Everything To Know About Airtel Night Plan, Unlimited Data Plans and Their Activation Codes

Between the increase in speed, limited distraction, and comparatively cheaper cost, night browsing has become an attractive option for many internet users. For Airtel customers, the network’s night plan is a must-have, with the opportunity to stream, download, and surf with giveaway cost.

Those who want the same access round the clock also have Airtel’s Unlimited Data Plans to satisfy their needs. These plans come with additional costs but are undoubtedly useful to those who can afford them. For those who can’t spend much on data, the Airtel Night Plan represents a useful alternative, and here is how to access both categories.

The Airtel Night Plan Only Applies to SmartTrybe 2.0 Customers

Unlike other telecom networks, which have a dedicated night data plan, Airtel offers one attached to one of its tariff plans, SmartTrybe 2.0. The tariff is best-suited for university students and young adults, a demographic known for staying up all night. However, it is available for all prepaid subscribers all the same.

The night plan is part of benefits that include calls at 11k/sec to all networks and N500 for 1.5GB for seven days. So, to access it, you need an active Airtel SIM and migration to the tariff if you are not already on it. To migrate, simply –

  • Dial *312#
  • Reply 1 to accept

Now, you are on the Airtel SmartTrybe 2.0 tariff plan and you can subscribe to the Airtel night plan, picking from any of the three data plans.

It Only Comes in 250MB and 1.5GB

One thing that you should know is – the Airtel Night Plan is not the kind you use for heavy internet surfing. You won’t download a full season of a Netflix show, but you might get a few episodes in at a small price. You get a lot more out of it with low data-intensive activities like website surfing, email, and research.

The night plan is only available in 250MB and 1.5GB, which cost N25 and N200, respectively. Cheap but too small to cater to heavy data users.

N25 for 250MB

  • Ensure you are on the SmartTrybe 2.0 Plan (refer to the top if you are not)
  • Dial *312#
  • Select option 3 (to get Trybe offers)
  • Press 1 to subscribe

Repeat the process four times to get 1GB worth of data for only N150

N200 for 1.5GB

  • Be sure you are on SmartTrybe 2.0 (refer to the top if you are not)
  • Dial *312#
  • Select option 3 (to get Trybe offers)
  • Press 2 to subscribe

Alternatively, you can simply subscribe with the USSD code, *141*505#. If you repeat the process, you can get up to 7.5GB for N1000.

Before you transform into a night owl and enjoy your cheap data, here are a couple of things you should know about the Airtel Night Plan.

  • The 250MB plan is only valid between 12 midnight and 5 AM. The 1.5GB plan is valid for seven nights.
  • Used data in either plan expires and does not rollover. You will have to resubscribe to use the plan.
  • The Night Plan is independent of your regular plan. The 250MB only kicks in at midnight and your main data will take over during the day.

How to Check Airtel Night Plan Data Balance

We imagine you will blow past your data plan before you know it. But in case you need to know how much data you have left, use either of these methods to track your data usage.


  • Dial *140#
  • Wait for a message containing your data balance

Use Android Settings

You can set your Android phone to alert you when you reach the data limit automatically. To do this, go to –

  • Phone settings
  • Select data usage
  • Toggle the cellular data limit
  • Set the data limit warning

When you hit 250MB or 1.5GB, you will receive a notification from your phone, letting you know you have reached that amount. If any of these night plans are too small to handle your data needs, consider Airtel Unlimited Plans.

Airtel Unlimited Plans are Limited to Routers and SmartBox Outdoor Unit

Airtel Unlimited Plans
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Back in 2017, Airtel introduced its unlimited plans for customers with any internet-enabled device. However, it has since discontinued the offer. It is now only available to customers with routers and SmartBox Outdoor units. To enjoy the plans, you will have to invest in a router, which costs N25,000.

Aside from the router itself, you will also be getting:

  • 100GB for 30 days
  • Free 10GB monthly for six months after every recharge N10,000 recharge and above
  • Ability to connect up to 32 Wi-Fi enabled devices at once

Beyond the cost of entry, the router is also only a 4G router. It means you can only use it in an area with 4G coverage. If you are still interested, here are the available unlimited plans for routers.

