Everything To Know About Your NSS Ghana Monthly Allowance

NSS Ghana, also known as the Ghana National Service Scheme, is a compulsory one-year scheme for Ghanaian citizens who are tertiary institution graduates and have reached the age of 18. The NSS personnel are sent to different parts of Ghana to help develop their potentials. It is also part of the country’s openings to develop disadvantaged people and communities through service.

The service personnel are entitled to a monthly allowance which was formerly GH¢350.00 but is currently GH¢559.04. But in as much as each graduate who has been deployed for service is entitled to the monthly allowance for a year, service personnel can only be paid when they complete and submit assessment forms every month at the district office of the NSS. This submission has to be done not later than the 15th of every month.

How Much Does NSS Ghana Pay Service Personnel

NSS Ghana monthly allowance
NSS service personnel (image source)

As already stated above, GH¢559.04 is the current NSS Ghana allowance to service personnel. This upgrade came to be in 2017. Before then, the allowance was GH¢350.00.

Every now and then, however, some amount is deducted from the allowances of each service personnel. This is done as part of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) week. There is no fixed amount for the funds deducted, but it has ranged between GHS35.00, GHS20.00, and GHS15.00 in the past.

Requirements To Meet Before You Become Eligible To Earn The NSS Monthly Allowance

  1. You have to be a citizen of Ghana.
  2. You must be a graduate of an accredited tertiary institution and must be deployed before you can be eligible to receive the monthly allowance.
  3. Candidates will have to register their National Identification cards, SSNIT card, and E-Zwitch card.
  4. Upon deployment, you must fill and submit a form signed and stamped by your supervisor before the 15th of every month.

How to Get the NSS Ghana Monthly Allowance Form 

NSS Ghana monthly allowance
NSS allowance form (image source)

The NSS Ghana monthly allowance form, otherwise known as an Evaluation or Monthly Duty Report Form, helps the NSS in processing allowances as well as take note of the performances of service persons at different places of assignment.

The form can be downloaded here.

Other steps to follow include:

  • Visit the NSS official website.
  • Go to the upper right-hand side of the page and click on three dash signs.
  • Click on the downloads option.
  • Go to the monthly assessment option to start your download.
  • You can open the download using a PDF file opener.
  • Print the form and fill it using your correct details.
  • Take it to your supervisor for signing.
  • Submit the signed document to the NSS district director.

Ways You Can Check Your Ghana NSS Monthly Allowances

  • Visit the NSS website to view your monthly allowances.
  • Scroll down till you find online registration, find posting, check allowance, and get pincode.
  • Click on check allowance or click here to visit the page directly.
  • Enter your NSS Number and click on the search button.
  • There will be a notification on the page once you receive your allowance.

Is There a Difference Between The NSS Allowance For Private Personnel?

The payment for the NSS allowance starts its count from the initial day a graduate starts service at any organization. The payment is, however, done differently depending on the place of primary assignment of the NSS personnel. For those serving at learning institutions and other government establishments across the country, their monthly allowances are paid by the government through the National Service Secretariats.

On the other hand, service personnel posted to other corporations are entitled to get their monthly allowances from the earnings of the corporations. In the same vein, when posted to private companies, the companies will automatically become responsible for the payment of these monthly allowances.

These companies pay 20% of the primary service allowance as a charge to the Executive Director, National Service Secretariat. The scheme, however, does not ask the Educational sectors for the payment of this 20% charge.

Will A Personnel Be Paid NSS Monthly Allowance Even On Leave?

There is permission for NSS personnel to take a one-month leave out of the one year of service. Also, expectant and nursing mothers are eligible for a leave. Nevertheless, women who take maternity leave will have to take an additional three months to serve to make up for the months they were absent.

When on leave, personnel will still receive their monthly allowances. For the organizations who fail to grant personnel who work under them this one-month leave, they will alternatively pay for the one month from their own earnings.

When Does NSS Ghana Pay Monthly Allowances?

The payment of the allowances is done every month. Nonetheless, there is no particular day of the month that the NSS Ghana pays personnel. But the payment is usually made at the end of the month or the begging of a new month. If it is done at the beginning of a new month, the allowances come in before the 10th of that month.

Personnel Are Given Other Allowances Apart From The Basic Monthly Allowances

NSS Ghana monthly allowance
NSS Personnel on parade ground (image source)

Aside from the GH¢559.04 monthly allowance the NSS gives personnel, it also makes provisions for other allowances. However, these allowances do not come monthly as the mandatory monthly allowances. They include:

1. Transport Allowances

Upon the deployment of personnel, he/she becomes worthy to receive transport allowance from their hometown to their places of primary assignments. There is however no particular amount for this allowance as it is paid by the NSS at the existing government rates.

In the same pattern, personnel receive another allowance to convey them back to their hometown upon the completion of their service year. In a situation where personnel is serving in a private organization or company, their transport allowances are the responsibility of the firms.

2. Car Maintenance

There are personnel who use their private means of transport to go on an official assignment. In the scenario, the person should receive car allowances.

3. Overnight Allowance

Allowances are made by most firms for service persons who perform out-of-station official duties.

4. Clothing Allowance

This is optional among the other types of allowances. However, there are organizations that pay service persons for clothing.

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