Faith Nketsi Net Worth, House and Car Collection

Faith Nketsi is a dancer, model, social media influencer, rapper, and serial entrepreneur with a net worth of about $1 million. Also known as Faith Nkanyiso or Queen of Twerk to her many fans, this stunning woman is not your regular beautiful and curvy South African lady as she has been able to combine both brains and beauty successfully. Nketsi has been able to create fledgling businesses that are providing essential solutions to the everyday challenge of the South African woman.

Faith Nketsi’s Net Worth is Estimated at $1 Million

The beautiful socialite is believed to be one of the richest social media influencers in South Africa as her net worth is put conservatively at $1 million. Some however believe that her real net worth could be anything between $1 million to $5 million based on the several business ventures she is into, and the fact that she has friends amongst the very notable elites and celebrities, not only in South Africa but the world over.

Faith is always talking about making money while haters hate on her, and she once stated that she gets paid for most of the several pictures she posts via her social media handles. This may be an undisclosed source of income for her as most brands, including clothing lines, shoemakers, perfume makers, and jewelers, will gladly pay tidy amounts of money to social media influencers to help promote their brands and create awareness about their product offerings.


How Faith Nketsi’s Net Worth Accrued Over The Years

A few people may struggle with this question and ask how did a professional dancer become a successful businesswoman and put together such an impressive net worth in less than a decade? The truth is that though Faith may have begun her journey from very humble beginnings, she has been able to embrace the opportunities that life has presented to her, and she has made good use of them.

Faith Nketsi’s net worth is a testament to all her hard work. Let us take a look at some of the businesses that she is engaged in that have brought her good fortunes.

1. She Had a Dance Group

Faith Nketsi came to the limelight when she teamed up with 2 other friends to start a dance group called Pro Twerkers. The group featured in a few music videos, most notable of which was their appearance in Casper Nyovest’s single track titled “Tito Mboweni”. The group also worked with notable international acts such as French Montana and Kanye West to mention a few.

Though the group is no longer together, she calls herself the Queen of Twerk in South Africa. Being a video vixen definitely opened doors for her as she has developed very good relationships with most of the celebrities in South Africa, and across the world.

2. She Established La Queens – A Woman’s Salon

In 2013 at just 19, she made her first foray into the business world by establishing La Queens – a Salon to cater to the beauty needs of women in South Africa. Her first endeavor was such a resounding success that she decided to immediately open another Saloon alongside a car wash.

Faith was very fortunate to get a business partner who believed so much in her, and they were able to leverage her success as a social media influencer to make a success story of their present business, while also spreading their wings to dabble into other businesses.

3. She Has a Workout and Diet Programme

Sometime in July 2018, she launched a Work Out and Diet program called Get Snatched, which was a program she had designed herself to help other ladies eat healthily and exercise in order to be at their optimum best. Her aim is to make ladies be the best version of themselves, and the program goes for as much as R850 on her official website. She uses this program to teach ladies how to maintain their seductive curves and hourglass shape, just like herself.

4. Feline Management Company

She founded a company called Feline Management, which was set up primarily to help or teach young women like herself how to turn their Social Media influence and following into very lucrative business opportunities. Considering the fact that she successfully turned her own media influence into several flourishing business interests, this puts her in the best position to share her knowledge and experience with others.

5. She Launched Her Music Career

In 2019, while still riding on the waves of her burgeoning fame and popularity, she decided to unleash the artist in her by releasing her first album titled Disrespectful – which was produced by Blaqboy Music. She worked extensively with DJ Maphorisa on the album.

The album received mixed feelings from the fans as some criticized her harshly by saying that she has no talent and actually created a Twitter hashtag to mock her efforts, while others accepted her work out of the love they have for her as a person; or perhaps her album came much ahead of its time. She has recently been teasing her fans with her rap skills on Social Media and has gifted that she may be returning to the studios very soon.

6. She Started Her Own Reality Television Show

Almost all through 2019, she kept on talking about her soon to debut reality TV show, which she claimed would be none like any other. She seriously began to tease her fans via her social media handles with snippets of the pilot edition in the middle of the year. Finally, in November 2019, her Reality Television Show called Have Faith, made its much-talked-about premiere on MTV Africa in South Africa – becoming the very first female celebrity to have her own show in South Africa on the Channel.

After a successful first season of the show, it was renewed for the second season and as fans began to learn more about her life and her friends on the show, more drama and intrigues continue to unravel on the show. The third season of the show began around March 2022, and fans of the show continue to be intrigued by it.

7. She Launched Her Beauty Line – FE Beauty Brand

In August 2020, she took to her Instagram handle to introduce her latest business endeavor – a line of beauty products she called FE Beauty. The line includes creams, moisturizers, lipsticks, and other essential beauty products to make women look more beautiful and glamorous.

How Much Does Faith Nketsi Make From Her Reality Television Show?

