Safaricom Customer Care Contacts, their Phone Numbers and What You Can Do With their Short Codes

Safaricom has grown to become the dominant mobile network operator in Kenya but it has had to compete with other operators like Airtel Kenya, Telkom Kenya, Finserve, Jamii Telecommunications Limited, and others. To retain its dominance in the competitive industry, Safaricom has relentlessly strived to keep its customer happy. Expectedly, they must have been found wanting here and there but it is pretty obvious that the mobile network operator is getting a lot of things right. That’s the only way it gets to be the largest telecommunication provider in the East African country, controlling about 63.5 percent of the market. It has been estimated that their subscriber base has exceeded 33 million.

As Safaricom anticipates that figure to grow in years to come, it is only natural that it prioritizes keeping its existing customers happy and satisfied. To help them actualize this, the establishment has planted branches across the nation. In addition to that, they launched a self-care platform through which their users can resolve the challenges they encounter. If one must reach out to them, or speak with one of their customer care representatives, there are various ways to go about that as you’d soon learn.

The Various Ways to Contact Safaricom Customer Care

Like every other establishment that’s serious about its operations, Safaricom has made it easy for their customers to reach out to them when they need to do so. Through the Safaricom self-care platform, you can pay your bill, keep track of your usage, and do so much more that would have warranted you wanting to visit a service center or speak with a customer care representative. To use the self-care platform, you will need to register for it and log in to access it.

Headquarters and Service Centers of Safaricom

You can also sort out whatever issue you have by visiting Safaricom headquarters or any of their service centers across the country as listed below.

  • Safaricom Headquarters Address

Safaricom House, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi

  • Service Centers in Nairobi East
  5. I & M
  10. JKIA
  11. BOMAS
  14. Simba Telecom
  15. Generations Electronics Limited
  16. Work & Talk
  17. Work & Talk Comm
  18. Generation Electronics
  19. Triple X
  20. Naivas Supermarket
  21. Pricelite Communication
  22. Rasasi Investment Limited
  23. Beacon Technologies
  24. Phone Link Limited
  25. Brother’s Link communications
  26. Simba Telecom
  27. Dial-up
  28. Trioluc communications
  29. Statra technologies
  30. Generations Insight
  31. Generations Insight
  32. Generations Insight
  33. Ropem Telcom
  34. Pluto Mobile
  35. Say Hallo Limited
  36. Simba Telecom
  37. Trio luck
  38. Ronald Ngala
  • Safaricom Service Centers in Nairobi West
  1. Wataalamu Co. Ltd
  2. Strategic mobiles
  3. Ebcomm
  4. Sunny Electronics
  5. Tricom Technologies Limited
  6. Mobile World
  7. Riyadh Communication
  8. Master Piece Ltd
  9. Tricom Technologies Limited
  10. Ropem Telcom
  11. Loska Communication Ltd
  12. Baraka Netcoms
  13. Dreamworld Enterprises Limited
  14. Gulf Mobile
  15. Oseo communications
  16. Makarim-juja mall
  17. Cell R us
  18. Enlight Communications Ltd
  19. Charing Cross
  20. Riyadh Communications Limited
  • Service Centers in Western/Nyanza
  4. Dial-up
  5. Mobile World
  6. Brital Shine
  7. Sunny Electronics
  8. Samchi Telecommunication
  9. Safeworld
  10. Simba Telecom
  11. Greenland communications
  12. Phone art
  • Safaricom Service Centers in Rift 
  4. NAROK
  7. Work & Talk Communications
  8. Hallo Hallo Communications
  9. Mobile World
  10. Safeworld
  11. Mobile World
  12. Phone Art
  13. Bon Voyage
  14. Strategic mobiles
  15. Buzz Line communications
  16. Abaquire Communications
  17. Top Ten Agencies
  18. Samchi Telecommunication
  19. Bon Voyage
  20. Work and Talk Communication
  21. Nahodha Communications
  22. Superior fones
  23. Branded Communication Agency Limited
  24. Eldoret
  • Service Centers in Coast
  2. NYALI
  6. DIANI
  7. Otec Communications
  8. Simba Telcom
  9. Mastermind ltd
  10. Strategic mobiles
  11. Simba Telcom
  12. Simba Telecom
  13. Kingsland
  14. Tanger Traders
  15. Loska Communications
  16. Quicklink
  17. Elegant communications
  18. E-talk wireless
  19. Otech Communications
  20. Cardinal international Ltd
  21. Baraka Netcoms Limited
  • Safaricom Service Centers in MT Kenya
  1. MAUA
  2. MERU
  3. EMBU
  5. NYERI
  6. Samchi Telecom
  7. Trioluck communications
  8. Zertort communications
  9. Telephonica Communications
  10. Geokam
  11. Simba Telecom
  12. Generations Electronics Limited
  13. Orchards Communications
  14. Citadel Cellular Communications
  15. Climbibg star communications
  16. Cresent
  17. Strategic Mobiles
  18. Strategic Mobiles
  19. Mergut Communications
  20. Alfones Communications
  21. Generation Electronics
  22. Vision Mobiles
  23. EP Communications
  24. Generations Electronics
  25. Dial up Communications Ltd

