10 Interesting But Lesser known Facts About Joseph Yobo

Joseph Yobo is a household name in the Nigerian Football Team. He is a Nigerian professional footballer who plays as a defender(centre back). He was the captain of the Nigerian national team until his international football retirement in June 2014. Many of us know him as well as know the prominent facts about him, just like the ones mentioned above. But I believe you’ll love to know a lot more about him. There are other lesser known things about this football star that are revealed in this article. Read on…

1. Date and Place of Birth

Joseph Philip Yobo was born on  6 September 1980; he’ll soon be 35. He was born in Koni, Rivers state, Nigeria.

2. When he Started his Football Career


Yobo started off his football career in the year 1996. He was just 16 then, and the first club he played for was Michellin-Harcourt. In 1997, he joined the Standard Liége Club and this marked the kick off of his professional senior football career. He made his first team debut in the year 2000.

3. His Elder Brother was also a Footballer

Joseph’s elder brother, Albert Yobo was Nigeria’s international footballer who played as a defender.

4. He was Capped more than 100 times as a Super Eagle’s Star

Joseph Yobo was a member of the Nigeria National Team(the Super Eagles) from the year 2001 to 2014. During this period, he made 101 FIFA international appearances, and in all, he scored a total of 7 goals. This qualified him as the record appearance holder for the Super Eagles.

5. Yobo is Worth More Than N8 billion/$48 million

The net worth of Joseph Yobo is estimated to be more than N8 million, and that is above 48 million US Dollars. As at 2014, his salary was a whopping €800 000.

6. He Married an Ex-Beauty Queen – the 2008 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria


Yobo met Adaeze Igwe(MBGN 2008) in 2009 in an event. That was when Yobo came to Nigeria to spend a short part of the summer holiday. But on meeting Adaeze, they fell deeply in love and he had to spend the whole holiday in Nigeria.

7. He had a rushed and Low key Wedding


Joseph and Adaeze got married just few months after meeting each other for the first time. Adaeze confessed they never knew anything about each other before then. Speculations have it that it was because Adaeze became pregnant that made them to quickly decide for marriage. The wedding was held on the mid-night of 31st December 2009, in Jos, and was not a classy one. However, Yobo defended himself, giving excuses for this. Hear him:

It was never because of pregnancy. We have always talked about having a child together and had even joked on how beautiful the baby would look. But we could not do the wedding before now because of the nature of my job and also because of Ada not being around as she had a tight schedule in school. We wanted it special and the night of December 31, 09 was the only time all our family members were going to be around. After the date, I am going to be very busy at work till July 2010.

However, they are blessed with two handsome cute sons.

8. He Once Sustained a Serious Injury


He sustained a hamstring injury in a match against Benin which prevented him from participating in the Mexico friendly match. He stayed out for about 5 months before he resumed play. It was rumoured then that he went to Prophet T.B Joshua for prayers and healing.

9. He retired After Losing a Match to France


Following Nigeria’s loss to France in the round of 16 at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Joseph Yobo announced his international retirement. This was what he said on announcing his retirement:

“This is it. I can look back on my career with great pride. I wanted to leave on a high for my country. Defeat by France was not the right way to go but I’m happy with all I’ve done for the national team. It’s time to give a chance to other people to come through. Our football has a bright future and I am confident this team can achieve success sooner rather than later”.

10. He Founded a Charity Organisation


In 2007, Joseph Yobo established the Joseph Yobo Charity Foundation to help under-privileged children in Nigeria. As of 18 July 2007, he has handed out over 300 scholarship awards ranging from primary to university level. Yobo has also started a football academy in the Ogoni region of Nigeria.