Stevie Wonder’s Children
Stevie Wonder and two of his daughters - Aisha and Nia image source

Stevie Wonder’s children are a source of pride and a constant joy to the singer. The music genius is not only known by his singing skill but by his funky style of playing the keyboard and harmonica. Though he was originally born blind as Stevland Hardaway Judkins before he legally changed his surname to Morris, he through musical dexterity oozed great passion that has motivated many globally.

He began his journey in the music industry as a child singer with Motown Records. Through the years he enjoyed great commercial successes in the 1970s and 1980s with many hit songs and albums which have sold over 100 million. In turn, they have earned him over twenty Academy Award wins. The 6-foot singer is family-oriented no wonder, Stevie Wonder’s children from five different women have maintained close-knit bonds over the years.

Who Are Stevie Wonder’s Children

The multi-talented musician Stevie Wonder has been thrice married to three different women and also had two other romantic affairs along the way which led to the birth of five sons and four beautiful daughters (nine children in all). Most of them are adults today living their respective dreams.

Here is up-close personal information about Stevie Wonder’s children. The first woman he married was the late amiable Motown singer, Syreeta Wright, in 1970. Their union was short-lived as it lasted for only two years with no children.

His first child, Aisha Morris, was birthed on 2nd February 1975, by a secretary in his publishing house named Yolanda Simmons. The daughter brought a lot of joy and inspiration to him and two years after Aisha was delivered, her brother Keita Morris bounced along. The second child of Yolanda and Stevland is a split image of Stevie Wonder.

After Stevie parted ways with Yolanda, he got romantically involved with the singer, Melody McCulley, who had another son Mumtaz Morris for the ace musician sometime in 1983.

After some time, Stevie Wonder’s children increased in number after an unannounced woman gave birth to two more children for Wonder; a daughter called Sophia and her brother Kwame. However, unlike the name of their mother, their dates of birth are reported as 1985 and 1988 respectively.

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Stevie Wonder’s Children
Stevie Wonder with Kailand and Mandla Morris image source

Next, the soul musician fell for Kai Millard, a fashion stylist and designer, who became his wife in 2001 in the Bahamas; they lived together as man and wife for eight years (till 2009) before they were officially divorced in 2012. Their marriage was blessed with two healthy sons named Kailand (b. September 2001) and Mandla Kadjay Carl Stevland Morris who shares the same birthday as his iconic father as he was born on the 13th May 2005, his father’s 55th birthday.

After several years of dating and testing the waters, Detroit native tied the knot for the third time at the Hotel Bel-Air, with Tomeeka Robyn Bracy in 2017. He met the 1975 born Tomeeka in 2012 and she also has two adorable children for Wonder –  even though she had three kids for her previous husband before her union with Stevie. There is little to go by with regards to the last two children of Stevland Morris; except that the second child Nia was birthed in December 2014 while her direct elder sibling’s name remains a mystery till date.

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Where Are They Now? 

Stevie Wonder’s Children
Stevie Wonder with his three sons – Keita, Mumtaz and Kwame Morris image source

In an attempt to answer the above question, it is pertinent to recognize that seven out of the nine children of Stevie Wonder are grown-ups living their individual lives but majorly influenced by their father’s musical background which in turn has seen most of them tow same the career line.

The first daughter, Aisha, who was inspirational to one of Stevie Wonder’s hit songs Isn’t She Lovely in 1975 after her birth is a singer. Her choice of career was hugely influenced by her music tours with her father. She and some of her younger siblings were part of Stevie’s tour crew. Aisha was engaged in February 2013 and has a son named Miles.

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Her brother Keita, on the other hand, is a songwriter, model, and disc jockey. He is the father of two children; a son Asmar and a daughter Lula Mae. He resides in New York and often shuttles down to Washington to see his father and other family members.

Mumtaz Morris grew in Los Angeles and he also has music gene running through his veins. He is an R&B singer with songs like Ribbon In The Sky and The Gift and the Curse. His father had in one of his tours allowed him to serenade the fans with one of his songs. He is indeed talented and also plays the keyboard like his father.

Sophia and Kwame are two of Stevie Wonder’s children that little or nothing is known about as they seem to be social media-shy.

Next on the line is the cute Kailand Morris who sometimes played the drum for his father Stevie Wonder during his tours. He is a model who has graced the New York fashion week runway walking for Comme Des Garcons and Pyer Moss clothing lines in June 2018, he has also walked the Milan Fashion week with Dolce and Gabbana. As a social media personality, Kailand is friends with social media star and dancer Maddie Ziegler.

Mandla Kadjay Carl Stevland Morris is a fashion designer. He featured in the season one of 2018 edition of CBS Dancing With The Stars Junior along with Brightyn Brems. His father and eldest sister, Aisha was on stage to support him with the hit song Isn’t She Lovely sadly, he was one of the last casts to be eliminated on the 25th of November 2018.

The last of the Stevie Wonder’s children Nia and her direct sibling are both still young as of 2019, and as such, they are shielded from the media as they are being educated in school. However, Nia seems to be the most popular of both.

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