Top 10 Insurance Companies in Kenya

Insurance in Kenya is still being seen as a waste not just in Kenya but in Africa as a whole. If there is any thing Africans know how to do, it is to take their lives and situation in their own hands. Just like in most African countries, Kenya has a very low insurance penetration with about 46 insurance companies and 4,576 registered insurance agents, only about 3 percent of the population has insurance cover in Kenya. Other countries like South Africa and Malaysia have up to 9 and 41 percent of their population under one form of life insurance or the other respectively. One could say that development and economic growth are the bedrocks of insurance growth and perhaps over the coming years, the number of insured citizens in Kenya could increase if the economy keep pointing north. However, if you would like to seek insurance in Kenya, below is the list of top 10 insurance companies you may want to consider (arranged in no particular order):

10. Pan Africa Insurance Holdings

Pan Africa insurance Company, established in Mombasa in 1947, was the first insurance company in Kenya to be listed on the NSE. It was created as a subsidiary of Pan Africa Insurance Holdings to tap into the largely under-developed life assurance market in Kenya. Pan Africa General Insurance limited and Apollo Insurance Company Limited merged in 2003 to form APA Insurance Company Limited. After the merger in 2004, Pan Africa Insurance Holdings Limited was restructured to form two wholly owned subsidiaries of the major company. These subsidiaries are Pan Africa Life Assurance Limited dealing with life business and PA Securities which owns a 40 percent stake in APA Insurance, and other investments including a 100 percent stake in Mae Properties and a 25 percent stake in Runda Water. Among the pioneer services of Pan Africa Insurance Company is the introduction of Individual and Group Life products without the HIV/AIDS exclusion and was the first Company to offer life insurance without the necessity of a medical test, which underpins Pan Africa Life’s anti-discriminatory policy. It is one of the first Insurance companies in Kenya which deserves a top 10 spot on our list

9. APA Insurance Services

APA Insurance was formed in 2003 following the merger of Apollo and Pan-Africa General divisions to form the largest insurer in East and Central Africa. APA provides professional liability packages and general liability policies in addition to but not strictly limited to rental equipment and/or photo equipment. Some of the other packages available are: compensation of workers, auto commercial and employment practices liability services.

8. Jubilee Insurance Company Limited

Jubilee Insurance Company Limited is a leading East African insurance company has its headquarters in Nairobi. The Jubilee Insurance Company Limited was incorporated in 1937 as a composite insurer and provider of mortgage finance, based in Mombasa. In the years that followed, Jubilee spread its sphere of influence throughout East Africa, and opened branches in Dar-es-Salaam, Kampala, Bombay, Karachi, Mauritius and Zanzibar. It has a strong financial ground and more than 70 years or experience. This company is the first amalgamated insurer in East Africa and Kenya and number one in medical insurance. It has plans to extend into other 12 countries in Africa in the coming three years. At the moment it has 8 branches spanning in the state. It was listed on Nairobi Stock exchange in 1984 and cross listed in 2005.

7. Heritage Insurance Company

Heritage Insurance Company provides short-term insurance services of claim payments. Company traces its origins back to 1908 and 1924 when the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society and The Legal & General Insurance Company, respectively commenced their Kenyan operations in 1924.
These two Companies merged their interests in 1976 to form The Heritage Insurance Company Limited and in the 1980’s, the shareholding of Norwich Union and Legal & General was purchased by local shareholders hence The Heritage became a fully locally owned Company. In the mid-1990’s, Heritage joined forces with African International Insurance Company and obtained its new name, Heritage African International insurance company. Heritage Insurance Company is rated AA- by Global Rating Company (GRC), for among other reasons, our high claims paying ability. This is one of the highest international ratings awarded to a Kenyan insurer.

6. British American Insurance Company

British American Insurance Company is an expanded financial services entity in Kenya that offers quite a vast number of asset and insurance services to small entrepreneurs, individuals, government entities and large corporations. British American Insurance Company has been providing extended heritage financial services from 1920. By 1961, British American Insurance Company Limited was operating in over 200 countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, along with business interest in the Far East, Africa, the Indian Ocean and Europe. In May 1998, British American Insurance Company Limited became a member of the powerful CL Financial Group, which boasts an asset base of over US$ 2 billion dollars. In the middle of 2012, The Judicial Managers of British American Insurance Company (BAICO) together with the Governments of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) are pleased to announce that an agreement has been signed to sell the traditional life insurance business of BAICO to Sagicor Life, Inc.