Marcia Harvey Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Though they are no longer together, Steve Harvey’s success story would never be complete without mentioning Marcia Harvey. While Steve’s fans may be well informed about his life and career, not much is known about the woman who first made him a father, and once brought him so much joy.

The former celebrity spouse shies away from the limelight and is perhaps living her best life yet but it is uncommon knowledge that it was the family travails with Steve that birthed her innate talents and strength. Find out interesting facts you never knew about the businesswoman and author.

Marcia Harvey Biography

Going by public records, it is apparent that Marcia Harvey is an ultra-private woman. Besides the fact that she is a native of Ohio born on January 22, 1955, there is a scarcity of information regarding her parents, siblings, family background, early life, and education. Marcia was flung to the spotlight following her marriage to Steve Harvey.

5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

  • Career Accomplishments

It is uncertain if Marcia had a formal education. Regardless of the fact that there are no records of her academic endeavours or specialization, Marcia’s earliest career record was as a sales rep at a department store. It was during this time that she met her future husband Steve Harvey. There is a dearth of information regarding Marcia Harvey’s means of livelihood while married to Steve. However, she is known to have kicked off a career as a businesswoman when things went awry with her former husband.

As a single parent, Marcia was an independent and successful woman who launched her own fashion line while also working a steady job in order to make ends meet. Given her private lifestyle, it is difficult to ascertain how the mother of three was able to pull through at the time. But her children’s success is evidence of Marcia’s hard work and dedication.

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Marcia Harvey apparently discovered her innate literary and writing skills later in life. She is a successful author with no less than three books under her belt. Her first book was Marcia: Eyes to the Soul, a 2011 poetry which reflected her life and struggles with and after Steve Harvey. Her other literary works are Marcia: Poems From The Heart which was also released in 2011, and 2014’s Marcia: Thoughts From My Mind.

  • Marriage and Divorce

As earlier hinted, Marcia Harvey has no direct claim to fame as she is best recognized as Steve Harvey’s former wife. The former couple first crossed paths at a mutual friend’s reception party. At the time, Steve was just a regular young guy who worked as an insurance salesman. The former lovebirds quickly established a romantic connection after the party and a few years later, they exchanged nuptial vows in the year 1980.

It was during the early years of their marriage that Steve began gaining popularity as a stand-up comedian and entertainer. However, Marcia’s husband is presumed to have let his ambitions get in the way of family ties and responsibilities as he totally abandoned his wife and three kids when he became famous. After lots of bickering, the couple separated around the year 1990 but were officially divorced in 1994. Part of their divorce proceedings required Steve to pay alimony for his kids but he also failed to do so.

Though both parties initially did not disclose the real circumstances that led to their divorce, it was later revealed that it was connected to infidelity on Steve’s part. A piece of major evidence was the fact that Harvey had allegedly begun seeing and living with his second wife Mary Lee way before he was legally divorced from Marcia. Nonetheless, all parties are believed to have forgiven each other. Marcia and her erstwhile husband now share a cordial relationship.

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Marcia Harvey completely disappeared from the spotlight after her marriage to Steve ended and not much is known about her life thereon. Given her ultra-private lifestyle, there have been conflicting reports as to Marcia’s current relationship status. However, she is believed to be currently living in Cleveland and found love again in the arms of a man identified as Larry Greene.

  • A Doting Mother


Steve Harvey and children
Steve Harvey and children
image source

Marcia Harvey’s union with Steve Harvey produced three kids. Their first offspring are twin daughters Karli and Brandi welcomed on August 20, 1982, while their son Broderick Harvey Jr. joined the family on April 29, 1991. Marcia and Steve reportedly first parted ways while she was pregnant with Broderick and given that Steve defaulted in his financial obligations to the kids, Marcia raised all three of them as a single parent against all odds.

  • Net Worth

Marcia Harvey has undoubtedly earned herself a decent financial portfolio from her numerous endeavors as a businesswoman, part-time employee, and author. Moreover, given her private lifestyle in recent years, it is uncertain how exactly she earns a living. Thus Marcia’s salary and net worth are unknown. On the other hand, her former husband Steve Harvey who reportedly earns about $40 million annually has a net worth currently estimated at $140 million.

  • Height

It is unsurprising that there is no information readily available about Marcia Harvey’s height, weight and other body measurements. However, judging by her physique, it is safe to say she is a relatively tall woman.

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