Where Is Barbara Bach Now And Is She Still Married To Ringo Starr?

One of the most beautiful women in the 1960s and 1970s, Barbara Bach has made notable strides in the entertainment industry as a result of her works as a model and actress. Before going on a long break from acting, she starred in several movies and series where she beautifully displayed her multilingual character and unique acting talent. She has also graced multiple widely read magazines as the cover girl including Playboy magazine and Vogue. But, since 1986, the comely model and actress who is also known as Ringo Starr’s wife have stayed clear from the cameras as she has not been seen in any movie or magazine covers to date. While fans are curious to know her whereabouts, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about Barbara. Also, find out if she is still married to Ringo Starr as you read further.

Where is Barbara Bach Now?

The elegant spouse of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Ringo Starr last became active in the movie industry in 1986 when she was featured in the comedy film, To the North of Katmandu. Since then, she seems to be more focused on her family life. Interestingly, she has channeled her attention and effort to rendering selfless service which she been doing since her active career years. She has established aids such as The Rumanian Angel and Fashion Aid alongside her friends, George Harrison and John Lennon‘s widows – Olivia Harrison and Yoko Ono.

More so, Barbara partnered with the English model and photographer, Pattie Boyd who is also known as the wife of Eric Clapton and George Harrison’s ex-wife to establish a non-profit healthcare program called SHARP; an acronym for Self Help Addiction Recovery Program. It was launched in London in the year 1991 and was designed for people who are suffering from addiction. Barbara also founded a charity organization called Lotus Foundation alongside her husband. She has additionally been supportive of her husband’s music career as she has been accompanied him on a number of tours. Beyond that, she has appeared in some of his music videos and equally featured on his songs.

Currently, Barbara Bach and her husband split their time between their homes in London, Monaco, and Los Angeles. In 2015, they donated part of the money they realized from the auction of some of their personal and professional belongings to their foundation. Through Julien’s Auctions located in Los Angeles, the couple put up for bid a guitar given to Starr by John Lennon, his first Black Oyster Pearl drum kit, an outfit Barbara wore in The Sky Who Loved Me and other instruments gifted to the musician by his fellow rock stars. They realized over $9 million from the auction, part of which they donated to the Lotus Foundation. As it stands, Barbara Bach is more focused on her charity works as she is always seen traveling to different countries.

Is She Still Married To Ringo Starr?

The duo has been together for several years and are presently waxing strong as a man and wife. Prior to her marriage to the famed musician, Barbara Bach once attended the popular Beatles concert held at Shea Stadium in 1965, without knowing that she would end up being the wife of one of the rock stars. However, as fate would have it, the pair were cast in the American comedy film, Cavemen and they got acquainted during the movie production in 1980. Having fallen for each other, the duo began dating in the same year and after miraculously surviving a near-fatal crash in May 1980, Ringo Starr decided to take the relationship to the next level as he never wanted to be separated from Barbara.

The couple tied the knot at Marylebone Register Office in London in April 1981. They had a low key wedding party that was only attended by a few relatives and close friends like Paul McCartney and George Harrison. Although the pair have previously gone through a divorce, they have successfully managed to achieve a long term marital relationship as they have been together for close to four decades.

Barbara Bach
Barbara Bach and her husband, Ringo Starr (image source)

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As they say, every marriage has its ups and downs; Barbara and Ringo’s marriage is not an exception to this fact. The former actress faced a tough time in her union when her husband suffered from alcohol addiction. He was so addicted that he replaced cognac with brandy Alexanders and then with wine. It got so bad that he was said to be washing down pills with sixteen bottles of wine a day.

Barbara Bach’s husband lost the memory of everything including his music career and marriage. The final straw was when the popular singer trashed Barbara so badly that he thought she was dead. Soon after that, he entered rehab and stayed for six months. He came out clean and sober, and then put his marriage and career back together. Despite the challenges, the beautiful couple has cited love as one thing that has kept them going all through the rough times. Their relationship has been going stronger ever since. Recently, the couple was spotted in Los Angeles, while attending the premiere of the music documentary, Echo In the Canyon in May 2019.

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