See Africa’s 15 Most Expensive Buildings Worth Millions of Dollars

Africa is one of the continents of the world known for being richly blessed with most of the precious natural resources that can be used to produce spectacular art works and architectural edifices. But for some decades in the past, Africa has not always ranked in the list whenever it comes to expensive structures, Africa has always been considered one of the continents with the most underdeveloped countries. But thanks to modern technology and civilisation, which has helped Africa to put into action what she originally had in the best and finest ways. Today, Africa can boast of innumerable technological outfits and buildings that can stand in competition with other enviable parts of the world both in beauty and cost. Check out these 15 Magnificent Most Expensive Buildings that Speaks Wealth, Fortune and Extravagant Affluence, all to the credit of Africa. 

15. Southern Sun Waterfront – Cape Town, South Africa

Cost: $23 Million




The Southern Sun Waterfront Hotel in Cape Town consists of 546 well-appointed rooms on 14 floors. Southern Sun Waterfront Cape Town is situated in the heart of the city’s most sought-after areas. Business travellers have the advantage of being minutes away from the Cape Town International Conference Centre and other major corporate hubs, while leisure travelers are right in the midst of the city’s most popular landmarks. The South Sun Water front building is the least expensive in this list but I must confess that it is beautiful. However, I do not think 23 million dollars is anything but expensive.

14. Old Mutual Centre – Durban, South Africa

Cost: $29 Million

Architect: Stauch Vorster Architects


The Old mutual centre is found at 303 West Street 4001. Durban. South Africa. It is a postmodern High-rise building of 33 floors above the ground, covering a land area of 32 000 metre square. The building includes 27 889 m² of A-grade office space, 2 348m² of ground floor shops, and an adjacent four-storey parking garage.

13. One Merchant Place – Sandton, South Africa

Cost: $40 Million

Owner: Rand Merchant Bank Properties

Contractor: Grinaker-LTA


One Merchant Place is a magnificent postmodern architectural edifice of 20 floors, covering a land building area of 28 000 metre square. It is an 84 metre high-rise Building. It is located in Bute Road, Sandton city, in South Africa. The developer is the Rand Merchant Bank and the contract was chiefly handled by the Grinaker-LTA.

12. 88 on Field – Durban, South Africa

Cost: $40 Million

Architect: Murphy/Jahn, Inc. Architects and Stauch Vorster Architects

Owner: Anglo-American Properties and Services


With 26 floors, the building is 113.70 metres above the ground, and covers a land area of 24, 500 metre square. 88 on Field is located at 88 Field Street or 362 West Street (2 entrances) 4000 Durban South Africa. It is a gigantic structure which captivates the attention of the eyes at a glance. It is not just great in out look, it’s also mighty in quality, having cost as much as $40 million dollars to construct. It is one of the notable skyscrapers in South Africa.

11. Hilton Taba Resorts and Nelson Village – South Sinai, Egypt

Cost: $41 Million


Neslon Village Pub

This is an exclusively expensive and unique hotel located at Newabaa – Taba Rd, Taba, South Sinai 46621, Egypt. The hotel boasts a unique position just 10 kilometers from Eilat, overlooking three countries—Jordan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. It is painted in sparkling white which gives it a stunning outlook. It is a low-rise building consisting of a total of 14 floors. An inside look at this building will surely leave the viewer in no doubt about why it made it to the list of the most expensive buildings in Africa. It is really rare in its kind.