How to Check First Bank Account Balance and the Code to Use

Founded in 1894 as Bank of British West Africa, First Bank of Nigeria Limited is a multinational financial institution headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. As its name suggests, First Bank is Nigeria’s first bank and is equally older than Nigeria as an independent country. With subsidiaries across the globe, First Bank is a giant in Nigeria’s financial market since its founding as a premier West African Bank.

More so, offering quality customer service has helped propel First Bank to becoming a leading financial institution in the country. One of its many customer-friendly services is the numerous ways the bank has provided for customers to access their account balance whenever they wish easily.

How To Check Account Balance On First Bank Using USSD Code

You can check your First Bank account balance on your phone using a USSD code. To do this, the official phone number linked to your bank account as well as your account has to be activated for USSD. This means that this function cannot be carried out with random phone numbers. This is done to protect customers from scammers. To register for this service, follow three simple steps:

  • Dial *894*0# on the phone number connected to your bank account
  • Next, debit cards that should be linked to your account will pop up
  • Choose the debit card that you will like to use and then go-ahead to enter the 4 digit PIN for the debit card that you have selected
  • Create a 5 digit PIN to complete your registration

Having registered and activated your account for First Bank USSD service, dial *894*00# and your banking details, including account balance, will be displayed for you. This service, however, is not free. It costs about N15. However, it does not require an internet connection to use the USSD code, so you can make use of the code at any time. This service can be accessed on all mobile network services in Nigeria but remember to safeguard both your USSD pin and your registered phone number.

How To Check First Bank Account Balance Online?

We are in the age of the internet and it is here to make our lives easier. Tapping into this advancement, First Bank offers several online services for their customers, and checking your First Bank account balance is one of such services. To use this service, you need a mobile phone or any other smart device with internet access, then follow the steps below:

  • First, go to the bank’s website at and click on ‘Online Banking
  • A login page with the caption “log on to Internet Banking” will appear. If you are already registered for internet banking, go ahead and enter your user ID, verification code and confirm the code.
  • After this, click next and you will see a list of internet banking services
  • Go ahead and click on account balance and you are good to go

However, if you are not registered for internet banking, you have to complete the registration process before you can proceed to check your balance. To do this, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Click on New Customer on the log-on page and follow the instructions for self-registration.
  • Then key in your bank card number followed by the card’s PIN
  • Next, you need to choose a user name that may be different from your real name. Your username can be something fun and easy to remember like a pet name, the choice is yours.
  • After this, enter your verification code and then confirm the code
  • Finally, click ‘Next’ to complete the registration process and proceed to check your account balance. This service is free but will cost you internet data.

What Is The Procedure To Check Your Account Balance on First Bank via The First Mobile App?

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If you do not find USSD code and internet banking convenient, then you may wish to consider using the First Mobile App. This is quite as trendy and safe as using any of the aforementioned ways of checking your First bank account balance. To use the App, you need a smartphone with internet access. The steps below will get you started.

  • The first step is to download the First Mobile App from a mobile app store and install it
  • Next, you have to register an account for mobile banking on the App. To do this, click on ‘new user’ and then begin the registration process and then enter your debit card number. This is followed by the debit card’s PIN. Note that your account cannot be registered without a debit card.
  • On successfully entering the required details, First Bank will send you a 5 digit OTP code to the phone number linked to your account
  • Enter the OTP code in the space provided and also your 5 digit login PIN and click ‘continue’ and your app is ready for transactions
  • Once you have successfully registered, to check your account balance on the app simply tap on the app and then enter your 5 digit login PIN and click on the arrow sign next to the PIN.
  • An ad page will pop up, ignore it and click on ‘continue’ and you will land on the page displaying your account details as well as the balance. If you need a detailed balance, you can load your statement by clicking on the arrow next to your account details. Remember to log out once you are done. This service is free.

Checking Your First Bank Account Balance With Customer Care

If all the options above do not appeal to you, you may have to check your account balance using customer care service. You can contact a customer care representative online or at a First Bank branch nearest to you. At the bank, you will be directed to the customer service section where a representative will require you to provide your account number and a means of identification. This could be a National ID, driver’s license, voter’s card, or international passport. This option is suitable for people who do not have smart devices and internet access. This service is free unless you request for a statement to be printed out for you. However, you have to find your way to the bank which may not be free.

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