Unveiled Facts About Mariahlynn’s Ethnicity, Parents and Family Background

Mariahlynn is an American rapper of Italian and Puerto Rican descent. The 33 year old, who owes some of the fame she enjoys to the reality television franchise Love & Hip Hop, was born on May 17, 1990 to Tasha Jacoby-Araujo and Raphael Araujo. Her mother, Tasha, is Italian-American, while her father, Raphael, is Puerto Rican.

Mariahlynn Is from a Mixed-Race Family

Beautiful Mariahlynn Araujo was born in Jersey City, New Jersey on the 17th of July, 1990. She was raised in a bi-ethnic family; her father is of Puerto Rican descent while her mother has Italian roots. Mr. Raphael Araujo and his wife Tasha Jacoby are also parents to three other kids named Danny, Icelynn Jacoby, and Victoria Ramos.

Araujo spent her childhood in New Jersey in the Newark area alongside her three siblings before she found fame and fortune through music and other endeavors. The Italian-Puerto Rican artist hasn’t also shared much information about her siblings with the public. She is overly protective of her family members, having kept photos and information about her siblings’ personal lives away from the curious public and media for many years.

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Mariahlynn holds American citizenship and speaks Spanish and English languages fluently. Not much is known about her educational background. However, it is believed that she completed her basic studies in local institutions in the United States.

She Had A Troubled Childhood

Mariahlynn’s childhood was not as smooth and easy as any child deserves. Her mother struggled with addiction, this led to her not being around for her children as much as she should have been. The same goes for her father, who often had run-ins with the law and spent a lot of time behind bars.

Tasha reportedly spent three years of her life in a state prison in New Jersey for an unlawful weapon case. She and her husband would end up separating for unknown reasons, leading to her second marriage to a man from Newark called Jacoby. Mariahlynn’s step-father is the father of her kid sister Icelynn Jacoby. There is no available information on his background and other aspects of his personal life.

The unavailability of Mariahlynn’s parents resulted in the government putting her into the foster care system, however, she always found a way out of the foster homes she had been assigned to and as the first child, Mariahlynn had to step in and take up the responsibility of caring for her siblings.

She Found Fame As A Rap Artist

Mariahlynn had always nursed dreams of being a rapper but she had to forfeit them to take care of her family. As a stripper, she had access to different types of people who worked in entertainment. One such person was DJ Self who nudged her in the direction of rapping. With this DJ she made her debut song, Once Upon a Time (I was a Hoe), this song instantly became a hit and established her as a rapper to watch out for.

In 2015, she became a part of the reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York in its sixth season. This created an avenue for more exposure, while on the show the issues she had on a professional and personal scale were all aired. This was how the world learned of her the struggles she had with her family.

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Mariahlynn signed to Gwinin Entertainment which is DJ Self’s record label in 2015. With this signing, she consolidated herself as a rap artist and also became the second female artist on the label. This move resulted in a rivalry with another female artist in Gwinin Entertainment called Major Galore but Mariahlynn was not weighed down in any way. She kept pushing until she got back on track and became the celebrity we all know today.

What Is Mariahlynn Up To Now?

The Puerto Rican-Italian rapper has leaned into the role of being a reality TV star. She appeared in the show subsequent times after the sixth season, where she made her debut as a cast member of Love & Hip Hop. Mariahlynn has been part of specials from the Love & Hip Hop franchise, Love & Hip Hop Awards: Most Certified, The Love Edition, Dirty Little Secrets and 40 Greatest Love & Hip Hop Moments: The Reboot

The rapper is also diversifying her source of income to include the sale of makeup which she is doing in conjunction with Frost Cosmetics. In 2019, Mariahlynn collaborated with Ghanaian singer Shatta Wale on a musical project.

As gathered, Mariahlynn now runs her music career as a free agent. She is said to have turned down a contract offered to her by New York star DJ Self after she parted ways with her former manager Rah Ali.


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