List of Most Wanted Old South African Coins for Cash

South African coins are forms of historical and cultural values and over the years, they have become monetarily valuable as people seek out these old coins in exchange for money. However, while some of the coins are not of great monetary value, some others are wanted for the great prices they could be exchanged for. Discover a list of Most Wanted Old South African Coins for Cash here.

What are South African Coins?

South African coins are old coins that are wanted for their value. The coins are produced by the South African Mint Company using various expensive and measurable materials like gold and silver and can be bought and kept for sale when their market prices are relatively high.

SA coins are considered legal tender, although some of the coins are not currently being reproduced and circulated.

Are the Prices Fixed for SA Coins?

While the prices for some of these valuable SA coins constantly change based on the materials used and the rate of demand, the prices for some others depend on the physical conditions of the coins at the time of selling.

This particularly applies to SA coins that are handcrafted and may have undergone some degree of physical wear and tear over the years.

List of Wanted Coins in South Africa

  • Single 9 Pond: 1898
  • Kruger Double Nine Ponds: 1899
  • Burgers Pond Coarse Beard: 1874
  • Sammy Marks Tickey: 1898
  • Burgers Pond Fine Beard: 1874
  • VelPond: 1902
  • Mandela 90th Birthday Coin: 2008
  • Mandela 100th Birthday Coin: 2018
  • Mandela Inauguration Coin: 1994
  • Kruger Half Pond: 1983-1984

Old South African Coins Value

Below is a list of the most wanted and valuable old SA Coins and their prices.

1. Single 9 Pond: 1898

List of Most Wanted Old South African Coins for Cash

This is the rarest and most valuable South African coin. The coin was released during the second Anglo-Boer war when South Africa did not have enough money in circulation for trade. At the time, the country’s currency was dies and the Boer government in a bid to facilitate trade, improvised on the old 1898 dies by punching ‘9’ on the coin to mark the year- 1899.

After punching the number, the Boers decided that the number crept into the picture of the South African President Paul Kruger engraved on the coin. The error could not be rectified, so, the coin was kept aside with no further reproductions made, earning it the title

King of South African Coins. Thus, there is only one 1898 Single 9 Pond coin and it is currently worth R15 million.

2. Kruger Double Nine Ponds: 1899

This is a very rare coin and is often forged because of its value. Therefore, the help of a coin expert is needed to determine its originality. The Kruger Double Nine Ponds was stamped by the Mint Foreman named Hermanes on November 2, 1899. Out of the 137,000 coins produced, only 130 received the ’99’ stamp to mark the year. Thus, they were nicknamed the Double 99 Ponds.

The Double 99 Pons weigh 7.988gm each, containing 0.665 gm copper and 7.322 gm gold. The price for each coin is more than R1.5 million.

3. Burgers Pond Coarse Beard: 1874

List of Most Wanted Old South African Coins for Cash

This coin is part of the second batch of Burgers Ponds which were produced in 1874 after the breaking of the first set of dies coins. Only 142 pieces of Burgers Pond Coarse Beards were minted following an adverse reaction in the minting process. The coins are competitive as there are only a few of them left and they are currently valued at R1 million.

4. Sammy Marks Tickey: 1898

Although this coin was never used as South Africa’s official currency, it is one of the most valuable SA coins. It was named after Marks, President Kruger’s friend after he was put in charge of the mint for a day.

Marks requested that the coin be minted in gold, as opposed to the usual silver, and the Tickey was made from the 1989 3D dies. The South African Mint Company only minted 215 pieces of the 1989 Sammy Marks Tickey coins and each coin is valued at R750,000.

5. Burgers Pond Fine Beard: 1874

This coin is considered the first South African coin as it was minted from alluvial gold from the Pilgrims Rest area. The obverse dies used in the minting process got broken after only 695 pieces of the coin were minted.

The 1874 Burgers  Pond Fine Beard differs from the Coarse Beard as it is not as coarse as the latter. Depending on its quality, the Fine Beard’s value is currently placed at R300,000 to R7000,000.

6. VelPond: 1902

List of Most Wanted Old South African Coins for Cash

The 1902 VelPond Coins were also made during the Anglo-Boer War to facilitate trade, and enhance the relationship between the Africans and the Boers. Only 986 pieces of this coin were made and each piece is different because they were all hand-pressed. Each VelPond Coin is currently worth R350,000 depending on the quality and physical condition.

7. Mandela 90th Birthday Coin: 2008

This coin was minted in celebration of the 90th birthday of Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s First Black President. This Mandela Coin has about 22 million minted copies which are still in circulation. The coin is commonly referred to as Madiba R5, after Mandela’s clan name.

How much is the 2008 Mandela 5 Rand Coin Worth?

The 2008 Mandela 5 Rand Coin is in two editions; limited and upgraded. The limited editions are worth R150,000 while the upgraded pieces which are not in circulation, are worth R1,000 each.

8. Mandela 100th Birthday Coin: 2018

List of Most Wanted Old South African Coins for Cash

These coins were released as regular currencies in 2018 in commemoration of Nelson Mandela’s 100th Birthday anniversary. The coins were released in R5 and R50 denominations and following their rarity, have risen in value over the years. While the R50 coins are worth R36,995, the value of the more expensive R5 is unavailable.

9. Mandela Inauguration Coin: 1994

This R5 coin was released in 1994 to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s inauguration as South Africa’s President. The coins were released in limited numbers and were promptly rushed by collectors and investors, causing them to become rare. The Mandela Inauguration Coin is valued at R450.00.

10. Kruger Half Pond: 1983-1984

List of Most Wanted Old South African Coins for Cash

This is the most valuable set in the Kruger coins. 10,150 pieces of this coin were minted by the South African Mint Company and each has a minimum value of R10,000 to R15,000.

Facts About South African Coins

SA Coins are part of South Africa’s Rand (R) currency. The coins were initially produced as Cents and Tickeys before being reproduced in various other denominations. The demand for the coins has risen over time, and most of the coins are now highly sought after. This demand has raised the value of these coins, with some of them going for as high as R10.

The coins are not only sought by South Africans, but foreigners have joined the hunt as some of the coins are internationally recognized as legal tenders.

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