What Is Faith Evans Net Worth Now, Did She Inherit Any Assets From Biggie?

Faith Evan’s net worth is estimated at $3 million. She is an American singer, songwriter, and actress who has sold over 20 million records worldwide. She is also a Grammy Award winner.

Faith has wowed and thrilled many music lovers over the year with over 30 chart-topping singles and about eight studio albums between 1995 to 2017. The former first lady of Bad Boy Records further appeared in movies such as Fighting Temptation and even executive produced a handful of notable television shows like R&B Divas: Atlanta and Los Angeles, among others. She has also shown her business sense as she is the record label boss of Imprint Prolific Music Group, founded in 2010.

What Is Faith Evans Net Worth Now?

The singer is currently estimated to be worth about $3 million by credible sources. The beautiful woman made her wealth from music and acting, with some of her songs, certified gold and platinum, making record sales of over 18 million worldwide.

Apart from Faith Evans’ singing career which brought in most of her income, the mother of four began making her television appearances in the year 2000. She appeared in Turn It Up, featuring acts like Ja Rule, The Fugees, Jason Statham. From thereon, she made other cameo appearances, including on MTV comic movie titled Fighting Temptation as Maryann Hill, alongside stars like Beyonce, Steve Harvey, Cuba Gooding Jr in 2003.

Faith Evans’ net worth received more boosts after she featured in other notable movies and television shows like her late husband’s biopic Notorious (2009), Step It Up (2010), and Blondie (2010). She starred and executive produced reality shows R&B Divas: Atlanta and its sequel Los Angeles (2012 and 2013), she made guest appearances in 2015 on the set of Real Husband of Hollywood, Stevie J and Joseline: Go Hollywood (2016) and the Netflix series, Marvel’s Luke Cage in 2016 and 2018.

The versatile and brilliant musician employed her writing skills in composing great songs for renowned singers like Usher and Mary J. Blige. Apart from the foregoing, she worked with other artists like P. Diddy, Carl Thomas, Whitney Houston, Kelly Price, Redman, Keyshia Cole, Al B Sure!, Fantasia, Lil Kim, among others.

Her writing talent also earned her an African-American Literary Award in 2009 and a good rating on the Top 20 New York Times best-selling list, after she dropped her co-written memoir titled Keep The Faith, her autobiography.

The question is, did the increase in Faith Evans’ net worth come from an inheritance as the widow of late Biggie Smalls or solely from her endeavors? Read on to learn more.

Did She Inherit Any Assets From Biggie?

Faith Evans Net Worth
Faith Evans with late husband Biggie image source

Faith Evans net worth has not been impacted by any asset inherited from Biggie. The hard-working woman has always got her grinds and hustle going even when Biggie was alive. She did not directly inherit any asset from him but her son Christopher George Latore Wallace, widely known as Christopher Jordan Wallace aka C.J, got some of his father’s assets alongside his half-sister, T’yanna Wallace. That’s how the young C.J Wallace came to own a whopping sum of 50 million dollars.

Biggie, whose net worth was valued at about $10 million at his death, is now much wealthier, thanks to the team managing (comprising of his mother Voletta, his widow Faith Evans, attorney, and other managers) his estate and legacy, which has grown in the past two decades to an estimated $160 million. The fortune was accrued from documentaries, his biopic movie Notorious, books, sales of merchandises and released records after his death that skyrocketed in over 53 million record sales.

After the passing of the Notorious B.I.G, most of the proceeds from sales of his records, merchandise, documentaries, and endorsement deals were put into the establishment of a foundation for the late rapper and the other part was shared between the children of late Biggie – T’yanna and Christopher Jordan Wallace and the producers.

List of Income Sources

  • Music Sales
  • Touring
  • TV Production
  • Acting


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