Hyla Ross – Everything To Know About David Ross Wife

Hyla Ross is among many women who have tasted the limelight as a result of their spouse’s popularity. She is the life-long wife of the veteran baseball player David Ross. David has played for top teams like Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres as well as Cincinnati Reds. The baseball superstar is a two-time World Series champion and a household name.

However, Hyla Ross had her own profession in the health sector as a pediatric nurse which she did for many years before deciding to take a break. To learn more about her life, keep reading below.

Everything To Know About Hyla Ross

Birth Details

Though her exact date of birth is not known, Hyla Ross’s month of birth is December 1977 and she was born in the United States.

Apart from her birth details, nothing else has been reported about her early life. No one is privy to information about her family background, or the identity of her parents. Besides, it is not known whether she is an only child or grew up alongside other siblings. In the same vein, information regarding her academic qualifications and institutions attended are sadly lacking. However, her career as a registered nurse points to the fact that she is highly educated.

Relationship History

Hyla Ross
Hyla Ross and David Ross: image source

There isn’t much to go by on Hyla Ross’ relationship history, but it is common knowledge that she is the wife of the former popular baseball player David Ross. However, the exact date of their wedding has never been reported, though we know that their anniversary comes every 2nd of February. However, it is known that their relationship began during their high school days in Florida when they were inseparable.

Hyla Ross and her baseball superstar husband are proud parents of three beautiful children, a boy, and two girls – Harper Lynn Ross and Landri Ross, and their only son known as Cole Ross.

The Ross family currently resides in Tallahassee, where they have decided to bring up their children. People are beginning to see the duo as the perfect couple as their relationship has lasted for decades and no news of any separation or divorce has come from them. From all indications, this high school love is most likely to tow the happily ever after line.

Health Issues

When Hyla Ross was pregnant with their third child, her gestation period was disrupted by a partial abruption a couple of months before full term. The unpleasant event happened on the 26th of August 2015 when Hyla as rushed to the hospital in Tallahassee, Florida, where she was received at the ICU. Diagnosis revealed that her placenta already detached from the uterus which called for an emergency C-section.

The period was very difficult for the famous baseball player as well, as his wife was in a life and death situation. Hyla Ross was equally sacred both for herself and her unborn daughter as the C-section was known to be quite dangerous to both mother and unborn baby.

But fortunately, the emergency C-section was a huge success as all the procedures turned out just right for Hyla Ross and her baby, Harper, who was born weighing a total of 3 pounds, 11 ounces with a length of 17 inches. Hyla’s recovery period lasted for all of one month as she had to battle with severe health conditions.

Presently, the Ross family is quite a happy one with three healthy children. On his own part, Hyla Ross’ husband, David, decided to spend more quality time with his family as a result.

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Net Worth

The last review of Hyla Ross’ net worth pegged it at a tidy $1 million but her salary as a pediatric nurse has never been revealed. However, David Ross’ wife has no financial worries as she is comfortably buoyed by her husband’s wealth which was last estimated at a handsome $15 million. According to reports, the ex-baseball player earned a total of $25 million from his career in MLB and has since acquired several valued assets like real estate and automobiles alongside his wife.

In 2019, the couple sold off their mansion in Florida which was worth an estimated $1.4 million, covering a 5,000-square-foot area with five bedrooms.

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