Revealed Truths About Kane Brown’s Parents, Siblings and How He Met His Wife Katelyn Jae

Kane Brown is an American singer from Chatanooga, Tennessee. He is the son of a White mother named Tabatha Brown and a mixed African-American and Cherokee father. The name of his father, who has been incarcerated since he was 3 years old, is not public knowledge.

Brown has two siblings: a younger half-sister called Heidi and a younger half-brother called CJ Cordell. He is married to singer Katelyn Jae. The duo were connected by a mutual friend in 2015, and they married two years later. They currently have two daughters.

Kane Brown Grew Up Without His Father By His Side

Kane Brown was born on October 21, 1993, and was raised in rural northwest Georgia and in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, area. Interestingly the singer did not grow up with his father by his side and the story behind this is quite mindblowing.

For a long time, Kane Brown never talked about his father publicly and fans of the singer were in the dark about what happened to the man. He, however, finally opened up in an interview with Pop Culture, revealing that he grew up without his father in his life. He explained that his father, a black American, was imprisoned in 1996 when he was just about 3 years old. The man has been in jail ever since.

Apparently, Kane Brown has never felt his father’s presence in a home setting since the man left home when he was so young. The absence of a father in his life as a child affected him for some time before he eventually got used to the idea.

Kane Brown
Kane Brown as a child

Brown Is Now In Contact With His Father

Despite the fact that Kane Brown grew up without his father, this has not stopped him from finding out about the older man and being in contact with him. In his interview with Pop Culture, Brown revealed that he is in touch with his father and has visited the man in prison.

He also revealed that he found out his father is actually a drummer. Brown revealed that his father is very proud of his achievement as a singer and often brags about him. Brown has also joked that he would hire his dad as a drummer once the man is out of jail.

Unlike other people who develop hard feelings for their fathers if they do not take part in their lives from a young age, Kane Brown is actually cool with his dad and hopes he gets out of jail in time.

With His Father In Jail, Kane Brown Was Raised By His Mother

Kane Brown was born to a mother called Tabatha Brown whom he is very fond of today. After his father went to jail in 1996, the responsibility of raising him rested fully on his mother’s shoulders and she did her best in bringing him up.

Kane Brown
Kane Brown and his mother

Kane Brown’s childhood was not a very smooth one. With very limited resources, he and his family moved around a lot and were, sometimes, homeless. He lived in different places while growing up in northwest Georgia; the family first lived in Rossville then moved to Fort Oglethorpe and migrated to LaFayette before eventually settling down in Red Bank, Tennessee.

Because he was also moving around, Brown attended several schools while growing up. It is also noteworthy that at some point, after graduating from high school, he went to live with his grandmother, who also had a hand in raising him.

Brown’s Bond With His Mother Is Very Strong

Kane Brown and his mother are very close and he is especially very fond of the woman. Apparently, this is because of the way he was raised single-handedly by the woman as well as her guidance through the years.

Kane Brown has also taken time to make life better for his mother. In an interview on the Ty, Kelly and Chuck Show, the singer explained that he always helps his mother. He revealed that he bought her a car for her birthday and also got her a new apartment. He also paid her insurance for a full year and put her on his payroll.

It is apparent that Kane Brown has a very great relationship with his mother and is fully available to help her out in times of need.


Brown’s Sister Got Stabbed Multiple Times During A Fight

Kane Brown has a sister called Heidi Swafford. Very little is known about her but it appears the singer is also quite close to his sister and has maintained a close bond with her.

In July 2016, news emerged that Heidi Swafford had been stabbed multiple times during a fight. She was badly injured and was taken to a local hospital. The attacker was eventually arrested by the police.

In August that year, Brown told People that his sister was doing much better and was even texting him from her sickbed. It was evident that they were close.

Kane Brown Did Not Know He Was Biracial Until He Was 7 Or 8 Years Old

Having been born and raised in America, it is clear that Kane is an American man. However, it is also noteworthy that the singer is biracial. This is because his father is a black American who is also part Cherokee, while his mother is a white woman.

