Jason Noah Net Worth: How Rich is the Forex Trader and What Cars Does He Drive

Jason Noah’s net worth is R35 million which is the equivalent of $2.1 million. The South African forex trader and musician has amassed so much fortune from his numerous ventures, chief among which is forex trading.

Jason spends his money on luxury cars. Here is all you should know about his travails and triumphs as one of South Africa’s youngest millionaires’

What is Jason Noah’s Net Worth?

Jason Noah’s net worth is R35 million which is the equivalent of $2.1 million. He accrued his net worth from his various businesses and constantly works to ensure that his income is sustained.

In contrast to the luxurious life he lives now, Jason did not have a luxurious life as he came from an average family. He had to sell cigarettes and space cookies in high school to make ends meet.

At what Age Did Jason Noah Become a Millionaire?

Jason Noah became a millionaire at the age of 19 when he traded forex with $1,000 and made a return of R1.8 million. This feat ushered him into the league of self-made South African millionaires who became rich through forex trading.

Since then, he has not relented in amassing more fortune through forex and other business ventures. He now leverages his status as a CEO and millionaire to help South African youths by organizing free training for a selected number of persons.

What are the Major Sources of Jason Noah’s Net Worth?

Jason Noah is a serial entrepreneur and is constantly looking for ways to sustain his income. He has ventured into various business ventures which will be discussed below.

1. Forex Trading

Jason started his professional life as a forex trader. He began the business when he was still a high school student at Langenhoven Hoerskool, in Riversdale, Pretoria, South Africa. When he was 18 years old, Jason’s father threw him out of the house for getting a girl pregnant. He had to move in with his cousin who gave him a backroom where he stayed and continued his forex trading business.

He Initially Struggled with Forex Trading

Jason did not immediately become successful in forex trading as many people assumed he did. In fact, he met with some challenges. He revealed that in his first year of trading, he lost so much money and blew up several of his accounts.

However, these struggles did not deter him as he continued training and trading with the little money he had. With his determination to be successful, Jason took a course with Ashley Hastibeer, a very successful forex trader and the course opened him to new knowledge and skills with which he furthered his forex trading endeavors.

2. As CEO of Forex King

On April 1, 2017, when Jason Noah was only 20 years old, he founded a forex training institute named Forex Kings. The company specializes in training people who are interested in building or advancing a career in forex trading. The services offered by the company come under three packages of silver, gold, and platinum for which online or offline classes are held, with fees ranging from $300 to $550.

Jason’s company has immensely contributed to his net worth as people are constantly registering for the training. He shares videos of the training held at various locations on his social media pages.

3. As a Musician

Jason Noah has always had a passion for music and decided to pursue it. When he turned 21, he established a music recording label named 012 Grounded and recorded his songs there. Some of his hit tracks include:

  • 012 2019
  • Bad Shawty 2019
  • Ivory 2021
  • I Get You 2021
  • Bayalila 2021

He posts his musical videos on his YouTube channel, Jason Noah.

Jason Noah’s Cars

Jason Noah has a preference for a luxurious lifestyle and spends his money on acquiring a variety of exotic cars. His social media accounts are filled with pictures and videos of him living a lavish lifestyle. Below is a detailed list of his collection of cars.

1. Golf 7R GTI


  •   Engine location Front, transverse
  •   Torque 258.15 @ 1500-4400 rmp
  •   Power 220 Hp @ 4500-6200 rmp
  •   Power per liter 110.9 Hp/l

The vehicle is one of his favorites. To acquire it, he spent about $39,399.

2. Toyota Quantum 2019


  • Gearbox Manual
  • Driven wheel Rear
  • Torque Max 250Nm
  • Cylinder Layout Inline

The car costs an estimated R557,300.00 and it is one of the favorite cars most South African millionaires cruise around with.

3. Audi SR 2017


  • Cylinder Inline 4
  • Power 292 hp @ 5,400 rpm
  • Engine Type – Gas
  • Turning point 36.1 ft
  • Torque 280 lb-ft @ 1900 rpm

This car has an estimated cost of R927,800 and it is recognized as one of the most expensive and exquisitely made cars in his collection.

4. Mercedes Benz 845


  • Speed 0.60mph in 4.3 seconds
  • Driven wheel Four-wheel drive
  • Torque 332lb-ft
  • Engine type Turbocharged four-cylinder unit

The Mercedes Benz 845 is one of the costliest cars you will find only the rich driving in South Africa. For Jaso Noah to get his, he coughed out an estimated cost of £38,570 to £49,595.

5. BMW


  •   Torque 479 @ 2750 rpm
  •   Fuel system Gasoline Direct Injection
  •   Engine Type Twin Turbo Premium Engine
  •   Speed 0.60mph in 3.8 seconds
  •   Horsepower 503 @ 6250 rpm

The exact model of his BMW is not known owing to its unique nature. However, it was said to have cost him about an estimated cost $71,800 to purchase.

Where is Jason Noah’s House?

With Jason Noah’s net worth and luxury cars come with the need to live in a mansion. Jason acquired a luxurious mansion located in Midstream Estate, Gauteng, South Africa. He resides there with his girlfriend, mother, and children. He also has other real estate investments from which he keeps his income flowing.

In December 2021, Jason tweeted that he had acquired 14 hectares of farmland on which he intends to build his dream house and also establish a college named Forexkings College.

In his mansion, Jason Noah does not live alone. He lives with his long-term girlfriend whom he has been dating since he was a teenager. He has not revealed the name of his girlfriend and does not post pictures of her on his social media pages. However, we confirmed that Jason had a son with her when he was only 18 and in 2019, they welcomed a daughter.

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