See These Beautiful Images Of African Cities At Night

When most people hear ‘Africa’, what comes to their mind is a vast forest, barely clad dark skinned people, wild animals and huts.

Although we do love our safaris, and natural endowments, and everything that makes Africa enviable and unique, there’s still a lot mainstream media doesn’t show of our beloved continent, one of those being our cities.

So we’ve compiled images of African cities at night– and they are absolutely lovely.

Nairobi, Kenya

nairobi, kenya

Nairobi is Kenya’s capital which is popular for its safaris and also known as the “green city in the sun”.

Lagos, Nigeria

lagos african cities at night

Lagos is Nigeria’s commercial hub. Boasting a population of over 5 million people, the city is a sight to behold at night. Some of its attractions include the national museum, the freedom park, among others.

Cairo, Egypt

cairo african cities at night

Egypt’s capital is one of the most beautiful African cities at night

Rabat, Morocco

rabat african cities at night

This is Morocco’s capital which is situated along the shores of the Bouregreg river and the Atlantic ocean. The Hassan Tower and Mausoleum of Mohammed V are some of its tourist attractions.

Capetown, South Africa

capetown african cities at night

Cape town is South Africa’s port city and home to various points of interest such as the table mountain, as pictured above, and Robben island among others.

Victoria, Seychelles

victoria seychelles african cities at night

Victoria is Seychelles capital and also the smallest capital in the world. The beautiful island is known for its tourist attractions which include, parks, reserves and resorts.

Accra, Ghana

accra african cities at night

Accra is Ghana’s bustling capital. The west African city is home to the famous Kwame Nkrumah National Park, a memorial of the first Ghanain president who led the country to independence.

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Kigali, Rwanda

kigali african cities at night

Kigali, Rwanda’s city was described as the most beautiful African city by the United Nations. It’s no wonder, as it is not just aesthetically beautiful but also one of the cleanest.

Tripoli, Libya

tripoli african cities at night

Although many think of the Islamic State when Libya comes to mind, it’s still home to one of the most beautiful capitals in the world.

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Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

dar es salaam african cities at night

Dar es Salaam is the commercial port of Tanzania. Home to the Mbudya island, the National museum and others.