DStv Ghana Contact Numbers and Other Ways You Can Reach Their Customer Care

One of the hallmarks of an efficient business is the ability to cater to customer complaints effectively. That is why DStv, one of the leading cable service providers in Ghana, has contact numbers and several other means for subscribers to reach its customer care. The cable provider’s different methods of communication allow customers to fix various issues in the most convenient way for them. Be it over the phone, via social media, or email, DStv Ghana users are spoilt with options when it comes to resolving their complaints.

Contact Number to Reach DStv Ghana

If you are looking for a quick solution to your issues as a DStv user, a phone call is the best means possible to achieve this, which is why the service provider has a contact number for its Ghana customers to call. Wherever you are in the country, there is only one dedicated number that caters to users, ensuring uniformity and ease of access wherever you might be.

To speak with a DStv customer care agent in Ghana, call them on – +233 302 740 540

Before you place the call, there are a few things you should take note of –

  • Ensure you have enough airtime on your phone. You might have to wait a couple of minutes before reaching a service agent. It could take longer during a public holiday or on days with restricted movement (curfews, environmental sanitation days, etc.).
  • Have your smartcard number ready, i.e., the 10-digit identifier unique to your decoder.
  • Your decoder should be on. It will allow you to follow the suggested steps and implement changes in real-time.

Once you have all these in place, you are ready to speak with a DStv customer care agent. Remember to be polite as it improves your chances of a quality experience. If you are not in a hurry or have reservations about speaking on the phone, here are a few other means to reach the DStv customer care.

Offline, You Can Use Shortcodes to Manage Your Customer Account

Supposing you do not have airtime or feel no need to speak directly with a customer agent, DStv Ghana also has a dedicated USSD shortcode. Using any network, dial *759# for a list of services you can perform on your device. They include:

  • Checking what you owe
  • Clear error codes
  • View your last four transactions
  • Transfer funds between DStv accounts
  • Reconnect packages

Please note that this DStv USSD code, like the contact number, is available whether you have a smartphone or not.

You Can Reach DStv Customer Care Online Via Social Media

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Like most brands, DStv has public platforms to promote their services and share information about their products. They also have customer care agents who receive your complaints and reply with solutions. They are currently on Facebook and Twitter, and you can reach them here –



Send them a message or a mention on either platform to reach them, and an agent should reply to you. Please note that you need an account on either platform to send a message.


Another text-based method of reaching DStv’s customer care online is email. It can come in handy while you are at work and want to limit your phone distractions. Send an email to [email protected] for any complaints or issues you might have. Please be aware that depending on the time of day, response time will vary.


If you are looking for a method that doesn’t infringe too much on your daily routine, WhatsApp is another excellent way to reach DStv Ghana’s customer care. In December 2019, the company launched a dedicated WhatsApp service to resolve your customer issues via the messaging platform.

You can also perform various self-service options via the app, making it an all-in-all destination for your needs as a customer. To take advantage of this service, simply –

  • Save +233 24 242 6050 in your contact list
  • Make sure you have your smartcard number & surname ready
  • Open WhatsApp and send Hi to the saved number
  • Follow the prompts

You should note that while you can interact and resolve several issues via WhatsApp, including fixing error codes, check your balance, and change your DStv package, you cannot speak with an agent directly. To do that, you will have to call the number listed above.

Also, note that this method comes with no extra cost. You can access it with your regular data plan as you would a regular chat with a friend.

Website Contact Form

Another way to reach out to the DStv Ghana customer care online is the website contact form. Rather than visit a physical office to fill a complaint form, you can fill one from the comfort of your home. To do this, you have to visit the DStv Ghana Contact Us page.

Once you are there, click the ‘Contact Form’ option. A pop-up page will open where you can fill in your information and complaint. The required information includes:

  • Your name and surname
  • Contact number
  • Email
  • Nature of inquiry
  • Smartcard number
  • Your complaint

It is one of the least-used options by DStv Ghana subscribers. As such, it is difficult to determine its efficiency. However, the website states that you should get a reply within 24 hours after you submit your complaint.

MyDStv App

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It is not a way to contact the DStv Ghana customer agent, nor a means to air your complaints. However, considering most customer complaints often surround issues like decoder errors and payment problems, MyDStv App is a useful way to circumvent third-party interference.

With MyDStv App, you have full control of your decoder, giving you full convenience at your fingertips. With the app, you can:

  • Manage & Update your personal information
  • Upgrade or downgrade your package
  • Pay for subscriptions and clear error codes
  • Check your subscription balance
  • View your payment history and determine discrepancies

It is not a way to directly interact with an agent, but it will solve most of your issues.

You Can Also Visit Their Physical Address

Unless you are in Accra, this method will not get you in direct contact with DStv customer care agents. However, the company has licensed dealers all over the country who have the experience and knowledge to help you through whatever your issues might be. You can find the one closest to you here.

However, if you are in Accra, you can visit the Multichoice Ghana office at No. 8 Basko Lane Off George Bush Highway, Abelemkpe. The office opens every day from Sunday to Saturday, and you can confirm opening and closing times by calling the contact number above or checking their opening times on Google map.

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