of funding, it qualifies as one of the10 most capitalized banks in Africa.

8. Investec Bank

Investec Bank - richest banks in Africa

Established in 1974, Investec Bank is an international specialist bank and asset manager that provides a diverse range of financial products and services to a niche client base in three principal markets, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia as well as certain other countries. Investec Bank is a major financial institution in South Africa but has gone to become a multinational financial giant with presence in the United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland. Investec Bank is listed in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. It boasts of an asset base of more than $31.335 billion and is among Answers Africa’s top 10 richest Banks.

7. Banque Exterieur d’Algerie (BEA)



Banque Exterieur d’Algerie (BEA) is an Algerian bank with a net worth of about $34.373 bn. It is the only Angolan bank that made the list of top ten richest Banks in Africa. 

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6. Attijariwafa Bank

Attijariwafa Bank

Another Moroccan Bank in the list. Attijariwafa Bank is the largest bank in Morocco with headquarters in Casablanca and a net worth of over $40 billion. It maintains business offices and branches in London, The Netherlands, Tunisia, Senegal,Paris, Shanghai,  Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Mauritania and Mali. It has been on the Casablanca Stock Exchange; listed since 1943. It’s also one of the biggest banks in Africa.