Bobrisky Net Worth, Cars and Luxurious House

Bobrisky’s net worth has been pegged at around ₦600 million and she is one of those celebrities who has made and continues to make money from social media.

Asides from building her brand mostly on the internet, the social media sensation has invested in several businesses and continues to make money from various mouth-watering endorsement deals. Bobrisky is also fond of boasting about getting large monetary and luxurious gifts from men on her social media pages and this is probably how she came into the bulk of her wealth.

In typical diva style, Bobrisky has not held back from living life by enjoying luxury to the fullest. She spends a good part of her fortune on cosmetics and designers apparels but doesn’t leave out the fancy wheels and mansions.

Different Ways Bobrisky’s Net Worth Is Accrued

This social media sensation has obviously struck gold in her various ventures if the luxury that surrounds her proves anything. We take a look at how all the wealth she flaunts was accumulated.

Her Bleaching Cream is Sold at Quite an Exorbitant Amount

Bobrisky has been involved in a number of businesses over the years. She started out with her bleaching cream which she used to transform herself from a dark-skinned person to a light-skinned form. She was her own personal brand ambassador and made lots of money from this business, especially when people saw how effective the cream was on her.

According to Bobrisky, her bleaching cream goes for 200k each, and changing her skin complexion was a business strategy to draw attention and it really worked out as planned. Her products range from body scrubs, shower gels, and knuckle creams which she claims fetch as much as ₦2 million per week.

Brand Promotions, Endorsements, and Social Media Presence

Asides from the bleaching cream enterprise, Bobrisky makes money from social media where she has a huge followership. You can hardly find an average social media user in Nigeria and even beyond who doesn’t know the internet sensation. Leveraging on her huge fan base, Bobrisky charges a lot of money to endorse brands on her social media pages and it seems to be working fine for those who patronize her.

Acting Venture

Bobrisky has also ventured into acting. Making her debut in 2017 in the Nollywood movie Ojuloge after which she toured the United States, where she was paid for her presence at a plethora of events, including club appearances and private one-on-one meet-ups.

Her acting days don’t look like they will be over anytime soon and fans are eager to see more.

There is Also That Generous Bae

Bobrisky's Net Worth
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At first, she just taunted anyone who cared to listen that she has a very rich boyfriend who showers her with gifts, including loads of money. In July 2020, she finally opened up about the identity of her bae. Her Instagram post showed pictures of the man she called Henry Ike who is based in the United States. She further thanked him for all he has been doing for her and her family.

She owns a boutique in Ikeja where she sells clothes, does occasional hosting jobs as Master of Ceremony, and is a brand ambassador for several multi-million companies.

Brands That Bobrisky Endorse

With a whopping 3.7 million followers on Instagram and videos that gather a million views in 24 hours on Snapchat where she is also a filter, Bobrisky has crowned herself the queen of Snapchat in Nigeria. She has also bragged that this is why she remains the highest-paid influencer. The major aim of most companies is to get people talking about their brands and if paying Bobrisky to endorse their product works for them, who are we to say otherwise. Knowing the type of person Bobrisky is, it isn’t much of a surprise that she has landed endorsement deals with some conventional and unconventional companies. Some of them include:

  • Sophie Couture.
  • Miwa Signature palace – a brand that deals with Kayanmata.
  • Aisha Secret – a brand that deals in prayer products for cleansing spiritual problems such as near success, bad luck, promises, and failures.
  • Spedy Weight Loss – a leading fitness agency with expertise in bodybuilding, slimming pills and other body-enhancing remedies to boost the overall performance of the body.
  • Jenny’s Glow.
  • Best Technology – a company that deals with smartphones and electronic gadgets.

All these endorsement deals run into millions of naira which have further added to Bobrisky’s net worth.

How Bobrisky Spends Her Fortune

While several celebrities shy away from discussing how much they actually earn and what they already have in their coffers, Bobrisky has shown over and over again that she is different from the norm. She has never been shy to flaunt her riches and discuss how much she has with her followers. In the year 2017, she self-declared her net worth, boasting about having ₦40 million in two of her active bank accounts and still hustling to become a billionaire before reaching the age of thirty (30). From the look of things, she most definitely added more to this amount. Some sites claim that the crossdresser is worth up to ₦600 million as of today.

If there is any truth in the foregoing, it means Boobrisky might become a billionaire sooner than we expected. Bobrisky has also said that her cosmetic store is now worth ₦30 million Naira.

Inside Her Garage and Car Collections

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One of Bobrisky’s major appeals is courting controversies on social media. She seems to revel in saying and doing the most outrageous things to get a response from her followers. It is possible that she is just trying to live her best life and from the number of luxurious cars she has acquired over the years, she does know how to enjoy life to the fullest. Here is a list of the cars and houses she has flaunted on social media.

  • A Brand New Mercedes-Benz GLE43 AMG 4MATIC Coupe
  • Mercedes Benz CLA250
  • 2019 Range Rover
  • Mercedes-Benz ML500
Bobrisky's net worth
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The internet personality gifted herself with the Range Rover as her 29th birthday gift. The car is a 2019 model with all-wheel drive and all the luxury you can imagine in a car. The price he bought the automobile is estimated at ₦30 million.

Just a few months after her 29th birthday, she took to Snapchat to share the arrival of a Bentley which she was excited about. She shared photos of the white car but further details were not provided.

She Owns a Lekki Home

In 2017, she acquired a five-bedroom duplex in Lekki, Lagos. She took to Snapchat to show off the different sections of the house and disclosed that it cost ₦12 million to decorate and furnish the interior of the house alone. Bobrisky held a housewarming party, which saw several celebrities in attendance, including Tonto Dikeh whom she claims is her best friend.

Was Bobrisky’s House a Gift?

Bobrisky thrives on the attention she gets on social media and isn’t scared to voice her truth at all times. Moreover, she once shared that her “Bae” has plans of buying her a mansion next to Linda Ikeji’s on Banana Island. If this house was a gift, Bobrisky would have been bold enough to say so but she claimed to have bought and furnished the house with her hard-earned money.



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