Beth Thomas – Child of Rage Bio: What Did She Do To Her Brother, Where Is She Now?

Beth Thomas is an American woman who had severe behavioral problems as a child as a result of being sexually abused by her father until she was nineteen months old. Her story is documented in the 1992 biographical drama titled Child of Rage.

Beth suffered unspeakable physical and emotional abuse that made her display outbursts of violent rage for no apparent reason. She acted this way to everybody, including her younger brother Jonathan, whom she tried to kill a number of times by either pushing him down the stairs, smashing his head on the floor, or yanking his privates. These behaviors earned her the nickname “the psychopath little girl.”

Beth Thomas would later receive therapy and is now a survivor of ‘reactive attachment disorder’ (RAD). She currently works as a nurse and has also written a book on what she went through.

Bio of Beth Thomas – Child of Rage 

Due to circumstances surrounding her birth, the exact date, month, and year in which was born are not detailed online. However, it is believed that Beth Thomas was born sometime in the late 80s. The name of her abusive father is not known to the public while her mother died one year after she gave birth to her.

Beth was later adopted by a Methodist minister, Tim Tennent, and his wife, Julie Tennent, after the pair gave up on having their own kids but desired to share the security of their marital union with someone else.

The couple, after finalizing the process of adoption with the Department of Social Services in 1984, eventually took home 19-month-old Beth and her brother Jonathan, who was 7 months old at the time. What Tim and Julie did not know at the time was that the children had passed through severe physical and emotional abuse from their father, but the couple eventually found out after some months, and that was the beginning of their nightmare.

Beth Thomas is believed to have completed her basic educational levels, although the names of the institutions she had her elementary and high school education are missing on her online profile. Similarly, information about her ethnicity, nationality, and family members is yet to be publicized.

What Did Beth Thomas Do To Her Brother?

As someone who grew up without trust or love for anyone, putting up with people was a big challenge for Beth. Besides the fact that she never developed a conscience, she was always ready to maximize any opportunity to hurt or kill people, including her adoptive parents and brother. On one occasion, she admitted to killing four pets and squeezing a nest of baby birds to death.

On numerous occasions, Beth Thomas tried to kill her brother Jonathan. She forcefully pushed him down the stairs into the basement and also went as far as smashing his head against the cement floor, leaving him with bruises on his chin. Jonathan was saved by their adoptive mother, Julie, who ran into the basement after hearing his screams from afar.

Beth Thomas
Beth and Jonathan

Owing to the sexual abuse and neglect she passed through in the hands of her father, Beth is said to have also exhibited an unseemly sexual behavior towards her brother and other boys. Beth in the course of therapy admitted to squeezing, kicking, and hurting her brother’s private part and that of other boys. According to her adoptive mother, when Beth was two years old, she was caught pulling her brother’s manhood and thrusting her finger up his anus. It was later found that her desire to hurt her brother stemmed from her past experience. That also played out through frequent nightmares involving an unknown man climbing to her body repeatedly and making her cry with a part of himself.

At therapy, it was discovered that Beth’s abusive childhood actually did a lot of harm than good in her life. She confessed to masturbating at inappropriate places and times including at public car parks. Her parents also revealed how they often locked her in her room to stop her from stabbing them at night, as she earlier threatened.

Where Is Beth Thomas, Child of Rage Now?

Despite Beth’s uncontrollable rage on herself and family members, the love her adoptive parents had for her didn’t fade away. Instead, the couple took it upon themselves to secure a better future for her. Tim and Julie eventually took Beth to a special home that provides special care to children with early attachment disorders in April 1989. After treatment and spending some time apart from her adoptive parents, Beth started showing signs of affection, after which she was enrolled at a public school where she hooked up with some friends and even joined the school choir.

Beth Thomas, a survivor of ‘reactive attachment disorder’ (RAD), currently works as a nurse. She is also the author of the book ‘More Than A Thread Of Hope’ and also runs a business called ‘Families By Design’ together with her second adoptive mother, Nancy. The business was established to help families with children who suffer from RAD.


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