10 Coolest and Popular Eritrean Music

When it comes to music, Eritrean music is extremely popular among the people of Africa as there are many important and popular musicians associated with it.

The Eritrean music is the music from Eritrea, a country located in eastern part of Africa and it is divided into different categories and genres, including folk, dancing, sibret and other popular music genres. There is a very high number of singers and performers who sing Eritrean music who are mostly of Eritrean origin and are upcoming on international music charts.

The number of Eritrean songs on the web is quite much and actually exceeds 2000, which is indeed, an impressive performance however and some of them are truly amazing and unique and can improve listener’s experience a very great deal.

Interesting Eritrean Music You Can Listen To

1. Hedri

One of the most popular Eritrean songs is Hedri and it was performed by Fitsum Yohannes, a famous African singer. This song represents an excellent innovation between pop and folk music and it is the most representative of most Eritrean songs. The song has a length of approximately 6:38 minutes and was firstly released in 1998. It’s being considered an excellent and very valuable performance for Eritrea. Hedri occupies the first place on different music albums, including The Best of 18 Eritrean Singers in Europe.

2. Hisebelu

Hisebelu is another popular Eritrean song and it was first performed by Abraham Afewerki. Hisebelu is a love song, belonging to the folk music genre and it represents one of the main pride of Eritrea. This song has a total listening time of 6:51 minutes and was released during the latter part of 1997. Hisebelu is an excellent choice when you want to relax and enjoy a cup of warm tea. Apparently, it contributes to creating a very calm atmosphere, offering the listener a memorable music experience.

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3. Fi Mun Gady

Fi Mun Gady is another of the most representative of Eritrean songs and it was performed by a high number of singers over the years. Fi Mun Gady song was composed by the famous Federico Umberto, who has also contributed to many other album creations. The song has a length of 6:03 minutes and it presents the amazing love story between a woman and a man. Whenever you want to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, read or take a bath, this song is certainly the most appropriate option for you.

4. Kem Kokhob

Kem Kokhob is the most appropriate choice for people who prefer dancing music, as its rhythm is earthshaking and it simply inspires you to start moving your body. The song was both composed and performed by Tèklè “Huket” Adhanom and it is a right option for Eritrean song lovers because it is considered one of the classical performances of all time.

5. Yameharu

If you want to enjoy a more pleasant atmosphere with your partner or spouse, then you should definitely opt for Yameharu instead of any other Eritrean songs. It is a classical love performance, which belongs mainly to folk music and it was first performed by Alazar Akhaza, a very popular African singer.

6. Nafikeye

For people who want to dance and have fun, Nafikeye is an excellent dancing Eritrean song which has a significant importance for the civilization of Eritrea. This song is not extraordinarily popular among the other Eritrean performances, as both the name of the composer and performer are not very remarkable, however, it constitutes an excellent way for people to have fun and relieve the stress and it is sometimes used as background music in some African restaurants outside the continent.

7. Africa

Africa is a pretty famous song among the population of Eritrea, as it was performed by Yemane Fray who is also its composer. This song belongs to the pop genre and it has an interesting rhythm, totally uncharacteristic to Eritrean music. The total length of the song equals 5:33 minutes and it can be found on the same album as Hedri, The Best of 18 Eritrean Songs in Europe.

8. Walta Eritrea

Walta Eritrea occupies an important place when it comes to Eritrean music, as it was composed by a famous name in the country, Mulugheta Abraham, who had also composed many other similar songs. The Walta Eritrea song belongs to folk music genre and is considered one of the most representative performances in Eritrean culture.

9. Shamat Kayah

Although it was composed by a German, Shamat Kayah is still one of the most appreciated Eritrean songs in Africa. As it has a shorter length than other songs, people enjoy listening and dancing to it. The song is mostly suited for parties and other events but there are individuals who choose to listen to it separately, whenever they can, because of its attractive rhythm.

10. Kemey Ala

Kemey Ala (Munira?), the last place in the top 10 Eritrean songs, but it is symbolic for Africa as it was performed by Asmorom Weldegabriel, an excellent and very reputable singer worldwide. The song is a classical one, belonging to folk music genre and it presents the sadness of a man who lost his girlfriend during a car accident. Although it may inspire your sadness and melancholy, the Kemey Ala (Munira?) represents an excellent choice if you plan on doing calm activities, such as reading or studying.


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