10 Ghana Newspapers and Websites For Latest News

Ghana newspapers are published in different formats and style. There is no certain protocol or news reporting style that is followed by newspaper companies in Ghana. This is why you need to make a choice of what newspaper to select. News today is not only accessible on printed media, but also online which is even a lot cheaper to set up. Online newspapers in Ghana have benefited from the dividends of massive traffic and free visitors that the news loving Ghanaians generate.

There are various printed newspapers in Ghana and while some have already established their presence online, some others are still sitting on the fence. The typical news coverage involves politics, sports, city news, university and education news, business, finance, culture and religion, etc. The most important thing is that you need to check the contents and find out which ones appeal to you. Below are popular online news sites in Ghana.

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1. My Joy Online

My Joy Online is one of many Ghana newspapers that could provide you with the news you need every day. It could provide everything you need from blog updates, news, forum, networking activities and a lot more. You would get only the hottest and latest local and international news for it is updated several times during the day. It is among the leaders in Ghana when it comes to news and information release.

2. News Ghana 

This site, formerly called Spy Ghana, is considered as the country’s leading information and news destination online. It has a lot of credible information about Ghana from news, business, entertainment and a lot more stuff. The news on this site is not only updated in frequency but also in depth. They aim to provide aggressive and fearless journalism.

3. Peace FM Online

This site which was formerly an FM broadcaster company has evolved into an online news content company. It definitely has a solid presence in the area since it is known for good news delivery. The company is doing its best to provide different platforms for news and information and this includes the internet. You could now easily be updated with what is happening in Ghana on their website.

4. Graphics Online

This is the official website of the popular Daily Graphic News. You would definitely get the latest news when it comes to showbiz, entertainment social and junior news. They are among the leading online news publishers in Ghana. They have been in the business since 1950. For this, they have mastered the art of quality publication and journalism. They have the experience and skill in providing expertly-made-news.

5. Vibe Ghana

This e-paper delivers the latest breaking news in Ghana. It provides relevant information on weather, entertainment, business and top stories in the place. Some movies, music videos and photos are also available which makes visiting the site not only informative but fun and entertaining as well. A lot of people visit their site for it is popular and reliable.

6. Daily Guide

This comprehensive online publication is one of the greatest among online newspapers in Ghana. It includes a lot of big news in the country. Seeking for information on this website is never a problem. It provides information on general news, sports, entertainment, politics and business. The site has a user-friendly interface which everyone would find very convenient for navigation.

7. Report Ghana News

Report Ghana News is one of the online newspapers in Ghana that mostly brings city news. The website boasts of providing most interesting news stories in Ghana for their readers. So if you want to read something which could entertain you, visit this site first. It has been providing quality and interesting news for years. Some of the topics you could find on the website are celebrity news, fashion police, entertainment and sports news. All of these come with interesting topics and content.

8. Ghana Web

This article would not be complete without the mention of Ghana Web; the largest and most visited Ghana news website. Apart from bringing the latest news and information from Ghana, the website also features a comprehensive directory, classified ads, entertainment, opinions, country profile among others.

9. Think Ghana

The name of the site tells a story for itself. This news site is dedicated to providing information you need about Ghana in different fields like news, business, politics, entertainment, sports, education and a lot more. Be sure to consider this site as one of your choices when you seek for news and information about Ghana.

10. All Ghana News

This online Ghana newspapers website provides quality news all day long. It offers a lot to its readers from the in-depth news, blogs, social networking, forum, questions and answers and a lot more. It is updated on an hourly basis so you are sure to get the hottest news locally and internationally. You could get updates on news related to business, society and politics.

There are a lot of things that happen in Ghana every day. For you to get updated in all of these, visit the online Ghana newspapers mentioned above which could offer latest and up-to-date news about everything that occurs in the country.

Emeka Chigozie
Emeka Chigozie
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