Unlimited Plans Cost (N) Data Volume (GB) Validity (Days)
Unlimited Ultra Lite 5,000 30GB + 1GB daily after exhaustion of the main bundle 7
Unlimited Ultra Standard 20,000 130GB + 3GB daily after exhaustion of the main bundle 30
Unlimited Ultra Diamond 30,000 210GB + 3GB daily after exhaustion of the main bundle 30
Unlimited Ultra Platinum 60,000 550GB + 3GB daily after exhaustion of the main bundle 30


Things you should note:

  • Unused data can only be rolled over if you resubscribe within seven days of bundle expiry. Bonus data doesn’t roll over.
  • Bundles are not auto-renewed.
  • Bonus data can only be accessed after the exhaustion of the main bundle.

Unlimited Data Plans for SmartBox Outdoor Unit

Airtel Unlimited Plans
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The Airtel SmartBox Outdoor Unit is a home broadband system by the network to give homeowners superfast internet speed at marginal cost. With it, customers will have a seamless opportunity to enjoy video streaming, access to virtual meetings, online learning, gaming, downloads, and file transfers.

The unit costs N70,000 and comes with 240GB valid for 60 days. Additionally, it comes with:

  • Outdoor unit and an external antenna that boosts network strength inside your home.
  • A lot more flexible plans than the Airtel router, allowing you to subscribe based on your internet needs in any given month.

Here are the Unlimited Data Plans for Airtel’s SmartBox Outdoor Unit.

Plan Cost (Naira) Data Volume (GB) Validity (Days) Bonus Data (Daily)
Mega 8 8,000 25 30
Mega 20 20,000 120 30
Mega 30 30,000 200 30
Mega 36 36,000 280 30
Mega 50 50,000 400 90
Mega 60 60,000 500 120
Mega 100 100,000 1TB 365
Ultra Standard 20,000 130 30 3GB after main bundle is exhausted
Ultra Diamond 30,000 210 30 3GB after main bundle is exhausted
Ultra Platinum 60,000 550 30 3GB after main bundle is exhausted


As you can see, while the data plans under this category are not unlimited in the most literal sense of the word, they come with enough latitude to feel like it is. The Mega plans also allow you to pay small amounts when you need smaller data.

To subscribe to either the router packages or the SmartBox Outdoor Unit plans, go to this website with your connected device, fill the form and follow the outlined steps. You can also subscribe via the Airtel mobile app or its HBB portal.

It is Hard to Pick the Best Unlimited Plan

When it comes to Airtel unlimited plans, the best choice often comes down to individual needs. Considering unlimited data users are often heavy data users, it is difficult to say an exact plan satisfies their needs best. However, it is worth saying that category-wise, the SmartBox Outdoor Unit offers better flexibility than its router counterpart.

If we had to choose, we would go with the Ultra Standard as the ideal Unlimited plan. The N20,000 for 130GB offering provides enough data for the average heavy internet user. Combined with the 3GB free data available until data expiry, it is the best of both worlds between cost and value.

Here are some frequently answered questions on night plans.

Q: How can I buy a night plan in Airtel?

A: Dial the USSD code *312#. Enter 3 to enter the offer submenu. Press 1 to buy 250Mb at N25 or 3 to buy 1.5GB at N200.

Q: How can I use the Airtel 50 naira night plan?

A: You need to have an active Airtel SIM and be on the SmartTrybe tariff plan. You can migrate to the plan by dialing *312#. Then reply with 1 to complete your migration.

Q: Can I do the Airtel Night plan twice?

A: Although some tech blogs report you can, officially, Airtel says you cannot. Each night plan subscription must either expire or be exhausted before you can resubscribe. You can resubscribe up to four times every night.

Q: How can I get 1GB for 200 on Airtel?

A: Yes, you can buy up to 1GB (it is 1.5GB actually) for N200 on Airtel. Simply migrate to the SmartTrybe tariff plan (if you are not on it). Afterward, dial *312# and enter 3 to open the SmartTrybe Night Plan offer. Press 3 to buy 1.5GB for N200 and enjoy cheap browsing.

Q: Is Airtel Unlimited at Night?

A: No, not for night plans. The Airtel Night Plan is metered with two categories; 250MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N200. Airtel Unlimited is only available for Routers and SmartBox Outdoor Units.

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