10 Evergreen Oromo Music You Should Listen To

Music is perhaps one of those things created by us which can be enjoyed by everyone and needs a particular language to be understood. What makes us so attached to music perhaps dates back to our ancestors, where music was the only form of entertainment quite unlike recent times when other forms of media entertainment are quite beginning to spring up including TV drama series, comedy and live shows. Not only does music entertains us, it is a healer and many times it tells us stories of long sufferings and joy. Oromo music is one of such, which music captivates better than Oromo Music? None obviously, we have included some of the evergreen Oromo Music You Should Listen To in this article.

For those who have very little idea of this genre, it is a type of music that is native to Oromia, Ethiopia. Capturing the long-lost suffering of the Oromo people who had escaped their beloved city in an effort to dodge suffering, which had become the norm for many Ethiopian cities in the 1900’s. Which is why to share a little bit of the traditional Ethiopian sounds, we have made the list of 10 greatest Oromo Music you should listen to.

Interesting Oromo Music To Listen To

1. Immiman – Jamboo Joote (J.J)

Immiman is one of those popular Oromo songs, which has been able to captivate the audience from the world over. With its slow playing, soothing music, this song has been able to define Oromo music at its best. If you want to understand the popularity of this song, then you can take a simple peek at YouTube to stand witness to its muscular views which is over 20, 000. Check out the Oromo music video below:

2. Haacaaluu Hundeessaa – Sanyii Mootii

Being one of the fast-paced songs, Sanyii Mootii is one of the most popular crowd favourites. With more than 25,000 views on YouTube, this song has one of those well-set combinations of the traditional Oromo musical instruments. The best part of this song is that it is not too slow like traditional Oromo Music, as with its upbeat rhythm it is one of the perfect courtship ballads around. Check out the Oromo music video below:

3. Awash – Ali Mohammed/Adu Birra Band

Ali Mohammed is one of those faces in the world of Oromo Music, who has been able to capture the true essence of Oromo. Using traditional Oromo drums and the traditional tunes, songs like Awash have become so popular that it required other releases like Awash pt 2 to meet the growing popularity amongst fans. Another popular addition to this song is that it features Adu Birra Band who is one of the most popular Oromo artists, being able to give this song the true essence of Oromo that it deserves.

4. Obsi Mee Gara Koo – Ferhan Abulselam

If Ali Mohammed helped to tell the story to Oromo with his song, then Ferhan Abdulselam was the one who took it to new standards. One of the main reasons for the success of his songs is that it was one of the best integration of the traditional Oromonian melody and Western instruments. Not only is this song very easy to heart, but it also represents the Oromoninan culture without losing to its western musical score.

5. Eegi Eegi Guitar – Abdhullhi Jirma

If vintage is your flavour and guitar is your mood setter then Abhullhi Jirma’s Eegi Eegi is the song for you. The best part of this song is that it tells the traditional Oromonian story with one of the best guitar riffs you can think of.

6. Akka Garaabaa – Shamsi Quoxo

Oromo is one of those cultures which has identified and appreciated women for their singing abilities from the earliest of times, and Akka Garaabaa is one of those traditional vintage peppy numbers, that has become the benchmark for many traditional Oromonian Singers.


7. Oromo Dhanalee – Adem Harun

One of Oromo’s most popular artists Adem Harun has delivered few of the most loved classics in the History of Oromo music and Oromo Dhanalee is perhaps one of the most popular songs. In an attempt to tell the tale about Oromo in a westernized style, Oromo Dhanalee has become one of those songs that many locals hold close to their hearts.

8. Dafi Kootu – Jamboo Joote (J.J.)

The never-ending popularity of Jamboo Joote has always seemed to amaze people. Being one of those most popular modern artists in Oromo today, Dafi Kootu is one of the most popular songs around. With an upbeat tempo and interesting musical score, this song tells the tale about the modern-day courtship in Oromo. Check out the Oromo music video below:

9. Best Oromo Music – Nafiissaa fi Kadir

This 2013 hit has become a cult favourite for many youths across Oromo. Giving the traditional Oromo style of music a much-needed facelift, this song with its trance base has given the traditional song a new entrance into the world of music. Check out the Oromo music video below:


10. Wollo – Zeynu Mahbub

This modern-day song tells the traditional tale of the Oromo way of rejoicing. It is the present-day version of how traditional Oromo people used to celebrate love, flourishing crops and nature itself and it is one of the must-heard songs of our time. Check out the Oromo music video below:



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