Glo Tariff Plans, Their Pros, Cons and Migration Codes

Glo, Nigeria’s second-largest telecommunication company in terms of subscribers, has a range of tariff plans for its millions of subscribers to choose from. These tariff plans have various features that entice different kinds of customers. Subscribing or migrating to particular traffic depends on what that tariff is offering and the customer’s needs.

Although Glo often refers to itself as the grandmasters of data due to its wide range of data offers at relatively lower prices, its tariff plan collection is also quite impressive and fair. Glo customers searching for tariff plans to switch to that suits their needs and demands need to read up on all the available tariff plans here.

Knowing all the Glo tariff plans will help potential subscribers make an informed decision and remain happy with what they have chosen. The breakdown of all the tariff plans, including their features, pros, cons, and migration codes, is below.

All the Available Glo Tariff Plans

Glo has over five tariff plans. Each tariff plan offers value in the form of excellent call or data rates and, for some, a combination of both. Choosing a tariff is dependent on the customer’s needs and also what the tariff is offering.

Glo Berekete

Glo Berekete is a tariff plan exclusive to prepaid customers. It seeks to reward customers with excellent call and data benefits, provided they recharge their lines with a minimum of N100. Subscribers to Glo Berekete have the advantage of satisfying their voice and data needs with just a single recharge. The benefits that come with being a Glo Berekete customer include:

  • A welcome bonus of N600 for all new customers who have successfully activated their lines, i.e., registered their sim card, recharged with a minimum of N100, and made their first call of the day.
  • A mouth-watering 700% bonus for every recharge to call all local networks and also surf the internet.
  • New customers also enjoy a 100% bonus on every data plan they purchase every month for four months.
  • For your first recharge of the month, you get an additional 150% data bonus for the next four months.

While this tariff is available to all new and existing prepaid customers, it is best suited for customers new to the Glo network. The downside of this tariff is that it can be hard adjusting to regular rates after the four-month bonus period is over.

Below are three frequently asked questions concerning the Glo Berekete tariff plan and their answers.

  1. How much do I pay for calls as a Glo Berekete customer? – Calls made from the main account cost 36k/s while calls made from the bonus account cost 77k/s.
  2. Can I use my bonus for SMS? – No. The bonus only applies to calls and data. SMS costs are deducted from your main account at N4.
  3. Can I carry over my bonus after the 7-day validity period? – Customers cannot carry over their bonus after the 7-day validity period. They will only get a new bonus once they make another recharge.

Glo Jollific8

Glo Tariff Plans
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Like Glo Berekete, Glo Jollific8 rewards new Glo customers with fantastic data and voice bonuses. Unlike Glo Berekete, however, there is no 4-month period before all the perks stop. Customers will continue to enjoy the benefits of Glo Jollific8 for as long as they remain on the tariff plan. Glo Jollific8 customers enjoy eight times more value for every recharge they make.

Other advantages include a bonus usable for calls, surfing the internet, and can be gifted to other subscribers. A breakdown of how the Glo Jollific8 bonus works:

  • N100 recharge gives N800 + 10MB
  • N200 gives N1600 + 25MB
  • N500 gives N4000 + 50MB
  • N1000 gives N4000 + 100MB
  • N5000 gives N40000 + 500MB

A significant disadvantage of this tariff is that it is not open to existing customers. Therefore, old customers cannot opt-in or migrate to this tariff plan. It is exclusively available to new customers only. Below are answers to some of the other frequently asked questions regarding Glo Jollific8.

  1. When is the Glo Jollific8 bonus credited into your account? – Your bonus benefits are credited into different accounts immediately after you recharge. Dial #122# and *606# to verify your bonus.
  2. Can I transfer my Jollific8 benefits to other customers? – Only your gift data can be transferred to another customer on the Glo network.
  3. What is the validity period for the bonuses? – Bonuses for recharges of N100 – N500 have a validity period of 7 days. Bonus for N1000 is valid for 15 days, and reward for N5000 recharge expires in 30 days.

Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan

Globacom introduced the Glo 11k/s prepaid plan during the corona period to help Glo customers manage money and make calls at a cheaper rate. Customers of the 11k/s prepaid plan get to make calls to all local networks in Nigeria at a flat rate of 11k/s.

