10 Popular Kenyan Newspapers For Latest News

The internet provides everyone access to a lot of information from science and technology, news and politics and to kind of topic possible. During the time when the internet was not yet that popular in Kenya, a good source of information regarding latest local and international news were Kenyan newspapers. Today, technology has even made these newspapers to become accessible online and are even becoming more popular and reaching a much wider audience. Below is a list of popular online newspapers in the mentioned place.

Kenyan Newspapers

Online and Print Newspapers in Kenya

1. Daily Nation Newspaper

It is an independent newspaper with a daily circulation of about 205,000 copies. The newspaper is the most influential newspaper in the country. It is also the largest newspaper in East Africa. Its headquarter is in Kimathi Street in the district of Nairobi at the Nation Centre and managed by the Nation Media Group: the largest independent media company in kenya and East Africa with market share of over 70% for the news and media sector. Apart from Daily Nation Newspaper and some other newspapers in Tanzania and other countries in East Africa, the company is also behind NTV and one of Kenya’s radio station (Easy FM)

2. Standard Digital News 

The Standard Newspaper is one of the oldest Kenyan newspapers with a significant market share being established in 1902. It is published by the Standard Group and the newspaper has almost 30% of the market share. Apart from the print media, they have an online news portal which delivers breaking news across Kenya and around the world. They offer top stories about sports, business, politics and entertainment. You could surely follow what is happening in Kenya with its videos, photo galleries and special reports. Apart from newspapers, Standard Group also  runs the Kenya Television Network (KTN) and Radio Maisha

3 Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC)

KBC is the government established corporation that undertakes public services. Kenya Broadcasting Corporation also has its online presence. It provides reliable, trusted and high quality news and information about Kenya and with innovative, high quality programmes. The Corporation enhances development of local cultural values by facilitating the dissemination, preservation and conservation of authentically indigenous values.

4. Coast Week

This site provides current special reports and headlines. You would also find news about entertainment, restaurants and sport highlights on this newspaper online. Letters to the editor is also a highlight. The online portal of coast week newspaper also features classified ads and directory

5 All Kenya News

It is an independent news company fully running for informative and useful news. It provides latest updates on different news all around the world and especially aggregates news from major Kenyan newspapers on events that are currently happening in Kenya. It is a one-stop place for anyone looking for news.

6. The Kenyan Daily post

This online newspaper has correspondents which travels different places in Kenya to provide its readers with hot news. Anyone who visits the site would surely learn a lot of things about Kenya’s culture and politics. The Kenyan Daily Post website is available here.

7. Kenya Star

It was established in the year 2002 to provide up-to-date local news as well as international headlines to everyone. Its news is formatted in a matter which makes its easily readable by users. Some of its contents are business in Kenya, finance stories, local and international news.

8. Kenya Today

Kenya Today online news platform is for people with passion for Kenya. Anything you wanted to learn about Kenya is here. You could stay up-to-date with latest news in Kenya including its current crisis and developments. Stay on top of Kenya news with critical analysis of current developments in Kenya and in-depth reports on global events

9. Kenya Central

This online newspaper is a complete source of information about anything that happens in Kenya. Aside from latest news, you could also find famous Kenyans, Kenya movies and recipes on the site. It also features top stories in Kenya.
If you are looking for latest news in Kenya and some international news and event, consider the sites mentioned above. This list could satisfy your craving for local as well as international news and information.

10. East African Standard

This newspaper which exists in print and print versions is among the largest in Kenya. It has a 30% market share. It is the country’s oldest newspaper. The owner is Standard Group situated in Mombasa Road at Nairobi. Its original name is African Standard established in the year 1902 and after it was sold to British Businessmen the name was changed to East African Standard. It is one of the major Kenyan newspapers

Use these Kenyan newspapers and you can no longer be left out of all the current news in Kenya.