Kenyan Billionaires Who Dropped Out Of School Because They Never Liked It

Okay, we do know that school and higher education isn’t for everyone because education tips many over and makes them feel it’s all too hard. Whether or not it has to do with the people’s learning style, ability or is related to something larger we can’t really say, but we do know that dropping out of school sometimes seems like the only way out for some people including the richest people in the world. Yea, you read it right, most of the richest people in the history of the world never went to higher schools. They favor the idea of leaving school to live their life independently from school authority. Perhaps to them, school is a place where you are taught what “box” to think in, and it is very clear that it doesn’t work for the majority of the people who really want to spread their tentacles.

Every day, students in school get to hear teachers saying that there is just one way to solve problems, whereas it is untrue. However, due to serious social stigma, most people are afraid of the consequences they would have from their peers and parents especially if they eventually leave school when they shouldn’t. But if you have totally decided to drop out, or for reasons out of your control you want to drop out;  I suggest you think it all through before taking the big final decision. In as much as the society is against dropping out of school, we have to learn that many who dropped out of school have also played a good role in the society. It is all about getting there and on time, not really about one’s qualifications. Keep in mind that what worked for Mr A might not favor Mr B too.

Of course, we know that intuition is the best map for your life, and somehow the way you feel is often the best plan of action despite how hard you try to kill the feelings. So any group you belong to, whether you belong to the group of people who think they are nothing and would be nothing without education or to those who have been overwhelmed by the feeling that school isn’t necessary for them, and also feel that educating themselves on other aspects of life apart from the school courses is what they need, my advice is that you do what you think will put you in the right place.

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Facing reality would be much more enjoyable than the routine school people practice each day. Not only would it be more enjoyable, but with great hard work in doing what you know how to do, you might get a good spot in the society that is vastly superior than what people can get from going to one school and getting a job thereafter. I’m only saying that you shouldn’t follow the wrong path because you want to escape from the stigma of dumping school especially when you don’t actually belong there. Yes, finding out your talent or skills on time would be a lot better. So prioritize, and then work your schedule around what’s important to you, rather than prioritizing what’s important to others. Going to College may still be an option farther down the road if your ideas either fall through or even if they eventually work out.

Anyway, if you think education is just the way out, wait until you hear the story of these Kenyan billionaires who made billions without earning school certificate. They have given us reasons to believe education is not just the only option to reaching any height even though education is very important for the society and the world at large.

1. Deepak Kamani


The controversial billionaire businessman opened up to a local daily that he never liked school and felt he was drowning in the sea of work while in school. He always came last in class, even in swimming! He thought about letting off school and believed he would offer something better to the society. He went to abandon school in form 2 to join his father’s auto shop where his billions are deeply rooted in.

2. Njenga Karume


Njenga Karume did not gain from formal education too, but it didn’t cut his tentacles short as he rose to become a good businessman and a politician. He is well documented in his bio, Beyond Expectations: From Charcoal to Gold. In fact, he is unbelievably doing just fine without receiving much from formal education.

3. Mwalimu Masoud Mwahima

Who would ever know that Mwalimu sat for KCSE examinations as a private candidate at Kwale High school and scored a serious grade of E in all his paper, …Including, ironically, Kiswahili. However, he was Mombasa mayor before he sat for the exam.

However, like I mentioned, before you drop out of school to pursue your talents or develop your other skills, take out some time and think carefully about it.

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