However, while growing up, Kane Brown did not know he was biracial. In an interview with People, Brown revealed that as a child, he actually thought he was fully white. This may have been because he never saw his black father around but only his white mother. He explained that he eventually got to know that he was biracial when he was about 7 or 8 years old.

Brown Suffered Racial Prejudice

At first, after finding out he was biracial, Kane Brown did not think it was a big deal at all until shortly after when he started suffering racial prejudice as a child. He told People, during the interview, that kids started calling him the N-word and this came across as very offensive.

It came to Kane Brown as a shock when he began attending middle school in Georgia and his peers started making fun of him for his skin color. The whole thing became really disturbing to him when he found out the meaning of the N-word and he started attacking those who referred to him with it. Because of this, he often got into fights.

Brown revealed that as time went on, he eventually developed some thick skin and got over the name-calling. He also started channeling his troubles into making music and he was able to live his life normally again.

Inside Kane Brown’s Thrilling Love Story With Katelyn Jae

Kane Brown’s life is not just about making music and making money. He is also a family man who is married to a beautiful woman with whom he shares an amazing love story. Kane Brown is married to a woman called Katelyn Jae. Jae is an American woman who was born on June 19, 1992, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and grew up in Chester Springs, a town in Philadelphia.

Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae

Just like her husband, Jae is also in the music business and actually studied music management. She has also dabbled into performing in the past. She is a talented singer and was the winner of the first season of and Take The Stage contest.

Brown Met Jae At His Concert

Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae met in 2015 through the efforts of a mutual friend they had both worked with. He arranged for Jae to come to one of Brown’s shows and that was where they first met. In an interview with Taste of Country, Brown recalled that Jae was shy at first when they first saw each other.

However, after the next night, he sent her a message on Instagram and asked her out. He then arranged to fly her from Orlando to where he was, and they immediately bonded, kickstarting their romance soon after.

Brown explained that when he first got to know Jae, he felt almost immediately that she was the one for him and he was so sure he was going to spend the rest of his life with her. Their romance progressed steadily, albeit privately.

Fans Got To Know Jae Nearly 2 Years Later

Even though Kane Brown got together with Katelyn Jae in 2015, he kept the whole romance very secret and fans did not know about it at all. In fact, they did not know until nearly two years later in January 2017 when he revealed he and Jae were dating in a Facebook post he made. In the post, he explained that he had found his ‘other half’

Fans became ecstatic after the post and many congratulatory messages began to pour in for the singer who had been notoriously quiet about his love life before that point.

How Brown Proposed To Jae Was Rather ‘Unromantic’

Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae got engaged on Easter Sunday in 2017. But Brown proposed to Jae in a really dramatic and rather ‘unromantic’ manner. Brown himself talked about the proposal during an interview with People. According to him, he popped the big question while he and Jae were watching a movie together at night.

However, the movie they were watching was not a romantic one. In fact, it was about a newly married couple who move into a house where a mass murder had been committed. Apparently, that was not the kind of thing any newlywed hopes for. But, Brown explained that he just could not wait to ask Jae to marry him which was why he did it that night.

In any case, Katelyn Jae accepted his proposal and Brown was so excited that he announced his engagement during a show he had in Philadelhpah shortly after. Eventually, they tied the knot as husband and wife on October 12, 2018. The wedding held at Mint Springs Farm in Nolensville, Tennessee, and was attended by about 200 relatives and friends.

He Is Trying To Be The Dad He Never Really Had To His Daughters

The marriage between Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae has produced two daughters. Their first girl, whom they named Kingsley Rose Brown, was born on October 29, 2019. On December 30, 2021, the couple had their second daughter.

Kane Brown was very thrilled about the birth of his first daughter and had been showing her off on social media. In fact, before his little girl was born, he had an interview with ABC Radio where he explained that he was going to try to be the dad that he never really had to his daughter. So far, he is living up to his promise.

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