What Really Happened Between Kwesi Arthur & Efia Odo and Who Are His Family Members?

Ghanaian-born musician and rapper Kwesi Arthur dated Ghallywood actress Efia Odo for a while before their relationship hit the rocks in 2018. Since then, curiosity has refused to subside about that union as we witness new developments that trigger fresh interest in the dissolved dalliance. More interesting is the couple’s purported sex tape which surfaced soon after, seeking to do irreparable damage to the rapper. However, the duo managed to bring the situation under control. This is precisely what happened.

An Insight into Kwesi Arthur’s Relationship with Efia Odo

With the level of fame and popularity that Kwesi Arthur has gathered since he made his debut on the music scene, one would expect the ladies to be queuing up in their numbers for his attention, and this has been the case. One of such girls is Efia Odo, the Ghanian actress, radio, and TV host.

Efia is known for her erratic relationships with the opposite sex, but her dalliance with Kwesi seemed to last longer than what she is used to. While their relationship endured, the duo seemed inseparable, surviving scandals and relationship rumors as their friendship waxed stronger. On her own part, Efia was vocal about the fact that she was besotted with the rapper on social media, proving how involved they really were.

Efia was Jealous of Any Girl that Came Close To Her Man

When one is in a relationship, he or she will have no choice but to contend with jealousy whenever their love interest is too close to someone else. Efia found herself facing a similar situation when she saw a video of her boyfriend getting cozy with another girl.

But then, the Ghanaian actress didn’t really have any need for jealousy as the video was shot for the rapper’s single Turn on the Lights. The recently released visuals featured an intimate scene with Kwesi Arthur getting too close to a lady. Even knowing that the visuals were all in the line of duty, Efia still took to Twitter to display her displeasure and also tell fans how jealous it made her.

The Two Later Broke Up as Efia Began Seeing A White Guy

Though so many details about the couple’s time together were hidden away from the public arena, some tidbits managed to seep out. There were tales about Efia having a couple of abortions behind her boyfriend’s back. Fraught with a plethora of differences, their relationship finally hit the rocks in 2018 as the couple decided to go their separate ways.

It was not long after she broke up with the rapper that Efia surfaced with a white lover in tow. In fact, the Ghanaian actress was really blatant about her newly found love, brandishing pictures she took with the guy in a bathtub as they took a bath together. According to the former health worker, her ex wanted her to be single, but she prefers to mingle, and from what is perceivable, Efia is doing it unabashedly, without batting an eyelid. On his own part, Kewsi seemed displeased by the latest development in Efia’s life but didn’t give voice to his reasons.

The Couple Found Themselves in Damaging Controversy When Speculations Ran Rife About Their Purported Sex Tape

The Grind Day crooner found himself entangled in an ugly internet hoax scandal when it was reported that he released a sex tape with Efia. Before the rumors could cause long-lasting damage, Kwesi Arthur rose to the challenge and quickly brought the situation under control. The musician resolved the hoax by denying the allegations on Twitter and burying it in a bid to save his brand from harm.

His ex-girlfriend also did well to deny the speculation by equally taking to Twitter to voice her denials. The duo spoke with one voice in stating that the content of the sex tape was not theirs, alledging that it must have emanated from some who had the intention of tarnishing their names and images.

The duo’s denials seemed to set the records straight until Kwesi surfaced for an interview where the hitmaker was put on the spot as he fielded questions about the sex tape. In his answer, Kwesi reiterated that he was never responsible for the video, asking why somebody would do something of that nature. To make matters worse, the sex tape surfaced after they had called it quits with their relationship.

Efia Odo’s Past is Littered with A Long List of Exes


Efia Odo, whose given name is Andrea Owusu, was working as an assistant nurse in the United States of America before she moved to her home country of Ghana to become an actress. The former health worker has since appeared in Ghallywood movies like heels and sneakers. She also works as a television presenter for Kwese T.V and radio presenter for Okay FM. The Ghanaian has her date of birth recorded as 18th July 1993 which makes her older than Kwesi Arthur by a year and a half.

Efia is believed to be born out of wedlock, thus she was brought up by her mother who is a native of Juaben in Ashanti. The actress has always been willful and has been called out severally for her mode of dressing and sex appeal which is often on blatant display on social media. Efia’s way of Life earned her the title “Slay Queen”. Besides, speculations ran rife at one point on how she changes boyfriends every year.

In fact, her list of exes is quite long as she has dated people like Kweku Reveloe. The duo stayed a few months and ended their dalliance publicly, leveraging social media to throw careless jabs at one another. The former health worker was also once an item with Nana Wan but that relationship didn’t last long. She was later rumored to be dating Shatta Wale but was prompt in denying the claim, equally denying her purported relationship with Morgan Carter.

Kwesi Arthur Comes From a Very Impoverished Background and His Origins Have Been Called into Question

Kwesi Arthur
Kwesi and his dad image source

Kwesi Arthur was born and bred in Tema, Ghana. While he cites his origins from the city on the Bight of Benin and the Atlantic coast of Ghana, there have been rumors that have put this to question. According to the speculations, his parents actually hail from Kogi State in Nigeria. In fact, it was revealed that his younger siblings were born in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria. However, from what is obvious, the rapper doesn’t seem to care about his real roots as he continues to identify himself as an original Tema native. He even identifies with Tema in interviews.

Regardless of where he originally comes from, life was not the easiest for Kwesi growing up. His family was poor and his parents; Vivian Ofosu Danso Arthur and Samuel Danso Arthur, could not afford to pay his tuition to attend a higher institution, thus denying him the opportunity of becoming a journalist. His parents have three other children – a girl and twin sons. One of the twins has followed their big brother’s career path in the music industry.


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