Eskom Customer Care – Contact Numbers to Call and Call Centers You Can Visit

For many South Africans, knowing how to reach out to Eskom customer care representatives is an essential piece of information to have at one’s fingertips. This is because of the occasional power issues you might encounter and the subsequent need to fix things. The good news is that getting in touch with Eskom customer care is not a problem because the Eskom customer care representatives are just a few clicks away for all customers of the electricity company. It is very simple to make contact with them.

For the record, Eskom is a South African electricity public utility established in 1923 and has grown over the years to become the largest electricity producer in Africa. The term ‘Eskom’ is actually an acronym that stands for Electricity Supply Commission. Eskom is the largest of South Africa’s state-owned enterprises and now generates about 95% of the electricity used in the country. Eskom now represents South Africa in the Southern African Power Pool, a cooperation of the national electricity companies in Southern Africa.

The process of getting in touch with Eskom customer care has been diversified and simplified so that the urgent needs of the numerous customers can be met swiftly and satisfactorily.

You Can Contact Eskom Customer Care Through Their Call Numbers

Eskom customers can reach out to the company’s customer service representatives by simply calling them. All you need to do is pick your phone and dial the customer service numbers and you will be connected to a customer service agent who will attend to you and make sure your complaints have been attended to.

The customer service numbers you can dial to reach Eskom customer care representatives are ​08600(Eskom) i.e 0860037566​. Kindly take note that before you reach out to the Eskom customer care representatives make sure you have the following ready before you call:

  • Account number
  • Meter number
  • Pole number
  • Address details
  • Your contact details.

You need to have all this information ready because you will be asked to provide them by the customer care agent attending to you.

Eskom mobile app

Customers Can Register Complaints Through The Eskom App

The Eskom electricity company now has an app called MyEskom Customer App. The app was originally launched to help customers buy and make payments for electricity. However, in 2021, the app was enhanced to enable all Eskom customers to do more things, including reporting a fault, submitting their own meter readings, and checking their balances. This measure was taken to increase the satisfaction in the provision of customer service and improve a good customer experience when interacting with the company.

The company included a new improvement by announcing the introduction of a chatbot called Alfred. With Alfred the chatbot, it is very fast and easy to send your complaints to Eskom with speed. You can report a ‘no electricity supply fault’ to Eskom and then get a reference number and feedback on the already reported fault very promptly. All you need to do as a customer is launch the chatbot in your app. The Eskom company explains that Alfred, the friendly chatbot, is always on duty and is always ready to report a fault and give instant feedback.

For android phone users, the MyEskom Customer App is available for download at Google Play Store and for iPhone users, it is available on Apple Store. Just download the app and you can start to get in touch with Eskom customer service and make your complaints with ease.

You Can Reach Out To Eskom Customer Care By Sending E-Mails

One of the good ways of reaching out to the Eskom customer care representatives is by sending them an e-mail. The electricity company has a dedicated e-mail for customers to use in trying to resolve their challenges by sending in their complaints through written e-mails.

Take note that the e-mail address Eskom customers can send their query to is [email protected]a.

Things To Note Before Sending E-Mails

Before you can send an e-mail to Eskom customers using the [email protected]a address, you have to take note of some things. Instructions left on the Eskom website as to how to go about sending e-mails asks customers to make sure that their email has the relevant email subject heading as follows:

  • For queries relating to Disconnections and Credit Extensions, just use #DCE and the Province your request relates to as your subject.
  • For queries relating to Applications, just use #Application and the Province your request relates to as your subject.
  • For queries relating to Move In / Move Out matters, just use #MIMO and the Province your request relates to as your subject.
  • For queries relating to Accounts, just use #Accounts and the Province your request relates to as your subject.

Also, take note that every customer sending in queries must provide their account or meter number as well as two contact numbers in order for Eskom to effectively assist them. And, of course, you have to make a detailed description of your request in the body of the mail.

Eskom is verified in Twitter.

You Can Also Reach Out On Social Media

Another very easy way you can reach out to the Eskom customer care agents is through social media. As you may have already known, social media is the greatest tool for communication in the present-day technology-driven world. Eskom is available on different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Remember that before you make contact with the customer care representatives, you have to ensure that you have certain details, including your meter number with you because you will be asked to provide it.

Contact Eskom Customer Care On Their Website

You can also reach out to Eskom customer care agents by visiting their website. The company’s website gives you access to a comprehensive list of services that you can choose from. You can have your frequently asked questions (FAQs) answered there and you can get new information from the company there as well.

You can also lodge a complaint on the website, however, you have to be registered first. To make a complaint. Just visit the customer services online page of Eskom and register there. You will then be able to make your queries, including reporting faults, reporting electricity theft, and making other complaints. It is very easy to do.

You Can Walk Into Their Physical Address

If you feel that you feel that you need to meet face to face with the Eskom customer care representatives to register your complaint or do business with the company, then you can visit their office and do what you have to do.

You can visit the physical head office of the Eskom electricity company at the Eskom Megawatt Park which is located at Maxwell Dr, Sunninghill, Sandton, 2157, Gauteng, South Africa.


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