A Look At Emmanuella’s Net Worth and the House She Built

Emmanuella is a young Nigerian comedian with a net worth of $150,000. The 13 year-old has been able to garner for herself wealth through her comedic talents.

The youngster is not just one of the richest kids in Nigeria but on the entire African continent as well. Her wealth has left many wondering how she made her way to fame. While comedy remains Emmanuella’s major source of income, it is also true that she has some other investments that earn her more money. Here is what we know about Emmanuella and her net worth.

Emanuella Became a Comedian at Age 5

Getting good at telling jokes is difficult. It takes a lot of work and you don’t make a lot (any) of money at first. While this may be the case with many who tried to venture into the business of comedy, the likes of Emmanuella Samuel seem to have a different storyline. Emmanuella who was just five years old when she partook in a comedy skit apparently made her big hit from her very first skit.

Emmanuella was born on July 22, 2010, and she is an indigene of Imo State, South-East Nigeria. She has incredible talent in creating humor out of nearly everything. Luckily, she got the needed support from her parents to attain the very success she is currently enjoying. She was on a family holiday trip when she met Mark Angel, her uncle who at the time was in search of children for his comedy shoot. Knowing fully well how necessary it is for her to build a strong personality that would meet up with the uniquely demanding form of expression in comedy, Mark put her through an eighteen-hour long video shoot. To his surprise, Emmanuella scaled through and she was selected.

Her First Comedy Skit “This Is Not My Real Face Oh” Made Her Popular

For, someone with such huge talent, it was not a big work to seek her parents’ consent to pursue a career in comedy. Emmanuella became a part of the Mark Angel Comedy, and the rest, they say is history. Her first comedy skit “This Is Not My Real Face Oh”, was what Mark Angel Comedy needed to make their big shoot into the entertainment industry. Interestingly, it worked out beyond their expectation, thanks, of course to the unique talent of his young niece.

The exact amount Emmanuella made from her first skit is not known but the popularity it earned her cannot be overemphasized. Her catchphrase quickly became household slang and a source of fascination for her. This short skit was even featured on CNN’s Facebook page and she, alongside Success, and Regina Daniels was featured in a skit by Ofego titled “Lockdown”

“This is not my real face, oh” Became Emmanuella’s Brand Name

Having earned so much publicity, Mark Angel and Emmanuella created a great team. Together they produced more comic videos that went viral on various social media platforms, including Youtube where they garnered millions of views. After their first video went viral, they opened social media accounts, where they advertised their next comedy shots and gave people important updates. The true brand of Emmanuella is the “This is not my real face, oh” video, which made people recognize her.

Her Awards and Major Recognitions

  • Nigeria Entertainment Awards
  • G-Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award(2015)
  • AAMMA’s Best New Comedienne & Princess of Comedy awards
  • Sub-Saharan African YouTube Awards (2016)
  • Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards (KCA) (Nominated)

2015 was a big year for the child comedian whose brand name reads on the lips of every young Nigerian. She won lots of awards and recognition both in her home country and abroad. One of her biggest awards was from the international video-sharing website, YouTube, and the Afro -Australia Music & Movie Awards (AAMMA) where she emerged victorious in two award categories: Best new comedienne & Princess of Comedy. She also became the youngest recipient of the AAMMA awards established by Scrim Entertainment (owned by Daniel Okoduwa). Her awards and nomination list include:

 Her Big Hit With the Disney Movie Role

Emmanuella’s interactive interview with the Cable News Network, CNN made a huge impact in her life. Shortly after the CNN interview section, she was announced to be given a role in one of the Disney productions in Hollywood. While she is yet to mention the name of the Disney movie she would be featuring, her announcement further earned her massive following internationally. On account of her new film role, she was invited to the National Assembly by then Nigerian Senate President Bukola Saraki who congratulated her on such success and described her as a large inspiration to young children.

Emmanuella’s Comedy Earns $326,800 Monthly On YouTube

It’s no longer news how YouTube makes people rich. The social platform is one of the biggest places youngsters make quick money with good content for a targeted audience. Most people in the entertainment industry have made their biggest income from this platform, including Emmanuella and her team. Emmanuella and Mark Angel comedy started uploading their comedy skits on social media in 2014 and today, they are said to earn a whopping $326,800 monthly from Youtube alone which is many times more than N100 million. This is quite huge, enough to take care of the team, especially Emmanuella who is the group’s forbearer. With over 5 million subscribers, the Mark Angel Comedy TV is said to have the highest subscribers in Nigeria.

Aside from youtube, this comedienne is also making huge income from other social media platforms like Facebook where she has over 3.6 million followers and 598k followers on Instagram. Going by the $10 per 1000 rule, influencers like her are assumed to earn up to  $670.00 (over N200, 000) per post on Instagram. This amount to millions in total.

Which Endorsement Deals Does She Have?

It won’t be so much a surprise to have Emmanuella making so much money from brand endorsements. The kid’s creativity and very jovial nature have earned her big gigs in the market. She has notable endorsements that have helped to earn her millions annually from:

  • Blue Boat FreshYo Yoghurt
  • Dabo toothpaste
  • MTN
  • Mouka Foam

The Comedienne linked her name with  MTN and Mouka Foam on her Instagram profile but it is not clear if that could translate to her being their brand ambassador too.

How much does it Cost to have Emmanuella on a Show?

Comedians are among the richest in the entertainment industry, especially those who have worked hard to earn popularity through their concepts. Emmanuella may not have gone so far in the industry like the likes of Ali Baba, AY, and Basketmouth, but she is definitely on her way to that top ladder considering the pace at which her career is growing. The comedienne is yet to mention how much she is paid per show,  but considering her popularity, it may cost you hundreds of thousands, if not millions of naira, to have her perform at your show.

 Who is the Richest Kid Comedian in Nigeria?

There are only a few kids who live large in the entertainment industry. They include Destiny boy, Ozzy Bosco, Amarachi Uyanne, Ahmed Star Boy, Aunty Success, and Emmanuella. While the first four are in the music industry, only Success and Emmanuella are into comedy. Success who is also a talented Nigerian kid comedienne and a YouTube personality under Mark Angel Comedy joined the industry a few years after Emmanuella. She is three years younger than Emmanuella and she is said to worth around $84,000 dollars. Since it is only the two of them in the comedy industry, Emmanuella could as well be tagged the richest kid comedienne so far going by her net worth of $150,000 dollars.

A Glimpse into Emmanuella’s Luxury House

When Emmanuella shared pictures of her new house, her fans were in total shock. This is because no one imagined how a ten-year-old like her would manage to own a house. The youngster had earlier wanted to buy a car for her mother but her uncle Mark Angel brought her memory to her earlier promise of building a house for her. To fulfill her promise, she split her earnings into four, one of which she set aside for the project. The building project began in December 2019 unknown to her parents and by November 2020, the house was completed and well furnished. It is not clear how much exactly Emmanuel spent while building the moderately posh house, but looking at its finishing, there is no doubt the youngster spent millions just to give her parents the best and she promised to do more.

Aside from the multi-million naira worth edifice, Emmanuella also owns a black Lexus 570 SUV car which is worth around ₦62,000,000. The exotic car is said to be her first official car. The comedienne also owns a BMW 5 series and a Mercedes Benz AMG.



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