76 Countries Tanzanians Can Travel To Without Visa

Most countries require a visa for entry with your Tanzania passport; however, there are some visa-free countries that will grant you entry for a specified amount of days or sometimes even months without a visa. While Tanzanians need a visa to enter almost all countries, there are some nations whose citizens can travel almost anywhere without any restriction.

The Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index is a global ranking of visa-free countries according to the travel freedom that their citizens enjoy. Henley & Partners has analyzed the visa regulations of all the countries and territories in the world and created an index which ranks countries according to the visa-free access their citizens enjoy to other countries. In the case of Tanzania, examples of these countries include: Albania, Cook Islands, Djibouti, Dominica, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Fiji, Grenada, Gambia, Georgia, Haiti, Nepal, Namibia, St Lucia, Singapore, Seychelles, Swaziland, Tuvalu, Togo, Trinidad & Tobago, Timor-Leste, Uganda, Vanuatu, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

It should be, however, noted that some countries within this list will only allow you to stay in their country without a visa for up to around 90 days before a visa is either purchased or you are sent back home. It is important to find out before traveling whether you need a visa to enter your destination or transit country.

The following countries allow you to visit them as a Tanzanian without a visa.

Countries You Can Travel to Without Visa From Tanzania

African Countries

1. Botswana

Visa is not required for a Tanzania passport holder for a maximum of 90 days.

2. Burundi

This landlocked country in the African Great Lakes region of East Africa bordering Tanzania to its east and south, allows its neighbors visit for a maximum of 30 days without a visa.

3. Cape Verde

Located off the northwest coast of Africa, this country known for its Creole Portuguese-African culture provides visa on arrival for Tanzanian nationals.

4. Comoros

Visa to visit this country off Africa’s east coast is provided on arrival.

5. The Democratic Republic of Congo

Visa on arrival is issued for a period of 7 days.

6. Djibouti

Visa is also provided on arrival here for Tanzanians.

7. Egypt

In the case of Egypt, travelling without visa applies only if you are touring the Sharm el Sheikh resorts.

8. The Gambia

Visa is not required for a maximum of 90 days.

9. Guinea

This West African nation which is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean does not require a Visa.

10. Kenya

Kenya, the founding member of the East African Community which Tanzania is a member of, does not require a visa for a maximum of 3 months.

11. Lesotho

This landlocked kingdom encircled by South Africa does not require a visa for 90 days.

12. Madagascar

This huge island nation located off the southeast coast of Africa, famous for its variety of animal species found nowhere else, plus its pristine beaches, gives visa for 90 days on arrival.

13. Malawi

This southeastern African country provides a visa on arrival for 90 days.

14. Mauritius

This island located in the Indian Ocean does not require a visa for a maximum of 90 days.

15. Mozambique

No Visa is required to travel to this Southeastern country which also borders Tanzania.

16. Namibia

No Visa is required for a maximum stay of 3 months.

17. Rwanda

Visa for 6 months is provided on arrival.

18. Seychelles

Visitors permit is issued on arrival for 3 months at this country made up of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off the East African coast.

19. South Africa

No Visa is required for a maximum of 90 days.

20. Swaziland

This small, landlocked, monarchy-ruled country in southern Africa, known for its wilderness reserves and colorful festivals, does not require a visa for a stay of 30 days.

21. Togo

Visa is given on arrival for 7 days.

22 Uganda

A fellow EAC member state, Uganda does not require a visa for Tanzanian nationals for a stay less than 3 months.

23. Zambia

Neighboring Tanzania to its north-east, Zambia does not require a visa for a maximum of 90 days for a tourist and 30 days for business travelers.

24. Zimbabwe

No Visa is required for a stay less than 3 months for Tanzanians.


1. Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda is a hot spot for vacation seekers. Tanzanians can visit here without a visa for a period of 30 days.

2. The British Virgin Islands

Located in the Carribean, it is another popular vacation spot for people. No Visa is required for Tanzanians for a maximum of 30 days.

3. Barbados

Popular for its botanical gardens and beaches, this Carribean island allows Tanzanians into the country with no visa for a maximum stay of 6 months.

4. The Bahamas

The Bahamas with its many islands is a place for anyone looking to explore the beauty of nature and is ready for outdoor adventure. With your international Tanzania passport, you will be allowed to stay for 3 months.

5. Belize

No Visa is required to visit this nation on the eastern coast of Central America.

6. Bermuda

Visas are not required for tourists and business visitors to Bermuda.

7. Bolivia

Located in central South America, a visa is issued on arrival to Tanzanians for 90 days.

8. The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory, known for its beach resorts and varied scuba diving and snorkelling sites, does not require a visa for tourists for a stay of 60 days and for Business travellers for 10 days.

9. Dominica

No Visa is required for Tanzanians for a maximum stay of 6 months.