Her reality television show, Have Faith, premiered on MTV Africa in South Africa in 2019 and has continued on into its third season on the Channel. The show has really shown her to her fans and the world in ways unimaginable and is still attracting a very decent following for close to 3 years now. There is no record out there with regards to how much Faith Nketsi earns from her own reality TV show, nor are there any records of what any of the cast members of the show earns.

Faith has never mentioned it in any interviews or even on the show itself, so the exact details of her earnings from the show are unknown or tightly kept under wraps. This is probably one of the main reasons why many people believe that Faith Nketsi’s net worth is much more than the $1 million that she is reputed to have. The show is currently in its third season, and both Faith and other cast members have disclosed that the show was just starting to get interesting.

The Luxurious Lifestyle of Faith Nketsi

The life of a model, artist, and social media influencer is always very interesting, but add being the Queen of Twerk to it and being friends with the who-is-who in the entertainment industry in South Africa, then you are sure to see an individual living a very interesting and glamorous life. With Faith Nketsi’s net worth, she is having the time of her life right now. Her life is filled with glitz, glamor, and lots of very expensive things to play with.
She has shared most of her life in pictures and from them we can see the following:

Expensive Shopping Sprees

She has shared several pictures of her shopping for clothes, bags, and other accessories at some of the best store brands available. Pictures of her flaunting her Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Channel, and so many other designer brands.

Expensive Helicopter Rides

There are quite a few pictures of her posing either next to or in an actual Helicopter on her Instagram handle. While this is definitely not the everyday experience of mere mortals, it seems to be the way the Queen of Twerk rolls. These trips would definitely have set her back by several hundred if not thousands of Rands, for which she is quite capable of footing the bill.

Exquisite Yacht Cruises

Pictures of Faith on a few boat cruises are all over her Social Media handles. Some of them could be for celebrity events, while others seem like she was on a romantic date on exquisite yachts with her boyfriend. She has always taken these opportunities to bring out the model in her and she definitely looks fabulous all the time.

Dining at the Best Restaurants all over the World

Wherever travel or work takes her and her crew, she always takes time out of her busy schedule to sample the local cuisine and show it to her teeming fans on her Instagram handle. Though she’s an advocate of eating healthy meals, some of her foodie posts seem to suggest otherwise.

Faith Nketsi’s House

In 2020, Faith posed beside a building and shared the picture and information via her Instagram handle stating that she had just bought it for her mother. She again posted a side-by-side comparison of what the house looked like in 2020 vis-à-vis 2019 when she bought it for her mom – having carried out some much-needed renovations. Based on the words she used in the post while announcing the purchase of this house for her mother, she said “…we decided to build our dream house…” and based on the fact that she is believed to be living with her mother or has her mother living with her, we can infer that she is probably living together.

However, based on some of the pictures that she has also shared via her Instagram handle, one could easily conclude that it seems she has another apartment in a different location from her mother’s home, which she stays in separately or it could also be pictures taken in rented apartments from her many travels. There is no compelling evidence to prove that she lives in a mansion of her own as a few online publications have stated, but she has rather through her business endeavors bought herself and her mother a home they can be proud of.

Faith Nketsi is a Lover of Luxurious Cars

The dancer has also over time posted a few pictures on her social media handles with a few sports cars that we cannot confirm if it belongs to her, a friend, or were just a rental. Despite all these, we can say one thing for sure, Faith Nketsi is a lover of luxurious cars.

Faith has shared a few pictures in which she posed with a Jeep Wrangler – OffRoad Edition, though it is not clear if the SUV is hers or not, it was parked beside her white Range Rover in the picture while she strutted her stuff. She has also posted a picture of herself on her Instagram handle, sitting on the hood of a Jaguar F Type car while showing off her curves, but it is not clear if she is the owner of the vehicle or was just posing for a picture with the very beautiful car.

Faith Nketsi’s Range Rover

Sometime in the last quarter of 2021, Faith Nketsi’s Personal Assistant led her to a mysterious and surprise gift on her birthday. As they got to their location, she had a handkerchief tied across her face and was led to a mysterious large box, which when unveiled revealed a brand new and blacked-out Range Rover Sport (or Autobiography) edition which had her shedding tears of joy as she got the keys to the car, sat in it and had her first whiff of the car’s interior. It was later revealed that the car was actually an anniversary gift from her mysterious boyfriend at the time.

There are suggestions/rumors that she once had a white-colored Range Rover Sport SUV, which was a gift from one of her ex-boyfriends. There are several pictures of her in the car on her social media handles, while showing off her clothes, shoes, and swag. Rumors had it that her ex-boyfriend took the car back when they broke up, while others have it that the car was actually stolen at a point and was later recovered.

Faith Nketsi Has a Large Following on Social Media

You cannot be a social media influencer without followers to influence and the beautiful model definitely has lots of them. She has about 2.4 million followers on her Instagram handle alone, and about 111,000 followers on her Twitter account. There is a Facebook account registered in her name, but it cannot be verified that it is run by her or others in her team. Faith Nketsi has been able to gather this type of huge following due to her good looks and entertaining content.


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