Korina Harrison, Corey Harrison’s Wife – Everything You Need To Know

In our world today where there is an ever-increasing number of famous people, it is normal for the spouses and perhaps family members of celebrities to also draw public attention in a proportionate or less proportionate measure like their famous spouse or family member/s. This applies to both those of them that bask in the euphoria of their new celebrity status and also to those that distance themselves from media and public attention. In the same vein, Korina Harrison came to limelight by virtue of being the wife (now ex-wife) of renowned Pawn Star reality TV personality and businessman Corey Harrison. Read on as we tell you all you should know about her.

Who is Korina Harrison?

Korina Harrison was born in the United States. She is also addressed fondly as Korina, Karina, or even Kiki. Though she was married to a very popular man, she was able to distant her private life from the glare of the world. Her family background, educational status, career, and most of the things about her have been held back from the public. Korina is mainly known to be the ex-wife of the reality TV star and entrepreneur, Corey Harrison. Following their years of courting, they married in 2017.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Corey Harrison’s Wife 

1. Her Relationship with Corey Harrison

Korina Harrison dated Corey Howard for a while before their marriage came to fruition in 2017. Months into the marriage, the couple seemed perfect – at least in the eyes of the public. However, a year down the line, the marriage seemed to be drowning and they signed for divorce in 2018.

Prior to the divorce, Korina Harrison was already expecting their child and before the arrival of the child, it was announced that the couple were expecting a baby boy and had the intention to name him Richard Benjamin Harrison. That was, however, the only news shared by the couple about their child.

Korina and Corey Harrison

There have been many rumors since the couple separated. However, Korina Harrison has decided to continue with the quiet life she was enjoying before her relationship with Corey. Like many other aspects of her life, her current relationship status is shadowy. Also in Corey’s case, it is not known whether or not the TV star has found himself a woman.

As for their relationship after the marriage ended, the former couple has been reported to maintain a cordial relationship. This is evident in their social media posts where Corey talked about Kiki being his love and her wishing him a happy birthday with a caption that depicted love.

2. Korina Harrison’s Ex-husband

Corey Harrison is one of the four sons of Rick Harrison. He was born on April 27, 1983, to a father who together with his father (Corey’s grandfather) owned the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawnshop. As a 9-year-old, Corey took to working at the shop and was trained by his father to one day become a boss himself. He later grew into a manager at the shop. For many years, Harrison continued to appear in the different seasons of the Pawn Star show which allowed him to garner fame.

As mentioned earlier, Corey was married to Kiki in 2017. Before their marriage, however, he was married to his high school girlfriend Charlene Harrison in 2009. The former husband and wife had two children before the marriage ended in divorce in 2015.

3. What is Korina Harrison’s Net Worth?

Since Korina Harrison is very good at keeping her private life out of the media, it is quite difficult to point out her exact job. However, there is a belief that she had a pretty demanding job following the post shared by her ex-husband on why they got divorced. He alleged that though they were still in love, their competing work schedules stood on their way to making their marriage work.

Since her job is not known, it is also difficult to estimate her net worth. Nevertheless, she lived in comfort while she was married to Corey whose net worth is estimated at $4 million to $5 million.

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4. Height and Body Measurements

Regarding her height and body measurements, it is another mystery that is yet to be unfolded. Although from pictures, it is quite glaring that Korina stands at a good height with a slim body. Corey Harrison, on the other hand, stands at a height of 6 feet 0 inches or 1.83m. His weight is about 113kg or 249lbs which is a significant reduction from his previous weight of 166kg or 366lbs.

5. Where has Korina Harrison been after the Divorce?

Korina Harrison is active on social media and has a good number of followers, especially on her Instagram page. Even with her refusal to give an insight into her family and other private life issues, it learned that she took a job at the Paul Casino Spa and Resort in California.

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