Bonang Matheba’s Net Worth, Luxury Cars and Houses She Owns

Bonang Matheba is a South African TV presenter, radio host, MC, producer, Global Citizen ambassador, and a revered style icon who has an estimated net worth of $7.2 million. 

Bonang Matheba is known for her hard work ethic, dedication, and determination, which she has been able to achieve the resounding success that many people dream about.

Affectionately referred to by fans as Queen B, Bonang has firmly positioned herself as Africa’s most sought-after entertainment and social media personality with close to 10 million combined social media followers. With all her successes, it isn’t much of a surprise that Bonang has become quite wealthy as she owns a fleet of luxurious cars and a gigantic home that she is never shy to flaunt.

Bonang Matheba’s Affluence Started To Grow From Her Foray into TV Shows and Films in 2002 

Bonang Matheba is a brilliant and versatile woman who has been involved in various careers that have contributed to her major income, however, it is known that she kickstarted her career pursuits in the media in the year 2002. She made her television debut on the SABC 2 kids show, Manhattan Fantasy Challenge at age 15. She then went ahead to appear in various SABC 2 kids shows.

After leaving university, Bonang auditioned to serve as the host for the inaugural season of the SABC 1 music show, LIVE (now Live Amp) in 2007. After facing fierce competition, she was named co-host alongside Tbo Touch. This was how and where she began to build up her presenting skills which quickly became a success and earned her the name “Queen B”. Her final episode on the show was aired on 31 August 2012. Moreso, during her time on the show, she starred as Nurse Seipati in the SABC 1 show InterSEXion which marked her debut acting role.

Following her departure from LIVE, Bonang has hosted several other shows, including KFC Taste Kitchen, Top Billing, Clash of the Choirs SA, and Afternoon Express. The young lady also stepped up her game as she went ahead to establish herself as a host with a difference by hosting several award shows and prominent events. Some of them include MTV Africa Music Awards 2016, BET Awards 2016, the pre-shows for the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards, Miss South Africa 2018, as well as serving as a co-host of the Global Citizen: Mandela 100 concert alongside supermodel Naomi Campbell and comedian Trevor Noah among several other notable public figures. Bonang is believed to earn as much as R500 000 to host big events.

She is a Notable Radio Presenter and Owns a Production Company

In 2017, Bonang Matheba founded her production house called Bonang Matheba Entertainment. The production unit produced the 1Magic Being Bonang reality show that focuses on Bonang’s daily life. A couple of years later in 2019, she featured in and co-produced the documentary film, Public Figure. The film premiered at the Manchester Film Festival on March 9th, 2019.

The versatile lady is also known to have ventured into radio hosting back in 2009. She began her radio stint with the YFM radio station as a presenter. She had a weekend afternoon show called “The B* Hive” which was an instant success as it mainly focused on young listeners. Bonang enjoyed several years of success as the show’s host until sometime in 2014 when she wrapped it up.

The next year, Bonang Matheba joined Metro FM as a replacement for Siphokazi January. Her show called ”The Front Row” had a large and enthusiastic listenership but a dispute with the radio station’s manager prompted Bonang to resign. The manager had paired her with Lerato Kganyago – her rumored longtime rival in the industry, without prior notification. This obviously did not please Bonang as she quit the job the next day.

Bonang Has an Impressive Influence in The Fashion Industry

Bonang Matheba has always been interested in modeling and it can’t be denied that she has the body for it. She has also used this as an avenue to establish herself as a style icon, setting trends and making money off one of her many hobbies.

In the year 2008, she made a collaboration with the retailer, Legit, launching her first clothing line called “Just B”. She then went ahead to partner with a London-based designer to create a handbag collection called “Baby Star”. In 2014, Woolworths revealed that they were collaborating with Bonang. The two launched a lingerie line called “Distraction By Bonang“, which is still ongoing as they continue to introduce new collections.

A few years later in 2018, Bonang worked alongside Superbalist to drop a collection of T-shirts named “BONANG by Bonang Matheba”. The T-shirts had her famous quotes printed on them, including “#IAmBonang”, “Mo’ghel” and “Give The People What They Want”.

She Has Ventured into the Wine Business

In March 2019, Bonang Matheba again partnered with Woolworth to launch “The House of BNG“. This deal made Bonang the first black lady to be list on the Méthode Cap Classique Association. The grand launching of her champagne brand was held at Waterfall Estate, Johannesburg.

Although the TV personality is not the first South African celebrity to have towed in establishing a wine business, her event is believed to have been the most glamorous one so far. To add to the success of the day, sources have it that the 20,000 bottles of BNG champagne that were available for sale that day on the shelves of Woolworth were sold off completely within a few hours.

In October 2020, Bonang took to Instagram to announce the launch of an addition to her wine collection. This time around it is a canned sparkling wine which she calls “House of BNG Nectars”. The businesswoman, who is notable for making a statement at everything she does, threw a lavish party at the Rockets Menlyn in Pretoria to commemorate the event.

Bonang Matheba Further Has Endorsement Deals with Top Brands

Asides from launching her personal campaign, Bonang Matheba has over the years represented several brands and big names. In 2013, she was named the ambassador of the cosmetic brand Revlon in South Africa which made her the first international ambassador for the brand outside the U.S. She was also unveiled as an ambassador for the vodka brand Cîroc in Africa in 2016.

