Zubby Micheal Has a Son But No Wife – Who Has The Actor Dated In The Past?

Zubby Micheal claims not to be dating anyone at the moment because he is “scared of women” but it is a known fact that he has been in relationships with a number of ladies, including Mary Okoye, sister of Nigerian singers Paul and Peter Okoye aka P-Square. He has also been linked to his colleague, Destiny Etiko.

It’s no longer uncommon to hear of celebrities bringing forth children outside wedlock. Before now, the idea wasn’t really accepted in a typical Nigerian society but there were celebrities who bucked the trends and lived according to their own terms by raising children without being married. The likes of Genevieve Nnaji, 2Face Idibia, Davido, Wizkid, and Linda Ikeji have long been in this business but the famous Nigerian actor, Zubby Michael recently shocked his fans with the news of a son he supposedly fathered out of wedlock.

Azubuike Michael Egwu, professionally known as Zubby Michael, has continuously made a name for himself since 2007 when he joined the Nollywood film industry. Today, he is not just an actor, but a producer, entrepreneur, and TV personality. Zubby is known for his hard work and professionalism but only a few of his close allies are aware of his life behind the screen. Let’s get to know more about his personal life, especially as regards his supposed life as a single parent.

Does Zubby Michael Really Have a Son?

Getting the news about Zubby Michael having a son might not be so much of a surprise to the majority of his fans except to those who are not quite familiar with his comic or jovial nature. Truth be told, Zubby has no biological son that is known to the public. The rumor about him having a son surfaced in 2020 when he threw a surprise birthday party for his alleged son. While the actor is yet to confirm whether or not he has a son from his past relationships, we are able to gather that the alleged son he threw a party for was, in fact, Chikamso Ejiofor, popularly known as Ozonigbo.

Chikamso is a popular small-sized Nollywood actor recently trending as “Nwa Eze Ndi a la” Zubby Michael’s son in a popular Igbo movie, ‘Eze Ndi a la’. The Igbo actor was born in 1994 and he has shared pictures of his biological mother and siblings. However, he has not revealed the identity of his father.

Chikamso and Zubby are quite close and have appeared together in a couple of other Nigerian movies. His age gives a clear indication that he shares no father-son relationship with Zubby Michael.

Who is Zubby Michael’s Wife? Is He Married or Engaged to Anyone?

The Nigerian actor has never been married in the past and is currently single and focused on his career. Despite being so popular on various social media platforms, Zubby appears to have vowed not to be vocal about his affairs with women. However, considering his long garnered fame and hard work in the Nigerian film industry, one can only imagine how he is able to strike a meaningful balance between his career and love life. Well, Zubby himself has revealed that he is not a ladies man. In fact, he claims to fear women and is not ready to get himself committed in relationships at the moment.

On how he handles his female fans, the actor simply said that he always tries to avoid them because his career in the entertainment industry needs him to be careful and focused.

The Truth About Zubby Michael and Destiny Etiko’s Relationship

Zubby and Destiny Etiko’s relationship has long been questioned. The two have appeared together in a good number of movies to such an extent that it got their fans wondering if they are tied in a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, neither of the two are willing to divulge any further detail of their relationship.

The rumor about Zubby and Destiny being engaged began to spread when the two began posting cozy off-set photos of themselves on their irrespective social media handles. These misleading photos that suggested the two were dating started rumours about the Nollywood actors tying the knot. A YouTube video of the two kissing each other and Etiko showing off an engagement ring also helped to fuel the rumour.

However, despite the many beautiful pictures continuously surfacing on social media, the actress has cleared the air on matters concerning her love life, saying she is not married, neither is she in a relationship. Etiko joined the Nollywood industry in 2011 and became popular for her role in Ernest Obi’s movie titled Idemili. Like Zubby, Destiny has not been married and she has not revealed any commitment with anyone.

All The Women Zubby Michael Has Dated in the Past

Zubby may have claimed not to be dating anyone at the moment because he is “scared of women” but this cannot erase the fact that the actor has had relationships with a number of ladies. While it is difficult to keep track of his relationships, we are sure of his past fling with Mary Okoye, younger sister to the defunct music duo, P-Square.

Mary is one of the two sisters of Paul and Peter Okoye. Zubby met Mary at actor Mike Ezuruonye’s traditional marriage. Apparently, it was love at first sight and they were ready to let the world know of their feelings for each other. Unfortunately, their love story ended almost as soon as it began. It never led to marriage as they later broke up.

In his reasons why he separated from Mary, Zubby explained that their relationship began at the time his career in the Nigerian Movie Industry, Nollywood just took off. While he was more focused on building his career as an actor, Mary was ready to settle down in marriage. Zubby, who would not allow anything to come between himself
and his growing career, objected to Mary’s idea of getting married, hence, the
relationship hit the rocks. In his opinion, the actor said he saw no reason to rush into marriage when you still have some things in your mind you want to achieve at a stipulated time.

Mary Okoye

Mary Okoye has moved on and gotten married to movie star Emma Emodi in 2014. Although the marriage has crashed as of 2020, their wedding ceremony was well attended by several celebrities. Zubby, on the other hand, has gone on to pursue his acting career. Apparently, the actor’s decision to remain focused on building his career is paying off. He can now be counted as one of the most successful players in Nollywood.


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