Violent Crime Rates by Country – 10 Most Dangerous Nations

Peace and security are necessary components of human life for growth and development to take place. However, there are certain parts of the world that have been plagued by war, crime and general unrest leading to the suffering of innocent civilians caught in the cross-fires with the antecedent of increased violent crime rates. Some of these countries in question have had repeated spells of violence over time with a resultant spiking of crime rate while others have had a prolonged, non-stop history of violence. In most cases, it is the innocent children and civilians who lose their lives and even tourists and visitors that survive each day, live to tell of the gruesomeness they survived because with violence comes crime which is one most important singular factor that makes a country very dangerous. Below is a list of most dangerous countries with crime rates fueled by violence.

Most Dangerous Countries With The Highest Violent Crime Rates

1. Somalia


Somalia has always been in the news for all the bad reasons. The top hazards in Somalia include piracy and terrorism and inter-clan fighting, making it the most dangerous country in the world with one of the highest crime rates. This failed state has gained this repute not only for the pirates who have captured 42 ships but also for the chaos that prevails inland. The country has been under the reign of 14 different regimes since 1994. Warring clans are ever fighting for power and territory control. Theft, human trafficking, unwarranted killing of non-collaborators and general acts of violence are some of the activities that dominate in this Eastern African state. Much of the country remains under the rule of warlords and militias who have gone further to attempt to reign terror on neighbouring countries such as Kenya.

2. Afghanistan


This country has come to be known as the terrorism headquarters of the world, being the hiding place of the world’s most feared terrorist groups namely Al-Qaeda and Taliban. The operations of these terrorist groups are conducted here making the country the subject of the deadly consequences of war against terror. This has put the country’s peace at stake and innocent civilians are forced to bear the brunt.

3. Iraq


Countries with high violent crime rates would not be complete without the mention of Iraq. The security situation in this country has never changed for the better ever since the invasion by US military troops in an attempt to oust former slain president Saddam Hussein. Iraqis have borne the brunt of interest groups which moved in to take advantage of the unrest by forming militant groups. Suicide bombings, kidnapping and target killings have become the order of the day.

4. Syria


Many Arab countries are still yet to recover from the effects of the Arab springs and Syria is one of them. Syrians have suffered a tough period at the hands of militia groups who have reined terror in the wake of sectarian violence which has led to deaths of many innocent civilians.

5. Sudan and South Sudan

South Sudan War and Violence

South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011 but peace is yet to prevail between the two states. They are in constant conflict over possession of the oil-rich Abyei region. Internal conflicts still ravage the new country as they still dispute over oil regions. This unrest has led to worsening of the economic situation in the country. Hundreds of civilians have died due to the fighting, hunger and famine.

6. Pakistan

Violence in Pakistan

Pakistan has been the target of terrorist groups due to it being on the frontline in the war against global terror. Due to this situation, it ranks 2nd in the Global Terrorism Index. Numerous suicide bombings have plagued the peace efforts of the country which has also greatly affected its economic welfare. Sectarian violence has also come to dominate several parts of the country with attacks being directed towards the Shias. The most fatal conditions reported on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border has it that hundreds of civilians die weekly due to drone attacks.

7. Yemen

Yemen Violence

The negative effects of the Arab spring are also yet to wear off in this Arab state that was previously popular as a tourist destination. Yemen also witnessed control by militia groups which proceeded to kidnap tourists and demand huge amounts of ransom for their release.

8. Colombia

Colombia Violence

Colombia is what some people may regard as the headquarters of places with the highest crime rates. This nation has earned a reputation as the world’s kidnapping capital with the country’s violent crime rate soaring through the roof. It is also known for its astoundingly high rates of violent murders. There is constant civil unrest with rebel groups waging endless wars against the government. Colombia is in addition synonymous with drug cartels with the government constantly waging crack-downs on these cartels in an attempt to finish them off.

9. Honduras

Honduras Violence

Honduras is also synonymous with the drug trade and gang violence which are major contributors to the high rate of violence and crime. Poverty and poor law enforcement have been named as key contributing factors to the state of unrest. This increased when the former president Manuel Zelaya was ousted. In recent times, Honduras has been regarded as the most dangerous country on the planet outside a full-fledged war zone. The murder rate reached an unenviable global high of 85 for every 100,000 residents in 2012 and was estimated to reach 90 per 100,000 every following year if the menace is not addressed.

10. North Korea

North Korea Violence

This country may be isolated but it is still considered among the ten most dangerous countries due to the internal political conditions. First of all, tourists are not allowed to visit. It has the world’s largest army so terrorism is not a threat. However, it is considered dangerous to live in North Korea because citizens are compelled to conform to government demands and failure to do so leads to death or jail-time. In fact, the government reigns with such an iron fist that the jailed population is 830 people per 100, 000 citizens; that being the highest recorded ratio in the world. Furthermore, the government has been defiant in conducting nuclear tests despite international pressure to discontinue its nuclear program.

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