What Kenya Should Learn From Other Countries That Regulate Online Games and Casinos

When online games and casinos started flourishing, people were often complaining about the various technical and security-related issues that they were facing and how the industry was not being regulated. Soon, one by one, different nations started policing various online gaming platforms operating within their territories. Kenya, has become a newly evolving destination for online gambling and gaming. However, like all new emerging destinations for the same, Kenya will need to adequately regulate the industry for better security and trust. Here is a look at how other nations have done it and what Kenyan government would need to learn.

Rules By Advanced Nations

USA was one of the first nations when it came to launching online games and casinos and for a long time, like any other big market, it was prone to a lot of illegal processes in play. This was the case right up until 2006 when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was put forth. This legislation effectively started restricting most banks and financial institutions from carrying out any dealings with the various online games and casinos on the Internet. This was the first serious move that was made by the USA government to hint that it would no longer condone reckless illegal gambling and gaming in the space of the Internet. However, states were given the power to legalize the activities, meaning there had to be institution of rules and regulations guiding the industry with provisions for oversight and supervisions and companies. A similar pattern is also observed in Canada where regulation for online gambling lies within provincial jurisdiction, in which all forms of online casino games, including live casinos that features games streamed from a land-based casinos, are regulated.

On the contrary, United Kingdom is an example of an advanced nation that has generally legalised online gambling. This is one nation in which online gambling is perfectly legal. What United Kingdom has managed to do is to bring a perfect balance between regulating the different websites and encouraging a more transparent approach, services and facilities for all gamers. As long as the casino website is granted the operational license by the UK Gambling Commission, it can be operational as a gaming website within the set out regulations.

Rules In Other African Nations

In general, South Africa have a lot of regular offline playrooms and although online presence is gaining grounds. The government had before now legalised these establishments and even today, they have made a lot of provisions for their smooth functioning within the set out legal confines. However, in areas like Kenya, such systems for proper checks are still not fully formed and now would be the perfect time to set out what and what not is obtainable in the industry.

What Kenya Needs To Do

Kenya is one of those emerging destinations in East Africa where the rules and norms for online casinos are still at an infant stage. However, looking at the example of nations like USA and United Kingdom, these countries have done their best to regulate online casinos and gaming websites therefore, Kenya, needs to build a stronger system of rules and regulations to take care of the same.

It is expected that Kenya too will draw a line between allowing only licensed and authorised playrooms and websites to work and restricting the access for those that are not playing by the books.  By drawing a suitable balance of both freedom and greater vigilance, Kenya government will be able to keep the current surge of online gambling under proper control and not only finding ways to increase government revenue earned from their activities .

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