Following a trip to Brazil in 2017, the fashionista was named the new African Brand Ambassador for Ipanema sandals, taking over from Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen. In 2018, she signed another endorsement deal with the cellular network Cell C, a deal that saw her partnering with them to also launch her own mobile app and an emoji pack called “BMoji”.

Some of her other endorsement deals include big names like Peugeot, Brutal Fruit, BIC Razors, Diva Divine Hair, Courvoisier, and Lifestyle Pads. Recently in the year 2020, Bonang was again announced as Samsung South Africa’s ambassador for their S20 range and the Z Flip.

She is Also a Writer 

With her looks and the cult-like followership she has been able to amass on social media over the years, Bonang Matheba is an interesting public figure with fans who are forever curious about every aspect of her life. It isn’t much of a surprise that she has tried to cash in on this by writing an autobiography. The book titled “From A to B” was released on June 7, 2017. It was written through BlackBird Books owned by the South African author, Thabiso Mahlape.

Unfortunately, the book was poor;y received by the South African public as many criticized it for its grammatical, spelling, and factual errors. The negative reviews eventually resulted in the withdrawal of the book from the market by Exclusive Books. A second edition was subsequently released after all the errors in the book had been corrected.

A Quick Recap of Bonang Matheba’s Sources of Income

In a nutshell, South Africa’s Queen B has raked in millions from the following endeavors:

  • Television Shows Appearances and Hosting
  • Film Appearances
  • Film Production
  • Fashion and Modeling
  • Radio Hosting and MC
  • Writing
  • Wine Business
  • Endorsement Deals

The Steady Growth in Bonang’s Net Worth

With the plethora of businesses she has been involved in, Bonang Matheba has done well for herself, money-wise, over the years. She has shown herself not to be only beautiful but a smart businesswoman. Aside from the money she makes from her television and radio hosting, she is one of the few celebrities that has successfully transitioned into business. Bonang has been able to add considerably to her net worth by cashing out in her several ventures.

Bonang Matheba’s net worth in 2015 was R7.2 million but since then, Queen B has started several businesses, launched an emoji app that makes an estimated R46,800 per month, released a best-selling book, and bagged several endorsement deals. All these have made her earnings skyrocket and she has enjoyed resounding success in all of her ventures, especially in the year 2020.

As shared on her Instagram page, her beverage (the two original variants, Brut and Brut Rosé) has become the number one selling MCC at Woolworths. Moreover, her reality show, A Very Bonang Year, which gave her viewers a look into the media personality’s plans for her global expansion, and the next steps in her career, has been well received. Part 2 has broken records by garnering over 2 million viewers on SABC 1. This in itself is an improvement from the record-breaking part 1 of the show which gained approximately 1.86 million views. The show was also social media’s hot topic as the #AVeryBonangYear reached an astonishing 2.2 billion impressions over the broadcast period. She currently sits on a net worth estimated at $7.2 million.

The TV Personality Spends Millions On Luxurious Cars

Asides from shoes, which is one of her guilty pleasures as she has admitted owning more than 200 pairs, Bonang Matheba is also crazy about cars. She has acquired several luxury cars over the years and it seems that her collection keeps growing as Queen B’s interest in cars expands.

As of now, she owns the following baby girls as she fondly calls her cars:

BMW i8

image source

The BMW i8 is estimated to cost a whopping R2.3 million. It comes in color white and with wheels to die for.

Maybach S500

Bonang Matheba
image source

The Maybach S500 appears to be a must-have car for every successful business tycoon. With Bonang fitting the mold, she has herself a black colored one that is said to have been bought at a price estimated to be between R1.6 million to R3.2 million.

Range Rover

Bonang Matheba
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Bonang’s Range Rover Sport is estimated to cost over R1 million but the luxury this baby gives is worth every penny. She proudly flaunts this black beauty on her social media pages and fans have referred to the car as the Mama I Made It Car.

Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

Bonang Matheba
image source

Bonang Matheba got herself this sleek white Mercedes as a Valentine’s Day gift. She reportedly dished out close to R3 million Rand to own this heavy metal.

Mercedes Benz G Wagon

Bonang is also the owner of a sleek Mercedes Benz G Wagon. The S.A Queen B came up with the hashtag #GirlswithAMGs after she acquired the vehicle. This luxurious car has an estimated price of R1.3 million to R2 million.

Bonang Matheba’s House is as Luxurious as Her Cars

Bonang Matheba is a smart businesswoman. She bought her first home at the age of 22 and she has gone ahead to acquire a new home in a choice area. Her second house was acquired at age 29 in 2018. The leading lady has shown off her fabulous homes in two segments on Top Billing.

The newest of her homes is located at the Waterfall County suburb estate in Midrand, Gauteng. The house, which recently featured on Top billing, was said to have some of the most exquisite living spaces and the pictures do not speak otherwise. Bonang’s home is best described as an ultramodern haven beautifully blended in a mix-match of black and white. The cozy living area, state-of-the-art design, and the color blend all come together to create a beautiful ambiance which is indeed a sight for sure eyes.

Bonang Matheba
image source

According to Century Property Development, a 3 bedroom house which covers between 310m² to 401m² costs around R30,000 to R39,000 per month. Therefore, Bonang’s ‘piece of heaven’ which covers close to 400m² is reported to have cost her a whooping R14 million to acquire and style in such an exquisite manner. The architecture was done by Joanne Reynolds and interior design was done by Jessica Hofmeyr.

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