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The Motsepe Foundation functions under the tutelage of Precious Moloi Motsepe, Patrice Motsepe’s wife.

Patrice Motsepe began to donate half of his fortune to the welfare of the poor since 2013. Through the Motesepe family foundation, run by his wife, the South African business tycoon has been giving back to the society via catering to social development and community services.

With a net worth of $1.81 billion, Patrice Motsepe occupies the 16th position of the 2017 African billionaires. He is the first and only black billionaire in South Africa. Patrice made his debut in the ‘dollar’ billionaires club in 2008 with a commendable $2.4 billion.

Pediatrician by profession but Precious Moloi Motsepe rather chose to blossom in the entrepreneur world of fashion. This is the woman who makes the South African Fashion Week possible.

Through the Motsepe Foundation Precious, an environmentalist engages in initiatives and community services that will be beneficial to women and children in terms of health, formation and development.

While working hand in hand with global and regional partners, government, development partners, faith-based organisations, traditional leaders, the private sector and the community, has allocated an estimated worth of $50 million for sustainable projects that will benefit the poor and needy in South Africa and beyond.

The objectives of the Motsepe Foundation revolve around poverty alleviation and means of sustaining the unemployed and the marginalised people of South Africa.

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Motsepe Foundation

The Motsepe Foundation has also made contributions to cancer research; as well as to wildlife, nature conservation and environmental protection.

During the global fight against Ebola, the foundation made an enormous contribution of $1 million to the affected countries and another $1 million to the African Union.

The core objective of the institution is to make impacts in developmental fields such as in education, health, economy, women empowerment, youth empowerment, sports and arts.

In collaboration with faith-oriented organizations and churches, Motsepe foundation has organised one of the usual national prayer programmes in South Africa.

It will be recalled that in April, Evangelist Angus Buchan, founder of Shalom Ministries heeded to the calls of South Africans on Whatsapp to organize a prayer gathering for the country in the face of socio-economic and political crisis.

Courtesy of the Motsepe Foundation, a National Day of Prayer took place on Sunday, 26 November 2017, at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg.

This Christmas, the foundation has a plan of making the festive season worth the while for children with an initiative of giving toys and then for all with a musical concert.

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Christmas With Our People (CWOP)- Toys

Motsepe Foundation

Every year at Christmas, the Motsepe foundation distributes toys to children all over the nation.

As many as 200 000 children from all social stratas in South Africa have become beneficiaries of tons of toys as the yuletide is celebrated in cheerful giving spirit. It is recorded that the foundation has given away well over 2 million toys over the years to South African children.

Christmas With Our People (CWOP)- Concerts

Just like the annual CWOP toys distribution, the Motsepe foundation organizes 5 music concerts for South Africans during the Christmas season.

The concerts which has a zero rand entry fee are held across the country. Through these concerts, S.A’s young generation are treated to an aspiring entertainment experience where they get to be closer to their much loved superstars. In other words a way of motivating them to live for a purpose and follow their dreams, whatever it is.

As an advantage, the concerts serves as a platform to the support local music industry by giving them relevance as well as promoting their creative musical works. It may also help them boost their careers as they get to share the stage with big shots in the South African music industry.

It has also been noticed that the concerts through the musical performances fosters unity in communities throughout South Africa. This coincides with their philosophy as mentioned on their website.

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