Nigeria Postal Code: A Complete Guide to The Zip Codes For All Regions

The Nigeria postal code, postcode, or zip code is a set of specific numbers or indicators used in either delivering or receiving packages and parcels to the right destination. Every region or state in the country is assigned a unique set of postcodes that come in six numerical digits; the zip code for Anambra State is different from what Kaduna State is using. Thus, before sending a package out, endeavor to know the correct code for the location and include it in the address. Also, there are people who mistake Nigeria’s International Dialing Code (+234) as the postal code but this is very wrong and causes unnecessary delays in the delivery of mails and packages.

What Are Postal Codes?

Postal codes are characters assigned by any country’s postal services for the primary purpose of sorting mail, including several other uses. Different countries have different ways of assigning postal codes. There are countries that go with only numerical (here, the zip codes are assigned in only numbers), some countries have a mixture of numbers and alphabets (alphanumerical), and there are still those that mix numbers and letters with punctuations as well as spaces. These codes can be assigned to distinctive geographical areas of a country, individual addresses, and institutions that usually receive large mails.

Do Postal Codes Mean the Same Thing As Zip Codes?

Postal code and zip code mean one and the same thing, While countries like The United Kingdom, China, Nigeria, France, and many others call it postal code, the United States of America chose to call it zip code. The ZIP is actually an acronym from three words;

  • Z = Zone
  • I = Improvement
  • P = Plan

There are still countries that refer to it as PIN code or post-code but whichever may be the case, all are taken to mean the same thing. Specific digits, both numeric and alphanumeric enable easy sorting, as well as seamless delivery of mails.

So, when you are completing a form on the internet, bear in mind that zip code in the United States means postal code in Nigeria. People who fill the phone code +234 as Nigeria’s ZIP code should know that it is wrong. Rather, they should endeavor to get their individual state’s postal codes and use them.

Assigning Zip Codes to Different Parts of Nigeria

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Though there are countries that go with alphanumeric zip codes but in the case of Nigeria, postal codes are assigned in only numerical. The Nigerian Postal Services NIPOST is the body charged with the responsibility of assigning postcodes that comprise six digits.

NIPOST derives the postal codes by dividing the country into nine distinct regions and the initial three digits of a zip code are determined by each region. It is the local post office that determines the last three digits and it represents a strategic/public location which can be a mail station office, an urban territory, or a provincial region.

Lagos as a case study has 100001 as its postal code – the initial three digits which are 100, stand for the state; 001, the last three digits, stand for the head department/sector in every region. This means – each state of the federation has its own head post office but there are subsidiaries.

Thus, people that have packages to sent to any post office (the subsidiary departments) apart from the head post will have to get the required combination for the department.

All The States Of Nigeria and Their Respective Zip Codes

  • Abuja 900001
  • Abia 440001
  • Adamawa 640001
  • Akwa-Ibom 520001
  • Anambra 420001
  • Bauchi 740001
  • Bayelsa 560001
  • Benue 970001
  • Borno 600001
  • Cross River 540001
  • Delta 320001
  • Ebonyi 840001
  • Edo 300001
  • Ekiti 360001
  • Enugu 400001
  • Gombe 760001
  • Imo 460001
  • Jigawa 720001
  • Kano 700001
  • Kaduna 800001
  • Katsina 820001
  • Kebbi 860001
  • Kogi 260001
  • Kwara 240001
  • Lagos (Island) 101001
  • Lagos (Mainland) 100001
  • Nasarawa 950001
  • Niger 920001
  • Ogun 110001
  • Ondo 340001
  • Osun 230001
  • Oyo 200001
  • Plateau 930001
  • Rivers 500001
  • Sokoto 840001
  • Taraba 660001
  • Yobe 320001
  • Zamfara 860001

How to Know Your Nigeria Postal Code

Nigerians who do online or physical transactions usually make mistakes while filling forms that require postal or zip code; this can cause serious delays with mail or parcel delivery. Apart from geographical locations and states, smaller areas like towns and local government, are assigned respective postal codes.

So, while completing forms online or offline, and it is required that you provide your zip code, use the one for your exact location like a town or LGA instead of using the state code; this makes for easier and faster sorting and delivery of mails or whatever is involved. Below is a step-by-step guide for getting your zip code in Nigeria.

  1. Visit homepage
  2. Get to your state and click on it
  3. Select your local government area
  4. Search for your town

Is There a Place With 23401 ZIP Code In Nigeria?

In case you are required to provide Nigeria’s zip code in the form you are filling. The correct set of numerical to use is 23401, thus there is no particular place in the country that uses 23401, the set of numbers is for the entire county. Apart from the aforementioned, you can also use 110001 or 00176, all are correct as postal codes for Nigeria as a country.

What Postal Codes Are Used For

Postal codes can be used for a lot of things, especially in highly advanced countries such as America, The Uk, Canada, and the likes.

  • The primary use of zip code or postal code is for mail services, thus, it is imperative for people to include zip code as part of the address before sending any parcel to the mail. On receiving such parcels, the postal worker will be able to know exactly where a mail is going from the code.
  • Internal routing of letters, parcels, packages, and more cannot be effective without the use of zip codes. It makes the work of those in delivery services very easy.
  • In gathering statistical data, zip code plays a major role.
  • Marketing is another area where zip code can be put to good use – when the stores request for a customer’s zip code; they combine it with other information, go to the commercial database to access additional details about each customer. Data brokers are always willing to buy such info for onward sales to other marketers.
  • Those in legislation use zip codes for legislative districts.
  • On the internet, almost all the pages for eCommerce and education website registration carry zip codes.
  • In a civilized society, zip codes are used for credit card security.
  • Also, those in the insurance industry leverage zip code for insurance rating (they use it to ascertain the rate a customer is supposed to receive)
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