How To Migrate to Glo Yakata Plan, the Codes to Use and the Benefits You Will Get

Most bargain hunters would agree that the recently launched Glo Yakata Plan is one of the country’s cheapest tariff plans. The plan comes with so many bonuses and benefits that it is more expensive not to be on it. That is why “how to migrate to Glo Yakata plan” has become one of the most searched phrases on the internet.

Thankfully, being one of its latest attempts to attract new customers and keep the old, Glo has made it easy to migrate to the plan. Here, we will discuss the simple way to migrate, and everything you stand to benefit as a Yakata customer.

How to Migrate to the Glo Yakata Plan

As an old customer, you are probably tired of watching new customers enjoy all the fun and wish to partake in the bonuses and benefits. All you need is to grab your phone and dial a shortcode to join the fun. Simply dial –

  • the shortcode *230#
  • Confirm your migration by dialing #100#

That is it. You are now on the Glo Yakata plan. Although it is not necessarily the same, interested customers from other networks can ‘migrate’ to the plan by buying and activating a new Glo SIM. Every new prepaid customer is signed on automatically to the Yakata plan once their SIM is activated.

To buy a new SIM, visit your local vendor, or you can find the nearest Glo office via this map.

Requirements to Migrate to Glo Yakata

As one of the telecom network’s flagship offers, there is a low bar of qualification for customers to migrate to the plan. At the fundamental level, all you need is an active Glo SIM. If you are thinking about reactivating an old SIM to take advantage of the plan, simply recharge the line to reactivate before migrating.

Customers who buy a new SIM will only have to fulfill documentation requirements at the point of sale to become a Glo Yakata customer. It will include personal details like –

  • ID Card (National ID, Voter’s Card, Driver’s license)
  • Personal information
  • Passport photograph (will be taken at the point of sale)

That covers everything you need to do to qualify for Glo Yakata plan. Once you fulfill them, you too will be on your way to enjoying a host of benefits.

Glo Yakata Plan and Its Multiple Benefits

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The Glo Yakata Plan is a prepaid tariff plan launched by the telecom network to attract new customers and reward existing customers with amazing benefits on every recharge. The benefits range from airtime bonuses to free data and unlimited on-net calls.

The tariff plan is ideal for anyone trying to save a few bucks on data and call expenses, without necessarily reducing their frequency of usage. It is a fit-for-all plan that offers something to students, professionals, and business owners. It is also great for those who make plenty of calls, heavy internet users, or merely saving on cost.

Although the plan is available to old and new customers, the benefits package differs for each category. Everyone, though, gets something.

Benefits For New Customers

Upon signing up to the Glo network, new customers, who are automatically on the Yakata plan, will begin to receive 6GB FREE data every month for six months. They will also receive a 2,200% value on every N100 recharge to call all networks. Other benefits include:

  • Special data bonus on your first recharge of the month for six months
  • Additional bonus to call Glo to Glo customers
  • Additional bonus social data to use WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook
  • The first recharge of the month, for N200 and more, is 2.5 times the standard bonus.
  • The bonuses last for seven days

Here is a table showing recharge amount and the equivalent benefits

Recharge Amount Glo to Glo Voice Bonus (N) Glo to All Networks Voice Bonus (N) Data Bonus (MB) Social Data Bonus (MB) Data Bonus on the 1st Recharge of the Month (MB)
100 300 200 25 25
200 600 400 50 50 250
500 1500 1000 125 125 600
1000 3000 2000 250 250 1200
5000 15000 10000 1250 1250 6000


Benefits for Old Customers

Existing Glo customers that migrate to the Yakata Plan will enjoy every single benefit for the first six months of their migration except for one – the 6GB monthly free data. It is only applicable to new customers. They will still enjoy the call benefits, which is five times the value of every recharge for on-net and all-net calls combined.

Difference Between Glo Yakata and Glo New Yakata

If you have been paying attention, you have probably noticed there are a couple of versions of the Yakata Plan out there. The two most recognizable are Glo Yakata and Glo New Yakata. The former, launched in 2018, was the original version, launched in 2018 as part of the company’s marketing drive.

Glo Yakata only lasted a year before the telecom company rebranded the plan and introduced Glo New Yakata, now known as the default Glo Yakata. The old version has most of its benefits targeted towards data while the newer version has more rounded bonus packages. An overview of the differences is available below:

Category Glo Yakata Plan (N) Glo New Yakata Plan (N)
SMS (Local and International Rate) 4/35 4/35
SMS from Bonus Account (local) 14 20
Call Rate (Glo to Glo and Glo to All Net) 55k/sec and 70k/sec 70k/sec
Social Data Benefit No Yes
Data bonus on 1st Recharge of every Month Yes Yes
Free 6GB for Six Months No Yes


The old Glo Yakata also offered one bonus credit while the new plan offers an extra airtime split between Glo to Glo and Glo to All Network calls.

Frequently Asked Questions about Glo Yakata

So far, this piece has been a detailed explanation about migrating to Glo Yakata and the benefits of the plan. But the foregoing is not the only information worth learning about the tariff plan. Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the plan.

Q: How do I migrate to Yakata on Glo?

A: Simply dial *230# as an old customer to migrate your SIM to Glo Yakata.

Q: How do I get 6GB on Glo Yakata?

A: By buying a new Glo SIM. New prepaid Glo users are signed on automatically to Glo Yakata when they activate their line. Doing so gives you access to 6GB every month for six months for free. However, it does not apply to old Glo users who migrate to the plan.

Q: What is the call rate for Glo Yakata?

A: Subscribers to Glo Yakata make Glo to Glo calls at 55k/sec on main and bonus accounts. Phone calls to other networks cost 70k/sec on main and bonus accounts.

Q: What is the difference between Glo Yakata and Glo New Yakata?

A: Glo New Yakata has a flat call rate of 70k/sec to Glo and all networks. Glo Yakata has a 70k/sec call rate to other networks and 55k/sec to Glo customers. Additionally, Glo New Yakata comes with social data benefits.

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