10. Ecuador

This South American coastal country which has a diverse landscape that encompasses the Amazon jungle does not require a visa for a 90-day visit.

11. Grenada

This country located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea welcomes you in for a maximum of 3 months with just your Tanzania passport.

12. Haiti

Haiti is another country Tanzanians can go to without visa for a maximum of 3 months.

13. Jamaica

No Visa is required to visit this very popular vacation spot.

14. Montserrat

This mountainous Caribbean island requires no Visa for a period of 6 months for Tanzanians.

15. Saint Lucia

No visa required for 6 weeks maximum stay.

16. Nicaragua

Visa is issued on arrival for a maximum period of 90 days.

17. St. Kitts & Nevis

Visa is not required to visit this Carribean country for a period of 3 months.

18. St. Vincent & Grenadines

This Carribean island also does not require a visa for a 1 month period.

19. St. Lucia

Visa is not required for a period of 6 weeks at this popular tourist destination.


The Asian continent, bounded by the Pacific Ocean to its east, Australia to its southeast, the Indian Ocean to its south, the Red Sea to its southwest, Europe and the Urals to its west, and by the Arctic Ocean to its north, is the largest and most populous continent.

This makes it one of the most diverse travel destinations for both tourists and business people from around the world. Its visa-free countries are:

1. Singapore

No Visa is required for a stay less than 30 days in this sovereign city-state and island country.

2. Bangladesh

No Visa required for 90 days maximum stay at the home to the royal Bengal tiger.

3. Cambodia

Visa on arrival is provided for a 30-day stay for Tanzanian nationals.

4. Hong Kong

This autonomous territory, and former British colony, in southeastern China, requires no visa for a 90-day maximum stay.

5. Indonesia

No Visa is required to visit this transcontinental country.

6. Laos

Visa is issued on arrival for a 30-day period.

7. Macau

This autonomous region on the south coast of China, across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong, known for its giant casinos and malls, requires no visa for a maximum of 90 days.

8. Malaysia

Malaysia, a growing hotbed for business, education, and tourism, requires no visa for 90 days maximum stay.

9. The Maldives

Visa is issued on arrival to Tanzanian nationals for a period of 30 days at this tropical nation in the Indian Ocean.

10. Nepal

Visa is issued on arrival for 90 days at this landlocked central Himalayan country.

11. The Philippines

No Visa is required for a maximum stay of 30 days here. Tanzanians can, however, receive a Visa on arrival for 59 days.

12. Timor-Leste

This Southeast Asian nation gives Visa on arrival for a period of 30 days.


1. Georgia

Visa is issued on arrival for a 3-month maximum stay.

Visa restrictions are imposed by countries to control the crossing of their borders. Almost all countries now require visas from certain non-citizens who wish to enter (or leave) their territory. It should, however, be noted that an issued visa does not guarantee entry.

It merely indicates that your passport and visa application have been reviewed by a consular officer at an embassy or consulate of the country you wish to enter and that the officer has determined that you are generally eligible to enter the country for a specific purpose. Most countries now issue a visa upon arrival, which you sometimes have to pay for. Always be sure that you check the visa rules and regulations for the country you are travelling to.


1. The Cook Islands

Tanzanians can enter the Cook Islands without a Visa. The only requirement is to have a valid Tanzania passport and ticket.

2. Fiji

Visa is not required for 4 months for Tanzanian nationals.

3. Micronesia

Visa is not required for a period of 30 days for Tanzanians.

4. Niue

Visa provided on arrival for 30 days maximum.

5. Palau

Visa is issued on arrival for 30 days for tourists visiting this western Pacific Ocean island.

6. The Pitcairn Islands

This group of four volcanic islands in the southern Pacific Ocean gives 14 days visa for free. One would, however, have to pay a landing fee of 35 USD or tax of 5 USD if not going ashore.

7. Samoa

This island country in Polynesia gives entry permits on arrival for a 60-day period.

8. Tuvalu

Free visa is given on arrival for a maximum of 1 month at this Polynesian island nation located in the Pacific Ocean.

9. Vanuatu

Visa is not required for a 30 day period at this South Pacific Ocean nation made up of about 80 islands.

Disputed/Unrecognized Countries

1. Northern Cyprus

This country, recognized only by Turkey but considered to be part of the Republic of Cyprus by the international community, comprises of the northeastern portion of the island of Cyprus and does not require a visa.

2. Palestine

This centuries-old disputed region in the middle east does not require a visa.

3. Somaliland

Visa is issued on arrival at this self-declared state internationally regarded as an autonomous region of Somalia.

4. Transnistria

This landlocked self-proclaimed state situated between Ukraine and the River Dniester, internationally recognized as the Republic of Moldova, does not require a visa. Visitors are, however, required to register themselves after 24hours.

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