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What do you call a business executive married to a media anchor? How do you describe the cornucopia of responsibility surrounding raising a close-knit family in modern America? Never mind, David Rubulotta definitely knows what it feels like to be all of these. As a managing director in high-yield sales at Citibank, Rubulotta shares most of his time between work and family. But there’s more to know about the former Lehman Brothers executive. This post brings you fresh details about Erin Burnette’s husband and father of two. Sit tight and enjoy.

David Rubulotta’s Early Life

David Rubulotta (a.k.a David Thomas Rubulotta) was born in 1973 in the east coast state of Pennsylvania. Although there are no details about his parents, early childhood, and education, sources believe that he attended and earned a Bachelor’s degree from Villanova University; his course of study is not known. He obtained an MBA from Columbia University in 1998. Rubulotta’s brilliance and excellent persona set him up for the rare chance to work as a stock trader with the now-defunct financial services firm, Lehman Brothers.

The young executive later switched jobs as he made his first big move to Citibank as MD of high-yield sales. It is not clear if the move was as a result of the unstable circumstances that led to the crash of Lehman Brothers in the wake of the 2008 financial meltdown. He has also served as Vice-President of CitiMedia, the digital media arm of Citigroup. Today, Rubulotta’s efforts are considered to be the driving force for Citibank’s rapid rise and development.

David Rubulotta holds strong, conservative Christian beliefs and is a staunch Republican in political orientation. In fact, in 2009, he donated over $3,000 to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s election campaign. Rubulotta currently lives in New Jersey. He also owns an apartment in the Upper West Side of New York near Central Park, one of the most expensive realtor sites in the US. There are no questions as to how he affords such luxury. His net worth speaks for itself.

His Salary and Net Worth

Sources have it that the average takehome of a Citibank executive stands at around $300,000 yearly with an added bonus of $150,000 per year. Rubulotta’s net worth is estimated at $12 million. Plus, his exotic properties give us a glimpse of what it’s like to be at the helm of Citibank’s daily affairs. He currently owns a high-valued home at New Jersey and a top-notch apartment in the Upper Westside of New York’s Central Park.

Asides that, he also stands to enjoy a great deal of his wife’s $16 million net worth. Erin Burnette works as a news anchor for CNN and currently anchors her own show, Erin Burnett OutFront.

Facts About Erin Burnett’s Husband

1. Relationship with Erin Burnett

David Rubulotta and Erin Burnette’s love story gives credence to the love-at-first-sight phenomenon. The two fell passionately in love when they first met in 2004 on a blind date. Erin was an editor for Bloomberg at the time. Although it was love at first sight, it would take another eight years for their love to mature into “I do”. They got engaged in 2011 and got married a year later on December 21, 2012.

David Rubulotta
David Rubulotta and Wife, Erin Burnett

The wedding ceremony was held in New York City Hall and was attended by close friends and relatives. It was Erin Burnette’s idea to have the wedding party around Christmas. According to her, Christmas happens to be their favorite time of the year and they considered it the perfect time to begin their journey as husband and wife.

2. David Rubulotta’s Kids

So far, their union has produced two lovely children; a son they christened Thomas Burnett Rubulotta (b. 2013) and a daughter they named Colby Isabelle (b. 2015). According to Burnett, welcoming their son, Thomas, was the most joyous moment of their entire lives as a couple. They had always talked about having children throughout their eight years of dating.

After breaking the news of her pregnancy in March 2018, Burnette and her husband, Rubulotta welcomed their third child, a son they named Owen Thomas Burnett Rubulotta. Owen was born in New York City on August 23, 2018.

3. Body Measurements

David Rubulotta is of average build. He has dark brown eyes and wears black hair. Not much is known about his weight, shoe size, and chest-biceps-hip measurements. However, he continues to maintain that manly physique that makes him appealing (but out of the league) to many young women.


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