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Melissa Meeks is one of those women who are renowned as a result of their partner’s fame. Best recognized as the former wife to the “Hot Mugshot Guy,” Melissa is yet another proof that one can truly rise through storms. After surviving two heartbreaking marriages, the registered nurse and mother of three seems to be living her best life yet with a great comeback as a model. Explore some of the facts that have made the former celebrity spouse appear increasingly endearing and bizarre to fans.

Melissa Meeks – Bio, Age

Melissa Meeks (nee Curl) from Chicago, Illinois, was born on July 14, 1980. There is little or no information available about her parents, family background, childhood, and elementary education. It is uncertain if Melissa has other siblings, but she grew up with her older sister Michelle Curl. Melissa is a certified nurse who studied at the University of Phoenix. Right after college, she began working as a registered nurse at California’s juvenile detention centre in Oakland. Unlike most celebrities who gain fame from their careers, Melissa was shot to the spotlight following her marriage to an ex-convict Jeremy Meeks.

Net Worth

Melissa is a go-getter who isn’t afraid to try out new things. She was just the everyday nurse before marrying Jeremy. Her endeavours both as a nurse and a prospective model are undoubtedly financially rewarding. Melissa’s exact salary is unknown but her net worth is currently pegged at $3 million, a value that is expected to geometrically increase in the near future.

Facts Jeremy Meeks Ex-Wife

Boyfriend, Marriage, and Relationships

Melissa Meeks has been married twice. She was first married to a man whose last name is Ramirez. The former couple met while the nurse was still in college. Not much is known about her first marriage and the circumstances that led to their separation. However, it is no secret that Melissa and Ramirez had two kids together before their split.

It was Melissa’s second marital attempt that shot her to fame. While living as a single mother trying to make ends meet, she met and fell in love with Jeremy Meeks, an ex-convict with irresistible ice-blue eyes. After dating for about a year, Melissa and Jeremy decided to step things up a notch. The lovebirds exchanged marital vows in 2008, in a small ceremony arranged by a friend.

While it lasted, the Meeks’ marriage was trademarked by periodic prison stints. Prior to their marriage, Melissa’s husband had served a two-year sentence for robbery and injuring a child in 2002. After his release, Jeremy did not quite desist from his illegal activities. While married to Melissa, he was convicted for evading arrest during a police raid and for gun possession. A loyal wife, Melissa and her three kids eagerly waited on Jeremy while serving his 27-month long prison sentence.

Jeremy Meeks became a viral sensation in prison, following his hot mugshot. That marked a turnaround for the ex-convict who caught the attention of Jim Jordan and was later offered a modeling contract with White Cross Management after his release. Given his alluring looks, the “Hot Mugshot Guy,” became famous as a fashion model with great prospects. While Jeremy’s newfound fame was supposed to be a blessing for his family, it seemed quite the opposite for Melissa Meeks who began noticing negative changes in her husband.

Melissa Meeks, Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green
Melissa Meeks, Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green
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The nurse’s suspicions were later confirmed after Jeremy was caught on camera frolicking with another woman identified as billionaire heiress, Chloe Green. Jeremy and Chloe reportedly first met when the Hot Felon was modeling for Phillip Plein in May 2017 at the Cannes Film Festival. They secretly sparked off a romance thereon. However, their affair was publicly confirmed during one of Jeremy’s purported work trips to Turkey after they were caught making out on camera.

As expected, the news of Jeremy’s infidelity was disheartening to Melissa Meeks who had already sacrificed a lot and put in efforts to ensure the success of their marriage. The Turkey incident was the last straw for the nurse and sadly after ten years of marriage, she and Jeremy officially divorced in June 2018. As part of their divorce settlement, both parents were granted shared custody of their son, although Melissa was given a higher percentage.

It was easy for Jeremy to move on with his new found love Topshop heiress Chloe Green, but it wasn’t the same for Melissa Meeks. Though originally heartbroken and betrayed from seeing her ‘Hot Felon’ husband jetting all over the world and hanging out on yachts with Chloe, the nurse and mother of two later found strength, choosing not to wallow in self-pity.

Interestingly, she first decided to celebrate her freedom and transition from ex-con to ex-wife with a lingerie party at Las Vegas. More so, Melissa Meeks made a life-changing decision in her career. In a revenge makeover, she went under the knife to enhance her physical appearance including boobs, hips, and vagina-tightening jobs, and then began pursuing a modeling career just like her ex-husband.

Melissa Meeks appears to have truly moved on. More recently, reports emerged indicating a win-win situation for the nurse turned model and her ex-hot felon husband who have both seemingly bagged new billionaire lovers. While Jeremy is currently dating heiress Chloe Green, Melissa has been romantically linked to mogul Donald ‘DJ’ Friese, who is expected to inherit a huge slice of his father’s $1.3 billion fortune. Just like Melissa, DJ is also newly-single after splitting from his former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills girlfriend Brandi Glanville. However, Melissa later refuted the claims that she and billionaire Donald ‘DJ’ Friese are an official item, stressing instead that they are just friends.


Melissa Meeks is a proud mother of three children. The nurse’s first two kids Elli Anna Ramirez and Robert Ramirez are from her first marriage while Jeremy Jr is a product of her union with hot felon Jeremy Meeks.

Social Media

Melissa Meeks is very active on social media. The nurse turned model found fame during her second marriage to Jeremy and has amassed a huge fan base on popular social networking sites. A doting mother, she often shares pictures of her family and cosmetic surgery journey with her Instagram fans.

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