How to Contact Safaricom Without Visiting Any of their Service Centers

While there are those who would prefer to visit any of the telecommunications provider’s centers and sort out their issues, others would rather deal with the issue from the comfort of their homes or offices. Knowing this, Safaricom put in place various platforms that makes this possible as listed below.

Online Support Team

One can reach out to the online support team of Safaricom through Twitter, Facebook, or via online chat.

How to Contact Safaricom’s Customer Support Team

Prepay and Postpay customers of the mobile network operator can contact them through different telephone numbers and email addresses.

  • Telephone Number and Email Address for PrePay Customers

Telephone: Call 100 (Free) Or +254 722 002100 (chargeable)

Email: [email protected]

  • Telephone Number and Email Address for PostPay Customers

Telephone: 200 (Free) Or +254 722 002200 (chargeable)

Email: [email protected]

For all data queries, shot an email to [email protected]

Safaricom Anonymous Reporting Channels

The telecommunications provider put this in place to discourage ethical behaviors. Through the ethics hotline listed below, one can secretly report any behavior of Safaricom’s employees or business partners that’s out of order.

Calling Toll free: 0800720009

Visit Website:

Email: [email protected]

If you want to reach out to their communications and PR team, call the number below. It was put in place strictly for media queries.

Phone: +254 722 003272

Careers and HR/CEO’s Office

There are also avenues for people who would want to reach out to Safaricom HR department to do so. This is for those who desires to work with the establishment.

For jobs and internships, you can log on to Safaricom’s Career Portal and upload your CV and apply.

For general queries related to that, send an email to [email protected]. Nonetheless, you must know that applications are not processed over email, only through the portal.

If for whatever reason you want to get in touch with the chief executive officer of Safaricom, send an email to this address – [email protected].

Safaricom Now Has a Unified Service Code

There was a time the mobile network operator had various short codes that it became quite a task to remember which you need to dial to access their various services. This has changed as ity now operates with a unified USSD – *456#.

When you dial that USSD, you can access all the services of the telecommunications provider. Alternatively, you can use the following codes:

*456*0#: Access all Safaricom deals and promotions in a single view

*456*1#: Purchase different Safaricom services (Data, SMS, Minutes, Skiza among others)

*456*2#: Request for Okoa Jahazi or Share/Sambaza your friends and family

*456*3#: Get rewarded with fabulous offers for using your line, redeem and share.

*456*4#: Access all your balances and carry out top up

*456*5#: Unlock your M-PESA, check tariff, search paybill numbers and more.

*456*6#: Sign up for Safaricom Home Fibre and manage your account.

*456*7#: Activate Data manager, Blaze and other services.

*456*8#: Get your PUK or help a friend or relative to get theirs through your line. 

*456*9#: Stop active subscriptions that keeps on renewing (Data, SMS, Games and more).

*456*10#: Locate the nearest Safaricom shop or care desk and find other interesting services.

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