What Are The Benefits of Sanlam Reality and How Can I Login to My Account?

Sanlam Reality is a program that is obtainable to all Sanlam Group clients that inspire and compensates them as they ameliorate their financial prosperity. The program offers assistance to its members in saving money and time, gives in-depth knowledge, and compensates you for responsible decisions.

The program is obtainable to all Sanlam and Santam Group customers as well as Bonitas, Medical Fund, Fedhealth Medical Aid, Barloworld Medical Scheme, and Nedgroup Medical Aid Scheme members that permit and compensate the customers as they enhance their financial prosperity.

Sanlam Reality is conservative to its members as they obtain outstanding offers on chosen Sanlam products, cash savings on wellness, travel, entertainment, and are compensated for trusted financial behavior by gaining thier points.

Sanlam Reality Has Four Benefit Categories

The program is loaded as it has four benefit categories from which a member of the aforementioned groups is to choose. The first thing to do in registering for the Sanlam Reality Program as a member is to choose from the various benefit categories one that matches your lifestyle as well as budget.

1. Reality Club

The reality club was developed specifically for the Bonitas, Sanlam, Glacier, Nedgroud Medical Aid Scheme, and Barloworld members which helps them save on wellness, travel, entertainment, personal services, and day-to-day expenditures. This is only obtainable to individual members and requires a monthly fee of R49 and also gives commissions when some tasks are fulfilled. Signing up as a new Bonitas member, you earn R750 commission and R150 for existing members.

2. Reality Core

This is open to all the membership options under the Sanlam Reality Program. This helps them save on travel, entertainment, personal services, day-to-day expenses, gym membership, hotel accommodation, healthcare, movies, car hire, etc. This is obtainable to an individual at R105 and also to a family at R140. The members that are open to this benefit category also earn a cashback reward of up to 20% on Sanlam personal loans and free tax assistance with Taxim.

Sanlam Reality

3. Reality Plus

The reality core benefit category is accessible by the Sanlam, Santam, and Glacier members. This covers travel, entertainment, healthcare, personal services, day-to-day expenses, gym membership, hotel accommodation, movies, uber rides, and many more. This is open to individuals at R235 and to families at R295 on a monthly basis. The reality plus members earn up to 30% off Sanlam life cover, a cashback reward of up to 20% on Sanlam personal loans, and free tax assistance with Taxim.

4. Reality Health

The reality health benefit category is obtainable to only Nedgroup Medical Aid Scheme and Barloworld members. It covers travel expenses, entertainment, healthcare, personal services, day-to-day expenditures, gym membership, hotel accommodation, movies, uber rides, and many others. This is open to individuals at a monthly price of R235 and families at a monthly price of R295. Other benefits include up to 30% off on Sanlam life cover, a cashback reward of up to 20% on Sanlam personal loans, and a free tax return assistance with Taxim.

Summary Of Benefit Categories and Groups Entitled To Them

Groups Reality Health Reality Plus Reality Core Reality Club
Sanlam Qualified Qualified Qualified
Glacier Qualified Qualified Qualified
Santam Qualified Qualified
Bonitas Qualified Qualified
Fedhealth Qualified
Ned Group Medical Aid Scheme Qualified Qualified Qualified
Barloworld Qualified Qualified Qualified


A Comprehensive List Of Points To Earn In Sanlam Reality Program

Requirements Points to earn Categories
Sign up in Sanlam reality 2500 Program
Upgrade Membership 1500 Program
Referral 2000 Program
Sanlam Secure Service 1500 Program
Update Contact Details 1000 Program
Santam App 1000 Program
Demand for Financial Planner Visit 8000 Online wealth
Retirement Calculator 1000 Online wealth
Savings Calculator 1000 Online wealth
TaxTim 3000 Online wealth
Calculator for Loan Repayment 1000 Online wealth
Wellness Check 3000 Online wealth
Home Safety Questionnaire 3000 Online wealth
Basic Medical 10000 Managing your risk
Gym Attendance 15000 Managing your risk
Outdoor Events 15000 Managing your risk
Annual Vehicle Inspection 10000 Managing your risk
Vehicle Tracking Device 20000 Managing your risk
Product Portfolio 25000 Products and Portfolio


How To Apply For Sanlam Money Saver Credit Card

Salem Reality money saver credit card is a savings credit card that can be used for day-to-day transactions with Sanlam partners such as Adidas, Incredible connection, Jet, Edgars, and others. To apply for the money saver credit card, you must be 18 years old, own a valid South African ID number, have an income that generates about R10,000 or more, and shouldn’t be blacklisted. A reward of 5% cashback awaits you, which will be paid as a wealth bonus. The offers are exceptional especially when you use the card to patronize Total stations to fill up your tank, you get a cashback of R1 per liter of fuel.

To apply for a Sanlam money saver credit card you can use the link to fill up the form.

Procedures to Register on Sanlam Reality

To be a registered member of Sanlam Reality, you will have to go through this link,

  • Click on the join now to assess your eligibility. An eligibility check is done to know if you had previously subscribed to any of their policy and medical aid providers. Click on any policy and medical aid provider and click continue.
  • Click on the membership that best suits you; here you can go for the single or family option and click continue.
  • On this page details about yourself such as title, name, ID/passport number, contact number, and email and press continue.
  • Click on the best time to be called and submit.

If you are not a member of any of the groups, you can register on any of them as well.

How To Log In To Your Sanlam Reality Account on the Sanlam Platform

To log in to your Sanlam Reality account, you can use this link. There are two major ways to login into the Sanlam Reality account. The most common way is through basic login which only requires your Sanlam Reality membership account or ID number. This log-in method denies the user certain benefits and functions than the secure site login process.

The secure site login process is a more protected login pattern that requires you to sign up for Sanlam secure services in other to have a username and a password.

On certain conditions, a member may be asked by the call center to submit a Sanlam Reality membership number or ID number. But no call center can demand your username and password.

The 5 Stages It Takes To Claim Your Points

In Sanlam reality, an easy and fast claim process is an important factor, to conserve time for clients. Claims go through five stages to the point of payment. Apparently, there are 8 different claim category and to access this you can click on the link.

  • Select the claim to process to access the claim which can be a death claim, funeral, severe illness, disability/accident, income protection, sickness benefit, Covid 19, and one medical plan.
  • Gather necessary documents to authenticate the request and aid any further investigation on the claim. Information like medical reports and death certificates is required.
  • Submission of the claim form to this email link [email protected].
  • Internal assessment of the claim to avoid any form of misrepresentation of information. In Sanlam, the claim process goes through a reasonable and fair process having the advantage of their client in the heart.
  • Payment of the claim comes when it conforms with the initial agreement. The total claim process takes 10 to 15 working days.

Cancellation of Sanlam Reality Membership 

Sanlam Reality program is a fair platform as its registered members can also cancel their membership. In carrying out the cancellation, a 30-day prior notice should be given to the company through Fax (021 700 8750) email ([email protected]), phone (0860 732548/9), or letter. This means that you will still be a full member on your prior notice.

The company reserves the right to end any membership in event of any false information. Sanlam Reality will not be held responsible for such dismissal or any accrual loss to such client.


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