Faith Nketsi Before and After Surgery – A Reveal of How She Got Her Dream Body

In this article we take a look at Faith Nketsi’s body transformation journey, before and after surgery, photos and videos, and how she got her dream body

South African-born celebrity – Faith Nketsi, popularly known as “Queen of Twerk” has grown to become an inspiration to many women who want to get the best out of their bodies with plastic surgeries. The under-thirty social media influencer has undergone more dermatological enhancementS (with good results) than anybody you can think of in SA. This is not just to talk as there are several Nketsi before and after surgery photos to lend credence to this claim.

Though the Queen of twerk was naturally endowed with an above-average body, she was obviously unsatisfied with what she had, and thus, Faith took the decision to leverage the latest improvements in dermatological procedures to enhance different parts of her body like her buttock, jaw, nose, face, and of course, she equally passed through a process called fat freeze through which you can get rid of excess fat from the body. Faith is one celeb that is not averse to sharing her body enhancement process with fans, thus, the social media star has suffused her accounts with not just photos, but also videos footages of the step-by-step processes.

She Struggled with Her Weight in the Past

Mind-blowing images of Nketsi before and after surgery recently started making the rounds on the South African slay queen’s socials especially her Instagram and people who are opportune to see it have been blown away by her new curvier looks. Nketsi’s current physical appearance is a tale of complete transformation and total makeover which has left both fans and the entire SA population in awe.

It is not as if her looks were so bad before she took the decision to go under the knife, she just wasn’t looking her best. She disclosed in an Instagram post that she struggled with weight gain for a long time, made poor food choices, and would often end up sitting at home and eat her sadness away. However, those days are bygone now as Faith has not only taken control over her body as she has sculpted it to her satisfaction but she has also changed her eating habits and even promotes a weight-loss food line business she owns.

With the nose job, the jaw adjustment, the bum implant, and the likes, even her closest friends are sure to pass her on the road without recognition. Now those fantastic twerks are going to be even more incredible as the glowing girl lives her dreams with that eye-catching curvaceous body sporting all the contours in the right places. And when you factor in the drop jaw beautiful face and fiery personality, you will agree that Nketsi before and after surgery are two completely different persons.

Faith Nketsi ‘s History of Cosmetic Surgery is Fast Becoming Legendary

In the past, going under the knife to alter any part of your body was regarded as something to be kept as a top-secret as people are averse to bringing such tales to the public arena, especially the celebs. However, we now find ourselves in a new age where even a slight jab of Botox is shared with fans on social media. People like the SA slay queen are starting to reveal the secret behind their perfect physical appearance as evident from Nketsi’s before and after surgery photos.

Faith Nketsi is obviously is part of that class of celebs who are in support of cosmetic surgery and have decided to be vocal on issues concerning their body transformation experience. With her position as someone frequently under the limelight, it is well understood that the Queen twerk like other celebs, would want to sport a curvaceous body, explaining her reasons for altering her appearance. The social media influencer’s history of cosmetics surgery may be among the longest worldwide. Below is a list of the cosmetics transformations she has undergone

• Nose Job
• Jaw-line transformation
• Butt implant
• Vampire Facelift
• Fat Freeze

Her Nose Job was Non-surgical

Even though the South African Queen of twerk is creative in using makeup for covering up the not so perfect parts of her face, Faith seemed not to be satisfied with what she could achieve with makeup alone. Thus, the social media influencer went in for a nose job in March 2018, just to have her nose contoured. She booked herself into a popular SA cosmetic clinic known as Skin Renewal Aesthetic Institute. Faith’s choice ran to a non-surgical procedure, 3D rhinoplasty involving injecting hyaluronic acid with the aid of a special PDO thread called the broom.

Dr. Maureen Allem of the Skin Renewal clinic took charge of the procedure and the results were out of the ordinary. Allem happens to be among the top professionals South Africa can boast of in the area of Medical Aesthetics, She is equally credited with being the founder and originator of the Skin, Body, & Health Renewal Group. Nketsi before and after surgery photos were equally shared by the good doctor on her personal Instagram account after Faith was through with the procedure.