This plan is best suited to individuals who make many voice calls to different people per day. It is also great for customers that do not have phones with internet capabilities. A downside of this tariff plan is that customers have to pay a daily access fee of N7 (excluding VAT), charged with the first call of the day. This tariff plan is available to all new and existing prepaid customers.

Three frequently asked questions regarding the 11k/s prepaid plan have been answered below.

  1. Does this tariff plan come with any free data? – No, it does not come with any free data. You will have to purchase regular data plans by dialing *777#.
  2. What is the SMS rates for this plan? – The SMS rate on this plan remains the usual rates for all Glo customers at N4/SMS for local networks and N35 for international SMS.
  3. Will new customers enjoy this tariff plan automatically? All new and existing customers have to dial the migration code of this tariff plan before enjoying the benefits that come with the plan.

Glo Infinito

Glo Tariff Plans
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The Glo Infinito is a unique tariff plan because it comes with no conditions, no hidden charges, and no access fee. Customers get to enjoy an excellent prepaid plan that lets them call any local network in Nigeria at a discounted price and then call a unique group of people for an even lower price.

This particular set of people are known as the ‘family and friends,’ and users can add up to ten numbers to this category. The call rate for calls to all local networks is 26k/s, but calls to any member of your family and friend cost 11k/s. Glo Infinito is open to all new and existing prepaid Glo customers. There are no noticeable cons to the Glo Infinito tariff plan.

Here are three frequently asked questions when it comes to Glo Infinito, along with their answers.

  1. How can I add numbers to my Friends and Family Group? – Customers can do this by dialling *101*1*mobile number they wish to add#. To modify the list, use *101*2#, and to delete a number from the list, use *101*3*mobile number#.
  2. What happens to my current FnF list if I migrate from Glo Infinito? – Your current list will be deleted from your profile by Glo.
  3. Does the Glo Infinito have an end date? It currently does not have an end date as it is not a promotional plan.

Glo G-Bam

The Glo G- Bam tariff plan seeks to offer unbeatable flexibility that enables you to make calls to other Glo customers at 11k/s and calls to other networks at 18k/s. Customers have to pay a daily rental fee of N5, which might prove discouragement for any potential subscriber. Regardless, this tariff plan works for individuals who make many voice calls to all local networks within the country.

What is the Cheapest Glo Tariff Plan?

Taking a look at the features of all the tariff plans available under Glo, there is only one conclusion to make when it comes to selecting the cheapest tariff plan. The Glo Infinito tariff plan is the only one that comes with no conditions, hidden charges, or even a daily access fee.

It also offers the cheapest call rates to all networks at 26k/s and 11k/s if it is a number under your’ friends and family’ list. Customers looking for the cheapest tariff plan under the Glo network should look no further than the Glo Infinito plan.

Migrating from One Glo Tariff Plan to the Other

It is quite normal for subscribers to desire to move from their current tariff plan to the other. In most cases, this is allowed except for the Glo Jollific8 tariff plan. All a customer needs to do to migrate from one tariff plan to another is dial the code of the new tariff plan they desire.

Customers should note, though, that the first migration within a month is free of charge. Subsequent migrations within the same month attract a fee of N100. A Glo subscriber will also lose all their bonus on their current tariff plan should they migrate to a new plan. Customers are, therefore, encouraged to exhaust their bonuses and benefits before migrating.

Glo Tariff Plans and their Migration Codes

The table below shows all the Glo tariff plans and the migration codes customers can dial to move to a tariff plan.

Glo Tariff Plan Migration Codes
Glo Berekete *230#
Glo Jollific8 No migration code
Glo Infinito *100*9*1#
Glo G-Bam *211#
Glo 11k/s Prepaid Plan *311#


How to Check Your Current Tariff Plan on Glo?

Some Glo customers may have no idea what tariff plan they are on. Those who wish to check their tariff plan to migrate or know it can dial *100# to get the information.

However, there have been reports that this USSD code can be unreliable and does not work often. Therefore, subscribers should call Glo customer care on 121 and speak to a customer agent. The customer agent will verify the current tariff you are on and relay the information back to you. It is the most guaranteed way to check your current tariff plan on Glo.


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