52 Countries Egyptians Can Travel To Without Visa

Are you aware of the fact that there are a good number of countries and territories that you can travel to without Visa but only your Egyptian passport? It is common practice that various countries across the globe put entry restrictions in place. This is to restrict access to non-citizens and establish border control; ensuring that a controlled number of people who are eligible by the standards set out by the country are allowed in. Such restrictions involve a process of applying for and obtaining visa.

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However, with the Egyptian passport, citizens have access to all these list of countries and territories outside of Egypt visa-free or visa on arrival. What this means for you is that with only your Egyptian international passport, you can travel to these listed countries without the need to make prior visa arrangements. This goes a long way in reducing the stress of planning a travel or visit as there are fewer formalities to deal with and above all, the usually time squandering visa application process is boycotted.

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Below is the list of countries  you can visit from Egypt with only your passport and no visa:

Countries where visa is not required for Egyptian citizens:

Malaysia – 90 days

Dominica – 21 days

Ecuador – 90 days


Haiti – 3 months

Hong Kong – 90 days

Jordan – 1 month

South Korea – 90 days

Mauritius – 90 days

Micronesia – 30 days

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – 1 month


Yemen – 3 months

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There are more listed countries you can travel to with only Egyptian passport and no visa on the next page