Faith got a Fleek Jaw-line in a Matter of Minutes

With her nose job done and dusted earlier in 2018, the South African social media star still went in for a jaw-line augmenting procedure the same year. While she was on a trip to Loss Angeles, Faith took the decision to take advantage of the trip and chisel her jaw-line in the USA. She later located Dr. Simon Ourian – don cosmetic dermatologist of Epione clinic in Beverly Hills who spent barely 15 minutes on the jaw contouring procedure which was also non-surgical. The documentation shows that the Hollywood A-list celebrity doctor and cosmetic dermatologist inoculated the Queen of Twerk with several long-lasting filler injections via a method known as multi-micro-droplet injection. The end result was magical, Faith’s jaw line transformed from flaw line into fleek within a twinkle of an eye.

Her Butt Implant was an Invasive Surgical Procedure

It would appear that Faith successfully stayed away from invasive surgical procedures for both her nose and jaw-line alterations, but when it was time for the butt implant, the South African beauty just had to go under the knife. Butt implant is also known as buttock or gluteal augmentation which comes in the form of unnatural devices that cosmetic surgeons place surgically within a person’s butts to create volume. Faith is reported to have done the surgery for her butt enlargement and anybody who has seen Nketsi before and after surgery pictures will attest to this.

Faith Nketsi Visited the Clinic for a Vampire Facelift

With her but, nose, and jaw-line in perfect shape, Faith Nketsi wanted more parts of her body altered and since most of these processes have been reduced to non-surgical procedures, Faith didn’t wait too long before getting a facelift. Vampire Facelift involves leveraging a non-surgical procedure to lift a person’s face-lines, brighten their skin tone, and at the same time restore the complete fullness of youth. Nketsi reportedly visited a cosmetic dermatology clinic for her vampire facelift.

She went back for a Fat Freeze or Cryolipolysis

The last known cosmetic alteration that the internet star underwent is called Fat Freeze which is medically known as Cryolipolysis. The medical process is for the benefit of people with excess fat who desire to break them down. It is also a non-surgical process like liposuction.

Nketsi Bleached Her Skin as Well

Those who knew Faith Nketsi before she joined the league of famous people of South Africa will attest to the fact that the internet sensation was not always this fair in complexion. In fact, her original color was more on the darker side but Faith obviously decided to have her skin bleached while she was undergoing alterations for other parts of her body. Presently, fair will be an apt description of her skin color.

What is Her Body Stats?

Having done all these surgeries, Faith Nketsi is no doubt a fulfilled woman as she has completely transformed her body from what it used to be (which she hated) to one many women admire and would love to have. The social media celebrity and businesswoman has body measurements of:

  • Height – 5 ft 5 in (1.6 m)
  • Weight – 112 lb (51 kg; 8 st)
  • Bus – 34 inches
  • Waist – 24 inches
  • Hips – 41 inches

The SA Slay Queen Currently Considers Herself to be an Inspiration to People who Aspire to go Under the Knife

While many will always be quick to condemn any unnatural look acquired from plastic surgery, there are still a good number of people who eulogize such feats as they hope to replicate them in the future. With the recent influx of Nketsi before and after surgery pictures on social media platforms, such “hopefuls” have continued to follow her in their numbers.

On her part, Nketsi has continued to boost her fanbase. From sharing those mind-blowing photos, the South African beauty started talking about her transformation process and now, she provides her fans with video footages from the actual surgery sessions. By so doing, the Queen of Twerk has become a huge inspiration to like minds who are looking to get their own plastic surgery done.

Besides Faith sought the services of some of the most distinguished cosmetic dermatologists worldwide to get her procedures done and she has brought their contact to the public arena as well. Thus, anybody that is willing and ready can easily place a call and get transformed.



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